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Nightmare Fuel / Fragments of Horror

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  • "Futon" has a moment where we finally see what Tomio's been seeing that frightens him so much. It's even more alien than the ignited gas in Gyo.
  • "Dissection-chan". A woman stalks her former childhood friend (who is studying to be a doctor) and begs him to dissect her alive. It becomes clear at the end that there is more wrong with her than just her mental state. Her "organs" are a still-living mass of flesh and various animal parts.
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  • "Red Turtleneck" features a magical decapitation that will be fatal if the severed head is ever separated from the body. And then we see things like a playing card and a cockroach slipped into the severed neck to try and get the cursed man, Tomio, to lose his grip.
  • "Blackbird" features a disturbing entity with disturbing means, as the titular monster is a bird-woman who feeds a lost hiker... on his own time-travel-harvested flesh.
  • "Magami Nanakuse" makes the human form look alien and uncomfortable when the eponymous author's bizarre "tics" are performed and uncontrollably copied. Oh, and then there's what happens if you try to resist the tics. They all emerge in the face. And it is not pretty.
  • "Wooden Spirit" has the bizarre transformation of the house and its fetishist, the former decaying and getting covered with living eyes, and the latter becoming a wooden carving straddling the rafters with glee.

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