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    Season 1 
Blevins: The reason you're here, Agent Scully, is we want you to assist Mulder on these X-Files. You will write field reports on your activites, along with your observations on the validity of the work.
Scully: Am I to understand that you want me to debunk the X-Files project, sir?
Blevins: Agent Scully, we trust you'll make the proper scientific analysis. You'll want to contact Agent Mulder shortly. We look forward to seeing your reports.
Dana Scully's new job, "Pilot"

Scully: Agent Mulder. I'm Dana Scully, I've been assigned to work with you.
[The two shake hands.]
Mulder: Oh, isn't it nice to be suddenly so highly regarded? So, who did you tick off to get stuck with this detail, Scully?
Scully: Actually, I'm looking forward to working with you. I've heard a lot about you.
Mulder: Oh, really? I was under the impression... that you were sent to spy on me.
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully's very first meeting, "Pilot"

Mulder: Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials?
[Scully smiles.]
Scully: Logically, I would have to say "no."
[Mulder nods.]
Scully: Given the distances needed to travel from the far reaches of space, the energy requirements would exceed a spacecraft's capabilties th...
Mulder: Coventional wisdom. You know this Oregon female? She's the fourth person in her graduating class to die under mysterious circumstances. Now, when convention and science offer us no answers, might we not finally turn to the fantastic as a plausibility?
Scully: The girl obviously died of something. If it was natural causes, it's plausible that there was something missed in the post-mortem. If she was murdered, it's plausible there was a sloppy investigation. What I find fantastic is any notion that there are answers beyond the realm of science. The answers are there. You just have to know where to look.
Mulder: That's why they put the "I" in "F.B.I."
— The exchange that would kickstart a very long dynamic, "Pilot"

"You can deny all the things I've seen. All the things I've discovered. But not for much longer. Because too many others know what's happening out there. And no one. No government agency has jurisdiction over the truth."
Fox Mulder giving FBI officials a piece of his mind at his hearing, "Fallen Angel"

"Please, will you just hear me? I have never met anyone so passionate and dedicated to a belief as you. It’s so intense that sometimes it’s blinding. But there are others who are watching you, who know what I know and whereas I can respect and admire your passion, they will use it against you. Mulder, the truth is out there. But so are lies."
Dana Scully admitting her respect for Fox Mulder while warning him, "E.B.E."

    Season 2 
Scully: Is this seat taken?
Mulder: No. But I should warn you, I may reek a bit out of the sewer.
Scully: I'll take my chances. (Sits on bench and sighs) You talked to Skinner yesterday.
Mulder: Success in our work is imperative, Scully. Reinstatement of the X-Files must be undeniable.
Scully: That came from Skinner?
Mulder: No. We have a friend in the F.B.I.
X's presence looms over the two, "The Host"

Krycek: Sir, if I can recommend something. You’ll see that I have outlined several counter measures.
Cigarette Smoking Man: What about Scully?
Krycek: Reassigning them to other areas seems to have only strengthened their determination. Scully’s a problem. A much larger problem than you described.
Cigarette Smoking Man: Every problem has a solution.
Alex Krycek is revealed as a mole, "Sleepless"

Krycek: If Mulder is such a threat, why not eliminate him?
Cigarette Smoking Man: That's not our policy.
Krycek: It's not? After what you had me do?
Cigarette Smoking Man: Kill Mulder and you risk turning one man's religion into a crusade.
— Why Fox Mulder shouldn't die, "Ascension"

Mulder: Get that gun out of my face...
X: This high-capacity compact Sig Saver .40 caliber weapon is pointed at your head to stress my insistence that your search for who put your partner on that respirator desist immediately!
Mulder: You ignore my call for help and then you expect me to do what you say? You go to hell!
X: You got him killed! You got her killed. That’s not going to happen to me. You’re my tool, you understand? I come to you when I need you.
X's priorities are set straight, "One Breath"

Scully: Sometimes you surprise me, Mulder.
Mulder: Why?
[Mulder opens his car door for Scully, then goes around to get in.]
Scully: How that didn't shock you back there.
Mulder: I've prepared myself for it before we left Washington.
— The discussion on a horrifically desecrated corpse, "Irresistible"

"I know these things. I'm conscious of them. I know the world is full of predators, just as it has always been. And I know it's my job to protect people from them. And I've counted on that fact to give me faith in my ability to do what I do... I want that faith back... I need it back."
Dana Scully confessing her fears to a therapist, "Irresistible"

"The conquest of fear lies in the moment of its acceptance. And understanding what scares us most is that which is most familiar, most common place. That boy next door, Donnie Pfaster, the unremarkable younger brother of four older sisters, extraordinary only in his ordinariness, could grow up to be the devil in a buttoned-down shirt. It's been said that the fear of the unknown is an irrational response to the excesses of the imagination. But our fear of the everyday, of the lurking stranger, and the sound of foot-falls on the stairs. The fear of violent death and the primitive impulse to survive, are as frightening as any X-File, as real as the acceptance that it could happen to you."
Fox Mulder contemplating on Donald Addie Pfaster's ordinary persona, "Irresistible"

"Look, if the number of murders attributed to occult conspiracies were true, it would mean thousands of people killing tens of thousands of people a year, without evidence, without being exposed... it would be the greatest criminal conspiracy in the history of civilisation."
Dana Scully expresses her disbelief in occult murders, "Die Hand Die Verletzt"

Skinner: You never had a chance, Agent Mulder. For every step you take, they're three steps ahead.
Mulder: Well, what about you, where do you stand?
Mulder: I stand right on the line that you keep crossing.
Walter Sergei Skinner confirms his allegiances, "F. Emasculata"

    Season 3 

    Season 4 
Mulder: I've seen too many things not to believe.
Scully: I've seen things too. But there are answers to be found now. We have hope that there's a place to start. That's what I believe.
Mulder: You put such faith in your science, Scully. But... the things I've seen, science provides no place to start.
Scully: Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it. And that's a place to start. That's where the hope is.
— The two FBI agents' beliefs are compared, "Herrenvolk"

" like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that no one ever asks for. Unreturnable because all you get back is another box of chocolates. So, you're stuck with mostly undefinable whipped mint crap, mindlessly wolfed down when there's nothing else to eat while you're watching the game. Sure, once in a while you get a peanut butter cup or an English toffee, but it's gone too fast and the taste is fleeting. In the end, you're left with nothing but broken bits filled with hardened jelly and teeth shattering nuts, which if you are desperate enough to eat leaves nothing but an empty box of useless brown paper wrappers."
Cigarette-Smoking Man on his failed pursuit as an author, "Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man"

"Why is this so hard to believe? When the accepted discovery of life off this planet is on the front page of every newspaper around the world? When even the most conservative scientists and science journals are calling for the exploration of Mars and Jupiter? With every reason to believe that life and the persistence of it is thriving outside our own terrestrial sphere? If you cannot get past this, then I suggest this whole committee be held in contempt, for ignoring evidence that cannot be refuted."
Fox Mulder calling out the senate for refusing to acknowledge alien evidence, "Terma"

"For the first time I feel time like a heartbeat. The seconds pumping in my breast like a reckoning. The ruminous mysteries that once seemed so distant and unreal threatening clarity in the presence of a truth entertained not in youth, but only in it's passage.' I feel these words as if their meaning were weight being lifted from me, knowing that you will read them and share my burden as I have come to trust no other. That you should know my heart, look into it, finding there the memory and experience 'that belong to you, that are you, is a comfort to me now as I feel the tethers loose and the prospects darken for a continuance of a journey that began not so long ago, and which began again with a faith shaken and strengthened by your convictions. If not for which I might never have been so strong now as I cross to face you and look at you incomplete, hoping that you will forgive me for not making the rest of the journey with you."
Dana Scully on her cancer diagnosis, "Mememto Mori"

Scully: I actually was thinking about, uh... This gift that you gave me for my birthday. You never got to tell me why you gave it to me or what it means... but I think I know. I think that you appreciate that there are extraordinary men and women and... extraordinary moments when history leaps forward on the backs of these individuals... that what can be imagined can be achieved... that you must dare to dream... but that there's no substitute for perseverance and hard work... and teamwork... because no one gets there alone... and that, while we commemorate the... the greatness of these events and the individuals who achieve them, we cannot forget the sacrifice of those who make these achievements and leaps possible. (Sighs)
Mulder: I just thought it was a pretty cool keychain.
— The contemplation of humanity's desire to discover the unknown, "Max"

    Season 5 
"This is the hoax into which you've been drawn. The roots go back 50 years to the end of World War II. Playing on a virulent national appetite for bogus revelation and a public newly fearful of the atomic bomb, the U.S. Military Command began to fan the flames of what were being called flying saucer stories. There are truths that can kill a nation, Agent Mulder. The military needed something to deflect attention away from its arms strategy - global domination from the capability of total enemy annihilation. The nuclear card was fine as long as we alone could play it. But the Generals and Politicos knew they could not win a public relations war. Those photographs from Nagasaki and Hiroshima were not faces Americans wanted to see in the mirror. Oppenheimer knew it, of course, but we silenced him. When the Russians developed the bomb, the fear in the military was not for safety at home, but for armistice and treaty. The business of America isn't business, Agent Mulder, it's war. Since Antietam, nothing has driven the economy faster. We needed a reason to keep spending money, and when there wasn't a war to justify it, we called it a war anyway. The Cold War was essentially a fifty year public relations battle... a pitched Game of Chicken against an enemy we not much more than called names. The Communists called us a few names, too. "We will bury you," Khrushchev said, and the public believed it. And after what McCarthy had done, they ate it with a big spoon. We faced off a few times in Cuba, Korea, Vietnam, but nobody dropped the bomb - nobody dared."
Michael Kritschgau recounting the History of the Cold War, "Redux"

Scully: You followed me here. Why are you following me? Is this more dirty work you're doing for the DOD?
Skinner: Why don't you tell me something, Agent Scully. Why don't you tell me what you're doing here.
Scully: I want an answer from you.
Skinner: I want an answer from you!
Scully: This isn't your job!
Skinner: My job is to direct the agents under me, to question their motives when they're lying about investigations! To take steps to cease or censure their actions! Your lie is on record, Agent Scully.
Scully: And what about yours?
— A heated argument about each other's goals, "Redux"

Susanne: I am not making this up. Don't you get it, nobody is safe! Look what they did to JFK!
Byers: What did they do to JFK?
Susanne: Dallas? 1963? Hello?! They want to control every aspect of our lives, from the cradle to the grave. They practically do already.
[She starts rummaging through drawers near the hotel beds as the yet-to-be Lone Gunmen exchange looks, until she pulls out a Holy Bible.]
Susanne: Hotel Bible, who do you think put this here?
Langly: The government?
Susanne: One in every hotel room in America, it's the perfect vessel for electronic surveillance. No one ever questions its presence.
Frohike: Now, I'm sorry, you're telling me that the US government, the same government that gave us Amtrak...
Langly: Not to mention the Susan B. Anthony dollar.
Frohike: behind some of the darkest, most far-reaching conspiracies on the planet?! That's just crazy!
Suzanne Modeski reveals dark government secrets to the future Lone Gunmen, "Unusual Suspects"

"Before the exploration of space, of the moon and the planets, man hailed that the heavens were the home and province of powerful gods who controlled not just the vast firmament, but the earthly fate of man himself and that the pantheon of powerful, warring deities, was the cause and reason for the human condition, for the past and the future, and for which great monuments would be created on earth as in heaven. But in time, man replaced these gods with new gods and new religions that provided no more certain or greater answers than those worshipped by his Greek or Roman or Egyptian ancestors. And while we've chosen now our monolithic and benevolent gods and found our certainties in science, believers all, we wait for a sign, a revelation. Our eyes turn skyward ready to accept the truly incredible to find our destiny written in the stars. But how do we best look to see? With new eyes or old?"
Fox Mulder on divinity, "Patient X"

Pennock: You know, the thing I find most surprising about this case is you. You are one sceptical guy, Agent Mulder.
Mulder: Sceptical?!
Pennock: Oh, yeah.
Mulder: I’ve been called a lot of things. Sceptical, however, is not one.
— The discussion of Fox Mulder's unorthodox viewpoint, "Mind's Eye"

    Season 6 
"They can't take away the X-Files, Scully. They tried."
Fox Mulder, "The Beginning"

"Two men - young, idealistic, the fine product of a generation hardened by world war. Two fathers, whose paths would converge in a new battle, an invisible war between a silent enemy and a sleeping giant, on a scale to dwarf all historical conflicts. A 50 years war, its killing fields lying in wait for the inevitable global holocaust. Theirs was the dawn of Armageddon. And while the world was unaware, unwitting spectators to the hurly-burly of the decades-long struggle between heaven and earth, there were those who prepared for the end, who measured the size and power of the enemy and faced the choices - stand and fight or bow to the will of a fearsome enemy. Or surrender, to yield and collaborate, to save themselves and stay their enemy's hand. Men who believed that victory was the absence of defeat and survival of the ultimate ideology, no matter what the sacrifice."
Fox Mulder's on the Syndicate and their plans, "One Son"

"If Agent Scully had not been there with you, I shudder to think what would have happened to you. I'd say you owe her your life. It takes a big man to admit this, but... if I had had someone as savvy as her by my side all those years ago in the X-Files, I might not have retired."
Arthur Dale's one regret, "Agua Mala"

"My name is John Fitzgerald Byers. I was named after our 35th president, and I keep having this beautiful dream. In my dream, the events of November 22nd, 1963, never happened. In it, my namesake was never assassinated. Other things are different, too, in my dream. My country is hopeful and innocent; young again. Young in spirit. My fellow citizens trust their elect officials, never once having been betrayed by them. My government is truly 'of the people, by the people, for the people'. All my hopes for my country, for myself ...all are fulfilled. I have everything a person could want: home and family ...and love. Everything that counts for anything in life ... I have it. But the dream ends the same way every time. I lose it all."
John Fitzgerald Byers recounting his most unfulfiled desire, "Three of a Kind"

    Season 7 
"Nobody likes a math geek, Scully."
Fox Mulder, "Millennium"

"They said the birds refused to sing and the thermometer fell suddenly as if God Himself had His breath stolen away. No one there dared speak aloud, as much in shame as in sorrow. They uncovered the bodies one by one. The eyes of the dead were closed as if waiting for permission to open them. Were they still dreaming of ice cream and monkey bars? Of birthday cake and no future but the afternoon? Or had their innocence been taken along with their lives buried in the cold earth so long ago? These fates seemed too cruel, even for God to allow. Or are the tragic young born again when the world's not looking? I want to believe so badly; in a truth beyond our own hidden and obscured from all but the most sensitive eyes... in the endless procession of souls... in what cannot and will not be destroyed. I want to believe we are unaware of God's eternal recompense and sadness. That we cannot see His truth. That that which is born still lives and cannot be buried in the cold earth. But only waits to be born again at God's behest... where in ancient starlight we lay in repose."
Fox Mulder on the idea of walk-ins, "Closure"

Scully: Mulder, what happened? Are you sure you're all right?
Mulder: I'm fine. (Holding back tears) I'm free.
Fox Mulder reflecting on finally discovering his sister's fate, "Closure"

"You're not being honest with yourself. Think back. There was a time when you feared for your future, for your career when you were first partnered with this man. I told you, I've studied you for years... and if you would permit me, I'd like to make an observation. You're drawn to powerful men but you fear their power. You keep your guard up, a wall around your heart. How else do you explain that fearless devotion to a man obsessed, and, yet, a life alone? You'd die for Mulder but you won't allow yourself to love him."
Cigarette Smoking Man dissects Dana Scully's one true partnership, "En Ami"

Mulder: Looking at you tonight, holding that baby... knowing everything that's been taken away from you. A chance for motherhood and your health and that baby. I think that... I don't know, maybe they're right.
Scully: Who's right?
Mulder: The FBI. Maybe what they say is true, though for all the wrong reasons. It's the personal costs that are too high.
[Scully starts silently crying.]
Mulder: (Whispering in Scully's ear) There so much more you need to do with your life. There's so much more than this. (Strokes Scully's face) There has to be an end, Scully.
— A look back on the "X-Files"' seven-year long journey, "Requiem"

Mulder: I'm not going to risk... losing you.
[The two hug.]
Scully: I won't let you go alone.
— A final interaction before the unexpected ending, "Requiem"

    Season 8 
Doggett: How well did you really know him? How far would Mulder go?
Scully: How far would he go for what?
Doggett: The truth - his truth. Whatever it was he was trying to prove, how bad did he need to prove it?
Scully: It was his whole life.
Skinner: What are you trying to say?
Doggett: That Agent Mulder found himself in a place none of us want to go. Life-threatened, work-threatened, and all for naught. Nothing proven. The effort in vain. No mark left. Unless he rolled the dice, took one big last chance to make it.
— The discussion of Fox Mulder's state in the seventh season, "Within"

"We live in a darkness of our own making, blind to a habitant world all but unseen by us. A world of beings traveling through time and space, imaginable to us only as flights of fancy. Who are these beings we dare to imagine but fear to accept? What dark work goes on inside their impossible machines, cloaked from us by invisible forces? If they know our secrets, why can't we know theirs?"
Dana Scully on her new belief in extraterrestrials, "Without"

"Give a little, get a little, Agent Doggett."
Dana Scully, "Without"

"My dad always said it's not who wins or loses... it's who takes the worst beating that counts."
John Doggett, "Without"

Scully: Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this is all just a... a grand coincidence and we're wasting our time out here.
Doggett: You were so sure before.
Scully: Yeah, I was sure of the facts as I had deduced them scientifically. Maybe I'm... I'm trying to force them into shape. Maybe I'm manufacturing a theory.
Doggett: Well, what happened to taking a leap?
Scully: Maybe I'm just trying too hard.
Doggett: To do what? To be Mulder? You know, I'm not Oxford educated. About all I know about the paranormal is men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But I don't think you're wrong, Agent Scully.
Scully: What makes you say that?
Doggett: Well, I'm no Fox Mulder, but I can tell when a man's hiding something.
Dana Scully and John Doggett think about the former becoming more like Fox Mulder, "Patience"

Scully: I asked you to keep an open mind.
Doggett: Yeah, well, I try to keep an open mind but it tends to shut my eyes.
Scully: There is something here, Agent Doggett. And I'll admit that it's hard to accept. But there is a motive and there is a pattern and there is a reason and we will see it... but not working like this.
John Doggett having difficulties with Dana Scully's resolute mindset, "Badlaa"

Dep. Karras: Agent Scully is a medical doctor. Who they tell me has a lot of experience with equivocal deaths.
Melnick: Equivocal? (Laughs) Hey, I mean you're dead or you're not, right?
Scully: Deaths for which there may be many explanations or for which an explanation may be hard to find.
Lyle: What about you?
Doggett: I'm just a good shot.
Dana Scully's and John Doggett's partnership in a nutshell, "Medusa"

Skinner: You're being paranoid, Mulder. Even for you.
Mulder: Do you want to hear something really paranoid? The FBI gets its way, there's going to be nobody down here to ask the paranoid questions.
Fox Mulder's state is questioned after his return, "Three Words"

Scully: Mulder, you've been through an ordeal that defies all logical explanation. How can you think that these two men have the answers when they defy all standard of credibility?
Mulder: (Starts up a laptop found in the FBI evidence room) Since when has an X-File not defied a certain standard of credibility? At least that's the way it used to work. Look, Scully, I need to make sense of what happened to me. So that I can stop it. Because if I can't stop it, it could happen to anyone. It could happen to you. And who's to say it's going to stop there?
Fox Mulder's refusal to let any more alien abductions happen, "Three Words"

"Well, just remember, boys, this is America. Just because you get more votes doesn't mean you win."
Fox Mulder, "Three Words"

    Season 9 
Kobold: I'm wondering, why a sceptic such as yourself would accept an assignment to an obscure unit of the FBI devoted exclusively to the investigating of paranormal phenomena.
Doggett: You been checking up on me, Professor?
Kobold: Ordinarily men do not pursue occupations against their own inclinations unless there's some strong countervailing reason. Seeking the love or approval of a woman, perhaps? Agent Reyes may have affection for you, but you for her? Of course it could be someone else. Or something else. Some... dark secret from your past.
Doggett: That's enough.
Kobold: An unsolved tragedy for which you feel responsible. In some morbid way, you haven't even admitted to yourself, perhaps you feel that... chasing ghosts will answer the questions which damn you.
Josef Kobold dissects John Doggett's job motivations, "Dæmonicus"

"I am scared for you, Mulder. And for William. The forces against us are unrelenting. But so is my determination. To see you again. To regain the comfort and safety we shared for so brief a time.
Until then, I remain forever yours... Dana."
Dana Scully's email to Fox Mulder, "Trust No 1"

"The bible says God appeared to Moses in the burning bush; he came to Jesus upon a mountain top; for Buddha, God came while he sat under a tree. God came to me in a vision in the desert, February 26th, 1991. My recon squad had engaged Saddam's army in a small Bedouin encampment. We'd been ambushed, taken on by surprise, and there were casualties. We were holding our perimeter and we might've held up, but on that day I had a terrible foreboding. I saw the future of those brave men, and they were about to die. Death came to take my men, but not me. I was left as a witness to a vision, angels from heaven. Behold, a whirlwind came out of the north and a brightness was about it. And out of the mist came the likeness of 4 living creatures, and they had the likeness of a man. I knew why my life had been spared - that I was to deliver the message of these angels, of these sons of God. To deliver the message of their God who came before all other gods."
Josepho on seeing a sign of God, "Providence"

"I've been working this unit for nine years now. I-I've investigated nearly 200 paranormal cases. We are due for some incontrovertible proof. I want vindication, for ... for Mulder and ... for all of us."
Dana Scully excited at the prospect of supernatural evidence, "Sunshine Days"

Doggett: So close, Dana. I'm sorry you don't get your proof.
Scully: Me too. Well, maybe I've had it these past nine years. If not proof of the paranormal, then... of more important things.
— A nine-year reflection on the X-Files, "Sunshine Days"

Reyes: You don't care about that child or what Scully had to sacrifice. You're only too happy she had to give it up so there's no proof.
Kersh: Agent Reyes.
[Reyes turns around and angrily walks towards Kersh.]
Reyes: You don't care what these people have sacrificed over the last nine years - what's been lost to their cause. You make a mockery of it, gladdened it proves your point.
Kersh: Agent Reyes, that's enough!
Reyes: What is the point of all of this? To destroy a man who seeks the truth or to destroy the truth so no man can seek it? Either way, you lose.
Monica Reyes giving Alvin Kersh a piece of her mind, "The Truth II"

"I'd like to congratulate you on succeeding where so many before you have failed. A bullet between the eyes would have been preferable to this charade. But I've learned to pretend over the past nine years - to pretend that my victories mattered only to realise that no one was keeping score. To realise that liars do not fear the truth if there are enough liars. That the devil is just one man with a plan but evil, true evil, is a collaboration of men which is what we have here today. If I am a guilty man, my crime is in daring to believe that the truth will out and that no one lie can live forever. I believe it still. Much as you try to bury it, the truth is out there. Greater than your lies, the truth wants to be known. You will know it. It'll come to you, as it's come to me faster than the speed of light. You may believe yourselves rid of your headache now and maybe you are... but you're only done it by cutting off your own heads."
Fox Mulder reminding the rigged jury of their potential mistake in killing him, "The Truth II"

Mulder: I've been chasing after monsters with a butterfly net. You heard the man - the date's set. I can't change that.
Scully: You wouldn't tell me. Not because you were afraid or broken .... but because you didn't want to accept defeat.
Mulder: Well, I was afraid of what knowing would do to you. (Turns around to look at Scully) I was afraid that it would crush your spirit.
Scully: Why would I accept defeat? Why would I accept it, if you won't? Mulder, you say that you've failed but you only fail if you give up. And I know you - you can't give up. It's what I saw in you when we first met. It's what made me follow you... why I'd do it all over again.
Mulder: And look what it's gotten you.
Scully: And what has it gotten you? Not your sister. Nothing that you've set out for. But you won't give up, even now. (Holds Mulder's hand) You've always said that you want to believe. But believe in what Mulder? If this is the truth that you've been looking for then what is left to believe in?
Mulder: I want to believe that the dead are not lost to us. That they speak to us as part of something greater than us - greater than any alien force. And if you and I are powerless now, I want to believe that if we listen to what's speaking, it can give us the power to save ourselves.
Scully: Then we believe the same thing.
— The final conversation of the original run, "The Truth II"

    Season 10 (The Event Series
"My name is Fox Mulder. Since my childhood, I have been obsessed by a controversial global phenomenon. Since my sister disappeared when I was 12 years old from what I believe was an alien abduction. My obsession took me to the FBI, where I investigated paranormal science cases through the auspices of a unit known as the X-Files. Through this unit, I could continue my work on the alien phenomenon, and the search for my missing sister. In 1993, the FBI sought to impugn my work, bringing in a scientist and medical doctor to debunk it, which only deepened my obsession for the better part of a decade, during which time that agent, Dana Scully, had her own faith tested. In 2002, in a change of direction and policy, the FBI closed the X-Files, and our investigation ceased. But my personal obsession did not. There are 10,000 sightings each year in North America alone, and so it's been since the dawn of time - Stone Age, and even biblical references - into our modern age. In 1947, Kenneth Arnold saw nine unidentified craft out the window of his small plane, followed by the historic crash at Roswell and its legendary cover-up. In 1957, UFOs were spotted over our nation's capitol. The Pentagon held press briefings. Multiple witnesses in 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana see fighters scramble but easily outrun by UFOs that climb upwards of 200,000 feet, twice the service ceiling of our highest-flying spy planes. Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon, cites secret studies on extraterrestrial materials and bodies. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and future President Gerald R. Ford validate the UFO phenomenon in official government memoranda. But now people only laugh, and only Roswell is remembered. But we must ask ourselves - Are they really a hoax? Are we truly alone? Or are we being lied to?"
Fox Mulder's life, "My Struggle"

"How they police us and spy on us, tell us that makes us safer? We've never been in more danger."
Fox Mulder, "My Struggle"

Scully: (Concerned) This is dangerous.
Mulder: (Scoffs) When has that ever stopped us before?
— The chase for the truth in a nutshell, "Founder's Mutation"

Scully: Do you ever think about William?
Mulder: Yes, of course I do, but I've... I feel like I've had to put that behind me.
Scully: (Turns her head away emotionally) He'd be 15 years old now. And I've missed every single year of his life. And sometimes... I hate myself that I didn't have the courage to stand by him.
Mulder: You did what you did to keep him safe. His adoption is secret, his location is unknown because you had to protect him.
Scully: (Turns her head back to Mulder) Do you believe he was an experiment?
Mulder: I don't know.
Scully: What if he's out there somewhere, like one of those kids on Sanjay's wall? Fighting for his life?
Mulder: All we can do, Scully, is pull the thread. See what it unravels.
— A look back on regrets regarding William, "Founder's Mutation"

Mulder: Scully, since we've been away, much of the "unexplained" has been explained. (Shows Scully a black and white photo) The "Death Valley Racetrack"? Turns out it was just ice formations, moving the rocks around as it melted. Yeah, ice. Humility prevents me from recounting how I once thought it had something to do with a series of mysterious sightings of a rock-like creature in Colorado... (Holds up another photo) which turned out to just be a publicity stunt by a local landscaping business. It's amazing, going through these archives with fresh - if not wiser - eyes, how many of these cases, whether it's "The Amarillo Armadillo Man" (Holds up a third photo) or "The Hairy Whatsit of Walla Walla"... (Holds up a fourth photo) can be explained away as fraternity pranks, practical jokes or people making stuff up simply because they're bored and or crazy. And if that doesn't explain it, well then it was probably just ice.
Scully: Mulder, have you been taking your meds?
[Mulder stands up and heads to the "I Want to Believe" poster, pulling out a few pencils embedded in it.]
Mulder: Scully, Charles Fort spent his entire life researching natural and scientific anomalies, which he published in four books, all of which I know by heart. And at the end of his life, Fort himself wondered if it hadn't all been a waste. I get it. I'm a middle-aged man, Scully. No, I am, I am. I'm thinking maybe it's time to put away childish things: the Sasquatches and mothmen and... (Sighs) jackalopes. I thought it'd be great to get back to work. But is this really how I want to spend the rest of my days? Chasing after monsters?
— The relevance of the X-Files is evaluated, "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster"

Mulder: And I don't do stairs anymore.
Scully: Mulder, back in the day, I used to do stairs and in three-inch heels.
Mulder: "Back in the day". Scully, back in the day... (Lights up torch) is now.
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully remembering the good old days, "Home Again"

"My name is Dana Katherine Scully. I am a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A career I chose after medical school, which promised a chance to further my aim as a scientist, and as a seeker of justice in a science-based world. Soon after joining the FBI, I was asked to review the work of a fellow agent, Fox Mulder, and to debunk the X-Files - cases involving what my superiors regarded as science fiction, and a waste of resources. I quickly came to understand Mulder's work on the paranormal wasn't such as I'd been led to believe. That the X-Files were worthy of Mulder's investigations, and of mine. That a world existed on the far fringes of accepted science. A world where a scientist would have her strongly-held beliefs tested, and re-tested. I would also come to fear that the institution I joined and invested with my trust was subject to the influence of dark forces outside the bureau, and sometimes within. Forces threatened by Mulder's work and increasingly by mine. Shortly after sensing these threats, I was abducted from my home by unknown assailants and returned without a clear understanding why. But intervening incidents have led me to believe that during my short disappearance I was subjected to tests, tests resulting in a life-threatening disease, its cure as mysterious as the illness itself. Tests which I now suspect are part of the larger conspiracy, a conspiracy of men hiding science for almost 60 years. Secrets kept from the American people by a self-interested cabal intent on the consolidation of power both at home and on a perilously global scale. But questions remain unanswered, about their motives and their final objectives. Where and when these men might play out their dark plans. And the significance of a recent test result of my personal genetic make-up, turning up DNA anomalies that I can only classify as alien."
Dana Scully's life, "My Struggle II"

    Season 11 
"My name is Carl Gerhard Busch, But I've been known by many aliases during my long career with the U.S. government. It's been a humbling job, though I'm hardly known as a humble man. I've been a witness to history, much of it violent, much of it an abomination of the values Americans hold dear. I've had a privileged seat at the centers of power, held the reins of that power, making sacrifices few are capable of, of which even fewer are willing. If people knew the truth they'd riot in the streets. Too much is made of the will to power, as if our will is free, our choices our own. Our destinies are forged in our bones, made real by a raging impulse to self-destruct. I'm not a bad man, more a practical man. I've taken certain gifts I was given and made good men great; it is my greatness. I'm a father to two men who figured more in the future than they might ever know. Both would end up working for the FBI, both complex but dedicated men who sacrificed dearly, and in their dogged pursuits would end up paying a terrible price, searching for truths as I have parceled them out. Truths held only by the few who know the levers of power and the invisible hand controlling them. Is there life out there? Good heavens, to doubt it is more than a failure of the imagination, it's a failure to recognize the limits of our own stupidity. The nascency of our science, the rudiment of our tools. We listen, we search, we look for a sign as if our eyes and ears are good enough, our brains large enough, or egos small enough. I'm an old man now, I will leave my own mark upon history, more than presidents or tyrants. I don't ask for loyalty and trust, the fleeting bonds of men. I ask only for the years to show my sons and their sons I was right. What their father did... had to be done."
Cigarette Smoking Man's life, "My Struggle III"

"My name is Jackson Van de Kamp. That's what my parents called me when they adopted me 17 years ago. My original name was William. I've come to learn. That's what my birth mother called me. Dana Scully. I have never really met her properly, but I can feel her in these... violent episodes in which I can feel us connected to the future in ways that I'm just beginning to understand. I don't know my role in the future, but I'm beginning to understand that as well. I-I have visions of it. It's a world of confusion and pain and loneliness that I can't escape, nor can I prevent, but I want no part in the suffering that it brings. I've known happiness. I had a happy childhood. Until I grew older, I had a life where I could dream of anything that I ever wanted to be, but even then I knew that I had... powers. Special powers. When I turned 11, my powers grew. I got in a fight with Jerry Marriott. He was this bully who used to pick on the smaller kids who couldn't defend themselves. So I sent him to the hospital. I had to change schools many times. The kids... would catch on that I was different. And then I, uh, just kind of became a criminal. So I was sent away to a school for bad kids. It devastated my parents, but I just couldn't help myself. I talked to psychologists, and I would just make up stories and tell them what they want to hear. But then this man came from the government to talk to me and I could tell something was up, so I decided to just cool it. Then I had to come home, but every day there was this car on the street with these guys in it, watching our house. And I was smart. I-I didn't make any mistakes until I decided to play a stupid joke on these two girls. My whole world came crashing down. My parents were killed by those men on the street. And they're hunting me now. I'm afraid they'll kill me, too... if they catch me. What I need most right now is answers. About who I am, about how I can get my life back. I want to ask my real mother these questions, but I know that the truth can only come from my father, a man I've only seen in my visions... but who I know I already hate."
William Scully / Jackson Van de Kamp's life, "My Struggle IV"

Mulder: For so long, I believed. What am I now if I'm not a father?
Scully: You are a father.
Mulder: What are you talking about?
[Scully grabs Mulder's hand and places it on her stomach.]
Mulder: That's impossible.
Scully: I know. I know it is. It's more than impossible.
— A glimmer of hope after losing William Scully, "My Struggle IV"

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