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Fridge / Voices in the Dark

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Fridge Horror

  • In one story, we see that Soichi had a child with the giant woman who ate people and apparently was a fashion model, and who Soichi offended in a previous storyline. We don't know what she did to him, since the narrator ran away at that point. Consider how the Bad Future was All Just a Dream, and then think, what could that woman have done to Soichi, to make him have a dream that he fathered a child with her?
    • In "Rumors", Soichi sees her modeling photos and eventually sees her in real life. He's in awe of her, and so it's very likely he's dreaming of fathering a child with her because he's in love with her.
    • Well, if you think about it, this might actually be a case of Hilarious in Hindsight (or, depending on your view, even Fridge Heartwarming). Souichi being Souichi, it makes sense that’s he’d be the only guy on earth who finds Fuchi cute enough to want to marry her, making it a rather twisted form of Puppy Love.

Fridge Brilliance

  • In "Smashed", the reveal revolves around the 'honey' actually being sap from a sentient tree that squashes whoever it catches drinking the sap. In plants, Sap is effectively the equivalent of blood in animals, circulating around the plant to transport nutrients for use and storage. Now, what other small thing drinks from a much larger thing and risks being squashed if it gets caught? A mosquito, drinking the blood of a human.


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