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Nightmare Fuel / Voices in the Dark

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  • In "Smashed", the protagonists get addicted to eating honey that their friend brought back from South America. You can eat normal food after you try the honey, but everything else tastes "like shit" compared to it. You're either never satisfied with food again, or you risk being splattered to death at any arbitrary moment you're eating the honey. You'd think people being splattered flat like a pancake would be funny, but... it's not. It's revealed at the end that the honey isn't actually honey but sap from an enormous, moving tree in the Amazon. The tree has huge, flytrap-like branches that move around like tentacles, and can somehow sense when anyone, ANYWHERE, is eating its sap and teleports its limbs to squash whoever's doing it. It's impossible to hide from it.
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  • "Blood Sucking Darkness". A body that is torn to shreds, and the parts scattered all around, should guarantee death, right? Well, not if you have a swarm of bats to act as your circulatory system.
  • "Ghosts of Prime Time": A comedy duo calling itself Kasogare Kintoki (Twilight Money Time) will kill you... with tickle-ghosts! If you're very ticklish, this story can indeed be horrifying. Especially since it's actually true that you can die from laughing too hard (basically, if you don't get enough breath between laughs, you suffocate) or too long (you can't rest, eat, or drink properly while laughing. Death by exhaustion is most likely in this case). Being tickled to death might sound like Narm, but it is possible.
    • There's also something incredibly sinister about the turn the invincible horror takes here. Although it's technically just a case of falsely-achieved success, the idea of these two creepy college kids rising to the top rightfully unafraid of any suspicion or competition, and now being able to reach millions by appearing on TV feels very wrong. With their ability to astrally tickle people, they get success and can eliminate competition. A review of their act makes it clear they've won, as it obliviously notes that since the audience is laughing, they must be funny, and the last panel shows Tasogare Kintoki on TV, gleefully performing with voice and literal spirit to their huge audience.
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  • "I Don't Want to Be a Ghost". Being haunted by ghosts really can suck...but you start to feel sorry for them when your girlfriend eats them. Worse yet, they bleed. A lot. And she very obviously plans on eating your ghost when you die, and is so eager to eat you that she sits there, watching you with wide eyes, just waiting for you to stop breathing...
  • "Greased" could be Ito's most repulsive story, and that says a lot. It's full of downright sickening moments, but one scene - that involves horrible acne - takes the cake. Try finishing the story without taking a break or even without swallowing hard once.
    • To elaborate, the story revolves around a father and his daughter and son, who run a barbecue joint, which results in grease rising from the bottom floor to their living space, making everything in their house- their clothes, the walls, the furniture - covered in a film of grease. As the grease accumulates and he gets older, the son develops horrible acne, which results in him being bullied, so he isolates himself and drinks oil for fun. Eventually, he snaps and pops his zits all over his sister's face, all while loudly proclaiming how he wants to kill her and then everyone else who bullied him.
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    • Even worse, The father kills him to save the daughter, and then serves him in their restaurant to the unassuming customers. Later, he tries to make his daughter drink grease to serve her up in the same way. Eventually, the place closes down due to the grease, and the father begins chopping off his own limbs, presumably to serve them up to an empty restaurant; only for his limbs to bleed oil instead of blood.
    • The helplessness of the situation adds another layer of horror; the daughter is powerless to help her father and brother and acts as the Only Sane Man, being aware of how disgusting their living conditions are, and finding solace in the peaceful mountain side, which is unfortunately ruined after she is traumatized from her brother attacking her. It's hard not to put yourself in her shoes as her father and brother become more isolated and unhinged to the point that she can't even sleep without her dad trying to pour oil down her throat. The story plays out the fear of your family slowly going mad and turning against you, and that's without all of the nasty grease stuff.
  • Binzo Tsujii, master of the Nightmare Face. It all started when our nail-biting antagonist Soichi met his future "wife", a man-eating nightmare of a woman. The result was Binzo, a monstrous child that removes all comedic sympathy for childish Soichi. We first see Binzo eating a lost policeman's leg, and that's just part of the horrific situation. The fact that Soichi fed his parents to his own son out of neglect and has no remorse whatsoever for the deaths of so many others by the monster child further justifies his demise by his wife's hunger as a statement of poetic justice. Of course, its all eventually revealed to be a dream by Soichi himself.

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