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Quotes / Don't Go in the Woods

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Beware, beware, the Forest of Sin
None come out, though many go in.

"Kin ye squeal like a piggy?"

"There's nothing to fear,
People do disappear,
In the dark side of the forest...forest...forest
Now don't get lost,
Or you'll have to pay the cost,
As many have died,
In the dark side of the forest..."
David Somerville, "The Dark Side of The Forest", The Forest (1982) soundtrack

Those who dare to walk in the forest
Be wary, there is trouble abound
A new breed of humanity
Surviving by hunting you down
Cormorant, "Mark the Trail"

Jacob and Elisa had been warned by their parents on numerous occasions never to venture into the Amber Woods after dark or risk some vague and unspoken fate once within the trees, so they didn’t and just played in their front yards instead.
Eric Lorenz, Phoenix, AZ, The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest 2015

"There's evil in the wood..."
William, The VVitch

"After questioning students all day we discovered a possible connection to a drug called Kick that was being smuggled in through the woods. Side note—only bad things happen in the woods. Also abandoned cabins. Basically, nature is a habitat for grade-A weirdos."
Cosmic Ghost Rider, Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #3


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