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Quotes / Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life

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Suddenly Wheatley
Is standing beside you.
You've given me purpose!
I know what I'm for!

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die..."

The wind is moving,
But I am standing still.
A life of pages
Waiting to be filled.
A heart that's hopeful,
A head that's full of dreams.
But this becoming
Is harder than it seems....
Feels like...I'm—
Looking for a reason!
Roaming through the night, to find
My place in this world!
My place in this world...!
Michael W. Smith, "Place In This World"

It's that little flame
That lights a fire
Under your ass.
Princeton, Avenue Q

"Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make bored."

"I realized the most painful thing... That in this world... my existence was not needed."
Haku, Naruto

"What I am offering you, Mister Reese, is a purpose. More specifically, I'm offering you a job. A chance to help people."
Harold Finch, Person of Interest

Finch: [getting treated for a gunshot wound] Why would you ever choose a career where this is an occupational hazard?
Reese: Well, I tried to quit, but some jackass told me I needed a purpose.

"Each of us, at some time in our lives, turns to someone - a father, a brother, a God - and asks, 'Why am I here? What was I meant to be?'"

"I remember your kind, but you seem... different. Unfocused. Hungrier, somehow. I saw you before, but you haven't always seemed so desperate to feed. What is it that has changed? I think that people - living people - know too much. They have learned too much, and what they have not learned, they can create. I think that, perharps, they don't need your lessons anymore. So, of course, you must make yourself a purpose. It is terrible to not have a purpose. It is death."
A Mummy regarding the Begotten, Beast: The Primordial

I know what you're thinking, John, and you're quite mistaken. I'm not ignoring my current circumstances, nor am I dwelling on my past. I'm simply biding my time. I could salvage the transport for parts... making a deep-space signal beacon would be child's play. I could build a hundred things from that mound of Hynerian scrap outside. Trust me, John, if I decide to escape this frozen purgatory, nothing will stop me. I simply have nowhere to go and no one to go to... no purpose worthy of the effort.
Scorpius, Farscape: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

"Sometimes I do things I don't want to do, like I'm being controlled. I feel like if life was a video game, maybe I don't have a good player controlling me. I feel like a loser, but at other times I don't know what to do. I wish I did have someone controlling me, so I wouldn't feel so lost. I don't know what I want. All I know is, when I play video games, I feel like I have a purpose. Why can't life have that?"

It was not considered the thing to look panicked or even especially concerned about graduation, but everything about the world after Brakebills felt dangerously vague and underthought to Quentin. The bored, bedraggled specters of Alice's parents haunted him. What was he going to do? I mean, what exactly? Every ambition he'd ever had in his life had been realized the day he was admitted to Brakebills, and he was struggling to formulate a new one with any kind of practical specificity. This wasn't Fillory, where there was some magical war to be fought. There was no Watcherwoman to be rooted out, no great evil to be vanquished, and without that everything else seemed so mundane and penny-ante.


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