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Playing With / Calling Your Attacks

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Basic Trope: While fighting, a fighter yells what he does as he does it.

  • Straight: Chuck yells out "Flaming Fist" as he punches a dude.
  • Exaggerated: He calls out his attacks for every action, done in the most over-the-top manner and even takes calling attacks as Serious Business, spending his free time inventing new ways to say things.
  • Downplayed:
    • Chuck only says the attack name once or twice, explaining the name to the opponent. Might be part of a Badass Boast.
      Chuck: Wait until you get a taste of my Flaming Fist!
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    • The attack name is subtle enough to be mistaken for normal fighting banter.
    • Chuck mutters it quietly due to force of habit.
  • Justified:
    • He has supernatural or technological attacks which are voice-activated, thus requiring him to yell out their names.
    • Chuck wants the name of the attack to catch on and become renowned and feared for it.
    • Chuck shouts as a way to help focus his attacks.
    • "Everyone else gets to make a lot of cool noises with their guns. I feel a bit left out, so I yell what I'm doing."
    • Chuck needs to give his allies a heads-up on what he's about to do. ("Fire in the hole!")
    • Chuck is taunting an enemy for a plot he foiled while finishing him off.
    • Chuck has so many attacks he has to be specific about which one he uses so his allies can prepare accordingly.
    • Chuck is The Beastmaster, and is verbally commanding his creature to perform a certain attack.
  • Inverted:
    • He shouts out his attack after doing it. ("Dynamic Chop!", for example)
    • Chuck comes up with names for getting injured by others. ("Baboon Leaves Tuckus Exposed.")
    • Chuck yells out the names of his opponents' attacks as they do them or vice versa.
    • The attack is named after what Chuck says. (A combo named Take That!, a Finishing Move named I'll Kill You!, etc.)
  • Subverted: The names Chuck throws out have nothing to do with their attacks.
  • Double Subverted: If you pay attention, they correspond to future attacks.
  • Parodied:
    • Chuck yells out absolutely absurd names.
    • Chuck yells out names that are so long and elaborate ("Avenging Claw of the Jade Dragon That Lies in Wait at Dusk in the Dungeon of Jin etc. etc.") that his opponent gets tired of waiting and strikes him down.
    • Chuck yells out names for even the most mundane of actions. ("Angry Crow Takes Flight!" for a simple jump)
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    • Chuck yells out "FUREIMINGGU FISUTO!!!" as he punches a dude. And he's not even an Anime character.
    • Chuck yells out names for day-to-day activities, even if they're not related to fighting. ("Turn signal.....LANE CHANGE!")
    • Chuck shouts out things like "Normal punch!" for his not-so-special moves.
  • Zig Zagged: Chuck yells out his attack names during fights. Then abruptly gets serious and lets loose with a string of attacks without prior warning.
  • Averted: Chuck doesn't yell the name of his attacks, preferring to use Trash Talk.
    • Chuck does not say anything at all when he attacks, not even his strongest Signature Moves.
  • Enforced:
    • "But if Chuck doesn't call out the attack names, how is the audience going to know what they are? After all, this is a medium where the audience can't see for themselves too well."
    • "But if Chuck doesn't shout the name of his weapon, how will kids know what toy to tell their parents to buy?"
  • Lampshaded: "Chuck, have you considered not yelling out the names of your attacks?"
  • Invoked: "They were just a bunch of punks, so I had to let them know my power somehow to scare 'em all off."
  • Exploited:
    • Chuck calls out attack names at random, instead the one he's using, in order to throw off opponents who expect him to play this trope straight.
    • Chuck calls attacks when facing less experienced opponents for the intimidation factor, but is deathly silent when facing equals.
  • Defied: "It took the Dark Lord years to do it, but he became unbeatable because he did not need to speak to cast his spells."
  • Discussed: "Do they call out their attacks because they're using voice-activated weapons?"
  • Conversed: Why does everyone in this show feel the need to yell out the name of every attack they use? Don't they think we recognize them by now?!
  • Deconstructed:
    • Chuck incessantly yelling his attacks screws him because he's telegraphing his attacks.
    • Chuck has OCD or some other mental illness and has trouble doing anything without speaking it aloud. The few times he tries doing something without speaking results in him botching the move or becoming noticeably disturbed. They later find out it's due to his abusive mentor's training methods and the trauma he experiences during his battles.
    • Chuck is the victim of Talk to the Fist because his Word Salad attack name took too long and talking wasn't a free action this time.
  • Reconstructed:
    • Chuck yells out the names as a way to limit himself to get faster.
    • After his opponent is able to anticipate his attacks, Chuck either starts mixing up the names and attacks or stops shouting names at all to screw with his opponent's head.
    • Chuck calls out the name of his attack, then waits awhile to throw his opponent off guard. When his opponent stops expecting it, Chuck then slams them with the attack.

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