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TG: the thing with time travel is
TG: you cant overthink it
TG: just roll with it and see what happens
TG: and above all try not to do anything retarded
Dave Strider, Homestuck

Ten things you should never touch while time traveling.
1. Butterflies.
2. Lightning bolts (this applies to normal traveling as well)
3. Relatives
4. Your past self (you won't go blind, you'll just annihilate all matter in the universe instantly)
5. Hitler (I know it's tempting, but it always winds up worse than before)
6. A T-1000
7. The primordial soup from which all life originated (unless your touching the soup is what triggered life in the first place. This is really a judgment call, but if you're wrong, all life ceases to exist. No pressure.)
8. Professor Charles Xavier
9. Something you thought was a moth but turns out to actually be a butterfly. (Cause seriously, there is NOTHING worse than touching a butterfly when you're time traveling.)
10. Any of my stuff. (Cause I will hunt you down, Rip Hunter style.)

There's no future in time travel.

Gosh, that takes me back... or forward. That's the trouble with time travel, you can never remember.
The Fourth Doctor, Doctor Who, "The Androids of Tara"

I would not want to bet against the possibility of time travel. My opponent might have seen the future and know the answer.

"Most people think time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you: they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm."

Time travel. It's a cornucopia of disturbing concepts.
Ron Stoppable, "Kim Possible"

Wow, I can remember when all this was buildings...

I'm a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists.
The Tenth Doctor to archaeologist River Song, Doctor Who, "Silence in the Library"

Now, messing with yourself from a previous time travel jaunt is about the stupidest thing you can possibly do without a death ray and a bottle of tequila.

Why Is It That When The Subject Of Temporal Mechanics Is Broached Your Sparing Human Intellects Instantly Assume The Most Ingratiating Posture Of Surrender Imaginable
Kanaya Maryam, Homestuck

Causality is a tool, not a constraint.
Captain Holloway, Achron

What do we want?
Time Travel!
When do we want it?

The train of time, the Den-Liner. Will its next stop be the past? Or the future?

"It's one thing to control time ... and another thing to lose control of it all. The Kanohi Vahi can only be used in the direst emergency — when there is nothing to lose."
—Turaga Mata Vakama, Makuta's Revenge

"The force of time is contained within that Mask. Destroy it, and that power is unleashed upon the universe. Past, present and future all existing at once — warps and rips and hours folding in upon each other — madness and chaos as no two moments ever follow one another ... think of it. [...] Imagine your body trapped between seconds, or half of you aging while the other half regresses. [...] All your plans and schemes would come to an end, because no matter what you attempted, I could walk into the past and undo it. Kill me today, and I will be waiting for you in some tomorrow to avenge my death. Think of it - can you rule a future that is in the past? Or a present that is still a century away? Could you ever be sure of what you've done and what you haven't, when months and years have merged together?"
—Toa Metru Vakama to Makuta Teridax, Time Trap

You, of all ages, have so much reason to claw back. So much has been lost.
So feel free to punch your ticket to the past. Go ahead, glance back. Don't sweat it, sweetling. You won't turn to salt and you can't make yourself impossible. History will conserve itself. The continuities will hold.
You'll slip back as into a dream, sift through the sands of your collective mind map. The best you can hope for is to wake up, suddenly remember where something was buried.
The Buzzing, The Secret World


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