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This article will consolidate the recaps for all the games in Valve's shared Half-Life and Portal universe.

Spoiler alert: These pages contain unmarked plot spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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Half-Life series


In Half-Life, the player takes on the role of Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist employed in the Anomalous Materials lab at the Black Mesa Research Facility, as he takes part in an experiment that goes horribly wrong and causes a "resonance cascade".

    Half-Life: Opposing Force 

In Opposing Force, the player takes on the role of Adrian Shepard, a United States Marine corporal of the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, who crash lands in Black Mesa and wakes up just as orders start coming in for his outfit to evacuate the facility.

    Half-Life: Blue Shift 

In Blue Shift, the player takes on the role of Barney Calhoun, a mid-ranking security guard of Black Mesa who enlists the help of one Dr. Rosenberg to escape the facility after all hell breaks loose.

    Half-Life: Decay 

In Decay, the player takes on the roles of two Black Mesa employees assigned to the Anomalous Materials lab: the senior physicist, Gina Cross, and her colleague, Colette Green.

    Half-Life 2 

In Half-Life 2, the player returns as theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman, who awakens from indefinite stasis and finds himself in City 17, one of the few remaining cities in a world now under the control of an oppressive alien race known as the Combine.

    Half-Life 2: Episode One 

In Episode One, the player continues the role of Gordon Freeman as he moves to escape City 17 before the Citadel's destruction.

    Half-Life 2: Episode Two 

In Episode Two, the player continues the role of Gordon Freeman as he fights his way through dense forestry to reach the resistance stronghold, White Forest, with some important intel in tow.

    Half-Life: Alyx 
In Half-Life: Alyx, the player takes on the role of Alyx Vance, a supporting character from Half-Life 2, as she infiltrates the City 17 Quarantine Zone to rescue her father and investigate the mysterious floating Vault that seems to contain some sort of Combine superweapon.

Portal series


In Portal, the player takes on the role of Chell, a test subject of Aperture Science, who is tasked by the artificial intelligence GLaDOS to take part in a series of tests revolving around the use of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

    Portal 2 

In Portal 2, the player returns as the Aperture Science test subject Chell, who has awoken from stasis and is forced by the newly awakened GLaDOS to solve a new variety of tests.

    Portal 2 Co-op 

In Portal 2's co-op mode, two players take on the roles of Atlas and P-body, artificial-intelligence robots, who are built and tasked by GLaDOS to carry out a series of tests that require cooperation between the two robots to pass each challenge.

Alternative Title(s): Half Life Alyx, Half Life 1, Half Life Opposing Force, Half Life Blue Shift, Half Life 2, Portal, Half Life Decay