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Name your attacks and shout then every time you use them. It's Stronger that way
Rule Number 16 of the Rules of Super Robot Anime

You're right. Naming and describing every combo move in that fight scene will make it much more exciting.

Akiho: Gunval Upper Cut!
Kaito: Hey Aki? You think you could stop shouting out the attack names?
Akiho: Wha-? Special moves are meant to be shouted out!

Aang earthbends a wall to block him
Aang: Sokka, sneak attacks don't work if you yell them out loud.

"So power up and unleash your finisher move! Just tell us what it's called."
Nico Nico Douga 2 Kirbomix

"This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!
Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!
Take this! My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!
Domon Kasshu, Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Nextwave, Warren Ellis

"640. There is a limit to the amount of adjectives I can add to an uppercut."

Hank: Oh my gods, Yor, I swear, you do NOT need to keep shouting out your attacks! This isn't manga!

Uncle: Thank you for sharing, Angry Crow!

Ryu, Ken, and Sakura, Street Fighter

"SUPREME RULER BURNING HEAT THUNDERING DRAGON ROAR ERUPTING FLASH DEMON TEMPEST RAKAN FIST!!!! No good. The name's too long and it doesn't sound good at all... I'm thinking too much. It needs to be boiled down. I need to make it simpler...Return to the basics and put his name in...hmmm....NEGI FIST! Grgh. That's no good. It still sounds bad and there was no time to use the designated pose. This naming isn't working at all!"
Jack Rakan, while trying to think of a finishing move for Negi, Mahou Sensei Negima!


"Hard To Avoid... AREA ATTACK!"

Philionel: Take this! All Men Brothers, Hand In Hand!
Philionel: Joyful Reunion Bear Hug!
Zelgadis: Those oxymoronic attacks!
Gourry: That's Phil, all right.
Slayers Next

This is an Ukemi!
Critical Super Crash!
Shishigami Ninpo Forbidden Art: FU-RIN-KA-ZAAAAAAANNN!!!
Bang Shishigami, BlazBlue

"I will shoot at him" said the cyberdemon and he fired the rocket missiles.

"Ka... Me... Ha... Me... HA!!!"
Goku, and half of the main cast of Dragon Ball Z

O, brilliant blade of coldest steel...rend the infinite darkness...and CRUSH MY ENEMIES TO NOTHING! SAVAGE WOLF FURY!
Yuri Lowell, Tales of Vesperia

Are they shouting the names of their attacks because they're using voice commands?

Gai: We're going to dock your cockpit into my air unit frame. The call will be "Cross Crash".
Akito: Do I really have to shout that?
Gai: Damn straight!!

Spider-Woman: VENOM BLAST!
Spider-Man: Argh... PAINFUL UTTERANCE! See, Jess? It sounds stupid when you call things out like that. Just sayin'.
Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day 2011

Why doesn't he yell out the moves? "Praying Lotus! Five Fingers of Death! Fist of the Tainted Punch!"
Spider-Man, New Avengers Volume 2 #15 (Fear Itself tie-in)

Saber: EX—! CALIBUR!
Lancer: GAE! BOLG!
Archer: RHO AIUS!
Various Servants, Fate/stay night

Baron Diamond: Diamond Knuckle!
Shadehawk: Oh come on. That didn't deserve a name! It's just a punch!

Iska: It's like calling punch, or kick.
Lloyd: Shut up! It gets me in the mood.

Miroku, InuYasha, on multiple occasions.

I-Have-The-Best-Wife-In-The-Universe SWING!!

For one, the callings out of an attack move like "Rider Kick!" Growing up an Asian kid, this concept is not new to me and is highly acceptable in the Asian culture. But it sounds ridiculous in the American culture because nobody does that. Why would you call out your moves in a fight. Silly right? Power Rangers have been doing this for the last 15 years and it’s still silly.
Steven Wang, Executive Producer of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

[Insert Function Here] Jutsu!
Every Ninja,, Naruto

Deadpool: Speaking of video games, you ever play Street Fighter?
Kitty Pryde: As if—
Deadpool: SHORYUKEN!!!
Deadpool #27

"Wu Tang shouts 'Seven Demon!' and kicks you in the knee. 'Hey!' you say, 'you didn't finish the name of the attack!' 'It's the Seven Demon Kick You In the Knee While You're Waiting For Me To Finish the Name of the Attack," he says, and kicks you again."

Charlotte: Ultimate Technique, Beautiful Charlotte Chuhlhourne's Final Holy Wonderful Pretty Super Magnum Sexy Sexy Glamourous Cero!
Yumichika: That's just a cero!

Wonder-Red: Final Ultimate Legendary Earth Power Super Max Justice Future Miracle Dream Beautiful Galaxy Big Bang...
Wonder-Red: ...Little Bang Sunrise Starlight Infinite Fabulous...
Wonder-Blue: Red...?
Wonder-Red: ...Totally Final Wonderful Arrow...
Wonder-Blue: RED?!
Wonder-Red: Hrm! *socks him* FIRE!

Recoome: KICK!

Tien: Did you catch the name of his attack, though?
Piccolo: I know, right? "Big Bang Attack"?
Nail: (in Piccolo's head) Uhh, I dunno, this comin' from Mr. "Special Beam Cannon"?
Piccolo: Hey, why don't you try coming up with a better name for an attack?
Nail: How about... "Devil Drill Beam"?
Piccolo: What about "Spiral Death Beam"?
Nail: "Doom Laser!"
Piccolo: "Rail Beam!"
Nail: "Nail Gun"?
Piccolo: ...Shit, that's good.
Piccolo: Alright, what about "Regicide Blaster"?
Nail: "Doomsday Crush!"
Piccolo: "Anarchy Barrage!"
Nail: "Taco Tuesday!"
Nail: Eeeehhhh....
Piccolo: Screw you, I'm keeping that one!
[Later still]
Piccolo: "Wind Scar!"
Nail: "Spirit Gun!"
Piccolo: "Bankai!"
Nail: "Rasengan!"
Piccolo: "Gum-Gum Pistol!"
Nail:...That sounds dirty!

Perfect Cell: Oh, how cute, he named it - OH, SHIT! (BOOM)

If the author insists upon my shouting attack names, I will not choose eight-kanji confections with fourteen syllables and no identifiable meaning. I will have attacks with names like "HA!"
...Though I might make an exception for an attack called "Neener-neener-neener."

Koji Kabuto, Mazinger Z

Kagaku ninpou! Tatsumaki fighter!note 
Ken the Eagle, Science Ninja Team Gatchamannote 

"If you called out your technique’s name during a fight, you’d probably get your ass kicked."
Akira Toriyama (ironically)

Yuuhi: How'd you come up with "Heavenly Halberd", Shinonome-san?
Hangetsu: Named it for a Chinese military commander's weapon. It just sounds so cool! And the key thing is making sure it feels good to shout it out!
Yuuhi: ...I guess you do have to shout it, huh?
Hangetsu: Aww, c'mon! Of course! It's your killer technique, after all!
Little Witch Magical Mary: MAGICAAAL~! VIOLENCE GAUNTLET!!
Hangetsu: See?


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