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"But by then I had found a truer son than Brokentail ever could have been. I only hope that Fireheart will rise to be the great leader that Brokenstar [same character as Brokentail] never was and that, in some small way, I have helped to set him on that path."
Yellowfang, Warrior Cats

Molly Weasley: ...and speaking as someone who has got Harry's best interests at heart...
Sirius Black: (quietly) He's not your son.
Molly Weasley: (fiercely) He's as good as! Who else has he got?

Baloo: [after Mowgli saves a baby elephant with his tricks] See, what'd I tell ya? He's special.
Bagheera: I know he is. I raised him.

The Master: (to the Doctor) Oh, your dad's still kicking up a fuss.
Wilfred Mott: Well, I'd be proud if I was!
Doctor Who, "The End of Time - Part 2"

The Doctor: I'd be proud.
Wilfred Mott: Of what?
The Doctor: If you were my dad.
Doctor Who, "The End of Time - Part 2"

Lightning McQueen: Racing was the best part of [Doc Hudson's] life, and when it ended, he... well, we both know he was never the same after that.
Smokey: ...Is that what you think? C'mon, I wanna show you somethin'. Ya got the first part right. The crash broke Hud's body, and then no more racing broke his heart. He cut himself off, disappeared to Radiator Springs. Son-of-a-gun didn't talk to me for fifty years. But, then one day, the letters started comin' in... and every last one of 'em was about you. Yeah, Hud loved racin'... but coaching you? I'd never seen the old grump so happy. Racing wasn't the best part of Hud's life. You were.
Cars 3

Emerald: Oh, Cinder, you're like the mother figure I may or may not have ever had.
Cinder: Emerald, you are the daughter I possibly always wanted, maybe.
RWBY Chibi, "Nefarious Dreams"

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