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Nightmare Fuel / Junji Ito

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Junji Ito's so very good at this he warrants a page for all of his works and even needs this one for the miscellany.


  • "Billions Alone":
    • The story is about people that are apparently murdered (without a single evidence of the perpetrator) and then sewed. From only two people being sewed, it went to six, twelve, around fifty, then around one hundred, and then the record was topped gloriously with FIVE FREAKING HUNDRED CORPSES SEWN TOGETHER. Just imagine waking up one morning, waiting to enjoy the holiday, only to find parts of the city furnished with hundreds of naked corpses sewn together to look like different kinds of Christmas decorations. There are even a few of them sewn on the Christmas trees.
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    • Then there the Fridge Horror: Since the size of affected groups keeps increasing, eventually the criteria for a "big enough" group may reaches entire cities or even countries. We may very well be looking at an imminent apocalypse, but unlike the apocalypse in another Junji Ito's story, this one happens very slowly and gives the survivors plenty of time to contemplate their inevitable demise.
  • After reading "The Licking Woman", there's a chance you'll want to avoid dark alleys in case some creepy woman tries to lick and poison your body with her pulsating, bloated, pimply, veiny, wriggling, drooling, infected, gigantic tongue.
  • If you were to look at the chained monstrosity in "Mystery Pavillion", you would think it was the hideous offspring between a bird and an Eldritch Abomination. The reality will make you wish this was the case. It's actually a hideous genetically modified now-extinct pelican in the future. If that's not bad enough, the monster eats two onlookers. The man running the pavilion orders the beast to spit them out, which it does, but it's too late for the victims; as soon as they hit the ground, they start MELTING. And they're still alive.
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  • Banette is scary on its own. Banette as drawn by Junji Ito? Terrifying. Gengar's even more terrifying.
  • "Layers of Fear":
  • In Earthbound, the narrator's friend, the Chief of her volunteer group, asks her on a date. She declines and explains she's actually moving to a new apartment which he finds strange as she just moved a short time ago. Later on she reveals to the Chief that the reason she moves between apartments so often is because she was raped in an apartment so she is trying to be on the move constantly so the attacker can't find her a second time. Eventually she learns that Chief was the man who raped her when he ends up petrified by the Earthbound curse in her apartment.


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