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  • Rampant throughout the post-Zero Hour! Legion of Super-Heroes comics, and probably at least some of the other versions as well. XS in particular is known for developing intense crushes on characters like M'Onel and Cosmic Boy, both of whom are entirely oblivious; meanwhile, XS herself spends a while being completely ignorant of the fact that Dyrk Magz has a crush on her. Eventually she catches on, but they get just about enough time for one date before Dyrk gets Demoted to Extra and then wiped from continuity completely.
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  • Spider-Girl: May Parker was for very long time completely unaware that one of her friends (or more likely, one of her friend's friends), Wes Collins has a crush on her. She was the only person in the entire school who didn't know about this. She got better, but it took a very long time.
  • Despite being able to sense the emotions of others, Teen Titans' Raven seems quite oblivious to Beast Boy's feelings for her.
  • Supergirl:
    • In a Pre-Crisis issue, Supergirl and Zatanna team up to rescue a guy both women have a crush on. Said guy never realized they were interested in him.
    • In her Post-Crisis series Kara had a huge crush on Nightwing. She even kissed him at a point. Nightwing's reaction? "Oh, I'm sure she cannot possibly have a crush on me."
  • The Soviet version of Superman is quite oblivious to Wonder Woman's feelings for him in Superman: Red Son, and it comes back to haunt him later on. It is an all female island of rape victims with a "no boys allowed" policy. It could be he doesn't think her kind would ever have affection for a man.
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  • In spite - or maybe because - the fact that he's possibly the biggest Chick Magnet in The DCU, Nightwing is at times utterly unaware that the girl he's having friendly banter with would like their relationship to go past the Just Friends Will They or Won't They? stage. It might just be professionalism on his part, since practically every single superheroine (and a few of it's villainesses) in the DCU has expressed interest in him at some point. He normally seems at least embarrassed by the sometimes very blatant advances some have made towards him. Despite spending a year flirting with her, Nightwing was somehow oblivious to the sexual tension between him and Oracle until Huntress had to point it out. This happened right after Nightwing and Huntress slept together.
  • In Alex + Ada, it is made very clear that Isabel likes Alex, but the guy is too busy complaining about his ex to notice when she tries to ask him out, and afterwards, he gets too busy to really care, and outright ignores her calls.
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  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic comic issue #9-10, "Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair", Big Macintosh is too focused on his quest to obtain nails for said gazebo to notice that two girls (Fleetfoot and Tealove) have fallen head over hooves for him.
  • Despite having previously been quite a player, Wally West, AKA The Flash, has a habit of this.
    • Before they got together, he didn't recognise that Linda Park was attracted to him, despite the fact he hit on her a few times. It wasn't until Kilg%re, who was possessing Linda at the time, outright told him Linda was attracted to him that he even considered the possibility, but refused to take advantage.
    • When he and Linda did get together, though, he was fully committed to her to the point of Single-Target Sexuality, which was unfortunate for Jesse Chambers, AKA fellow Speedster Jesse Quick, who had a crush on him but didn't meet him until after he'd gotten together with Linda. This caused Jesse quite a bit of angst and lead to her resenting Wally, until she dealt with her issues and the two eventually settled on being Just Friends.


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