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Recap / Crazy Ex Girlfriend S 2 E 2 When Will Josh See How Cool I Am

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"Rebecca desperately wants Josh to think she's cool so she tries to impress him with her sporty skills. Meanwhile, Greg is navigating his way through his new path, and is sorely tested by someone close to him."

Written by Rene Gube and directed by Jay Chandrasekhar. Original aired on 10/28/2016.


"Maybe This Dream" (sung by Donna Lynn Champlin)

  • "I Want" Song: A very desperate one.
  • Runaway Bride: "The organ played 'Here Goes The Bride'/(I came back)".
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  • Parody: of Disney Princess songs, particularly "I Wonder" from Sleeping Beauty. To complete the picture, two lawyers from the office are dancing around, dressed as birds and singing "tweet, tweet".
  • Potty Failure: Used as an extended, increasingly convoluted metaphor for dreams not working out as you've expected.

"Greg's Drinking Song" (sung by Santino Fontana)

  • Alcohol-Induced Idiocy: The Song!
  • Beer Goggles: Greg once had sex with a bush. With leaves and twigs and everything. He can't even remember it wasn't a woman.
  • Drunk Driver: It seems that Greg wrecked Hector's and White Josh's cars at some point, as well as causing mayhem with his cousin's landscaping truck.
  • Ode to Intoxication: Of the darkly tongue-in-cheek variety. Greg is singing cheerfully about the horrible, humiliating things he'd done while drunk.
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  • Oireland: Parodies an Irish folk song.
  • Potty Failure: Under the influence, of course. Seems to be a bit of a running theme this episode.

"Ping-Pong Girl" (sung by Vincent Rodriguez III)

  • Fantasy Sequence: The cuts to Rebecca in the office make it clearer than usual that it's all happening exclusively in her head.
  • Mirror Match: At one point, Rebecca is playing ping-pong against herself.
  • Pop Punk: A pastiche of mid-2000's pop-punk a-la Green Day or blink-182.
  • Rated M for Manly: Parodied. The song shows Rebecca's somewhat vague and stereotypical idea of how guys think, and how she'll impress Josh by being The Lad-ette.
    Imaginary!Josh: Whoah! Bros! Beer! Sports!


"I Could If I Wanted To (Reprise)" (sung by Santino Fontana)


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