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What is this cunt doing on the cover of Rolling Stone? Music has officially died. Who knew it would be Rolling Stone that murdered it? Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh can no longer be expected to take all the blame.
Sinéad O'Connor Facebook rant

It's Scooby-Doo. How do you "ruin" Scooby-Doo?


Fans realize something Hasbro does not: that robust 33-year-old billion-dollar franchises, while seemingly healthy, are in actuality as fragile as two bricks tied together with tissue paper. One mistake, one bad mis-step will cause the entire thing to shatter and fall apart; and Transformers would be ruined forever.

What gets me are the Aliens fans who have been declaring it the final betrayal. Have you seen literally anything Alien related, post-Aliens the film? Your sweetums has been putting it out for decades, guys! The betrayal ship has sailed, circumnavigated the globe and returned to port laden with exotic spice!

13500000000 BCE: The Big Bang creates the universe as we know it. The protons, neutrons, and electrons that will eventually compose Transformers are formed, ruining it forever. A Thursday.

Magic always has been, and always will be ruined forever. That's part of what makes it such a great game.
Zvi Mowshowitz,

Batman: Have they ruined the franchise yet?
Spider-Man: No.
Batman: Have they saved the franchise yet?
Spider-Man: No.
Batman: Can you see the future?
Spider-Man: No.
Batman: Can I see the future?
Spider-Man: No.
Batman: So there's really no way of knowing.
Spider-Man: No.
Batman: So there's really no point in asking.
Spider-Man: No.
Batman: So there's really no point in worrying.

Goku: (putting on a copy of Vegeta's armor) Look, Vegeta! I'm you! Paragon til death!
Vegeta: ruined it. You ruined it and I'm leaving.

Chuggaaconroy: Every time I Let's Play a Pokémon game, the popular opinion in the comments is always "Here we are, the last good Pokémon game before (insert next game) ruined everything and it never recovered!" It's been that way for Gen 1, 2, 3, 4, and now 5. I think Pokémon is the new Zelda.
Stephen: “Here we are, the game [I grew up playing]”

"Nobody ruined your childhood! The Teen Titans you liked are still on DVD!"
Alucard, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, shutting this argument down in-universe

“What I fuckin’ hate are all these pussy conservatives like Sean Hannity now saying, ‘Aw, it ain’t that bad. We will bounce back... America will turn to the right again... It’s just one bad election.’
Bull-fucking-shit! America died yesterday. It’s over. There’s no coming back.
“236 years of history gone in a single day and night.”
Eric Dondero, on the re-election of Obama, Libertarian Republican

Patchy the Pirate: That's it? That's the Lost Episode? That was just a bunch of cheap walk cycles!
Potty: What a rip.
Patchy: Grr... SPONGEBOB BETRAYED US!!! Aah! I'm sorry I ever started this stupid fanclub in the first place. (trashes room) I'm gonna get rid of all my Spongebob stuff! All of it! All of it! (pulls out underwear) All of it! I'm gonna run away! That's what I'm gonna do! Run away! (uncontrolled sobbing).
Potty: Sheesh, what a hothead.
Announcer: And now, the real Lost Episode!
Potty: Bawk! Patchy, come back! There's more!
Patchy: Really? (entire Anger Montage rewinds)
Spongebob Squarepants, The Sponge Who Could Fly


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