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Nightmare Fuel / Ultimate Spider-Man (2012)

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"Didn't anyone tell you smoking is bad for you?"

Nightmare Fuel in Ultimate Spider-Man (2012).

  • The pan view of the frozen Asgard in "Field Trip" shows a crying baby and her mother encased in ice.
  • When Peter considers telling Harry he's Spider-Man, the possible consequences of his secret getting out (even ones that aren't as bad as the others) flash by in a terrifying thought-sequence. No wonder Peter's protective of his identity if that's what he thinks might happen.
  • While Venom was no joke in his first appearance, it's in "Venomous" that he actually becomes scary as hell.
    Venom: I will tear your soul into pieces!
    • The Cold Opening, where Venom takes on Batroc the Leaper. Batroc thinks he's fighting Spider-Man, and although frustrated he can't seem to land a hit, treats the whole affair with as much joviality as usual. But when "Spidey" flings him into a wall, Batroc decides to cut his losses and turn himself over to his foe. Nothing happens, and Batroc is clearly afraid as he asks if Spider-Man is going to turn him over to the authorities. Venom growls out, "Not this time." The next morning, Peter sees the news of Batroc nearly being beaten to death.
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  • From "Snow Day", Sandman is surprisingly scary in his first appearance: the Creepy Child act, the way he controlled the whole island, the distortions of his body...
  • Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin is creepy as hell.
  • Carnage is nowhere near as terrifying as he could be, but that constant screaming plus all those SHIELD agents he pulled into the cloud who never came out won't be sweet dreams for the kids watching this.
    • Peter's transformation into Carnage could be considered scary.
  • Nightmare certainly lives up to his name. He even provides the image for this page.
    • Of special mention during the "discovering other people's nightmares" sequence of that episode is Ava's nightmare of getting chewed out for not studying by a nightmare version of Principal Coulson with deeply unsettling proportions. It's especially uncomfortable for any students with test anxiety who've had similar dreams, since it's not trivialized as such fears usually are.
    • Powerman's-man's nightmare also counts. He's shown to be afraid of not being strong enough to protect those around him. How does his mind represent this? By showing him struggling to keep an entire several story building from collapsing on Peter, Ava, Danny and Sam, all Bound and Gagged, unable to save themselves.
  • Deadpool was pretty scary in "Ultimate Deadpool".
    • He wanted to buy Spider-Man's brain for his spider-sense. Think about that.
    • Deadpool only loses his playful personality once throughout the entire episode and his line is terrifying.
    Spider-Man: Are you out of your mind?!
    Deadpool: Totally! But I know that list is going to make some supervillain very happy and that's going to make me very ri-ch! (Suddenly serious) So hand it over and I'll only partially un-alive you.
    • Maybe even more than that is the fact that he doesn't seem to care at all who lives or dies. He was totally cool with selling out every known hero on the freaking planet to the highest bidder. Who knows how many innocents would've died in that crossfire.
  • Venom possessed Fury. We only see him with one eye, and it's not pretty.
    • And then, the Goblin gets infected by Venom.
    • Infected? Try willingly choose to become one with him.Which is arguably worse.
  • From "The Parent Trap". Scorpio's using an unstable formula that gave Luke Cage his powers on himself, transforming into a colossal mass of muscle and absolute power. His defeat at the end combined with his agonizing shriek is something to behold for a show of this nature.
  • The special Halloween crossover with Blade takes a turn into Darker and Edgier territory with the gripping threat of Dracula and his terrifying vampire army.
    • Blade himself is pretty scary. Fangs? Check. Deep sinister voice? Check. Decapitating a helpless vampire onscreen? You got it.
  • The Sinister Six Return; Doc Ock's Powered Armor looked much nastier and creepier than that of the others, but that paled in comparison to the return of the Goblin. Beating up Peter? We've seen him do that before. Getting away from the heroes? Small potato. Him abducting Peter's friends and intending to turn them into horrible monsters? Yeah, this just captures how horribly sick that monster is.
  • Dormammu; he was able to use Cloak's ability to move the mindless ones, capture Iron Fist, White Tiger and even Doctor Strange and give his mind control victim flame eyes and a evil aura like attack!
  • One of the dragons Loki summoned to conquer New York was still bonded to the Venom symbiote when it was thrown through the portal.
  • Spider-Man becoming Savage Spider-man (Aka, Man-Spider). Four arms grow from his waist, and his mouth becomes insect jaws. Eesh.
  • Peter Parker seeing his own headstone. Sure it's in an alternate demension, but his reaction upon seeing it is pretty sobering after all the wacky adventures he had in the other universes. "Whoa" indeed. Also, an nightmarish alternate Goblin was the one who killed the alternate Peter Parker. Seeing how he makes the prime Goblin look like a total wimp, you can imagine exactly how alternate Peter died and have nightmares afterwards.
    • Even worse, the Goblin that killed the alternate Peter Parker is now in this world, and seems pretty determined to finish the job he started. What this means for this world's Peter Parker is anything but good.
  • In the aftermath of Taskmaster and the Thunderbolts' attack on the Tri-Carrier, the Goblin has now has control of the Siege Perilous. The Goblin's true plan is to use Electro's power and goes to different parallel universe to steal the spiderman counterpart's DNA and INJECT HIM ONTO HIMSELF. Not only that it work, it transmute him into Spider-Goblin.
  • As of Season 4, not only has Doc Ock allied himself with HYDRA, but he's forming yet another Sinister Six, starting with returning member Kraven and introducing the Green Goblin...of Miles Morales' universe.
    • Octavius's new look screams Nightmare Fuel. It's based off of his Ends of the Earth design, at the zenith of his state of dying and damn well close to it. While here he doesn't show any signs of passing away, his new armor is gunmetal grey and has glowing red diodes in lieu of his comics' blue/green ones; and instead of an Incurable Cough of Death, he has the HYDRA logo emblazoned on his chest. His tentacles' pincers are also far more menacing than their normal appearance, and he can even summon syringes from their tips. Mad doctor, indeed.
    • He's even worse personality wise. Doc Ock is now more of a threat than he ever was in previous seasons, possibly rivaling, if not toppling Green Goblin. He's already put two of Peter's friends in comas, nearly killed them both, brought in the version of the Goblin that succeeded in killing a Spider-Man, and has completely brainwashed Vulture and Rhino, the Scarlet Spider is his mole to spy on and hurt Spider-Man, his torture of Spider-Man after the reveal (by basically bashing him to a pulp while psychologically taunting him), the creepy vibes he gives off when he captures Aunt May, and his manipulation of Vulture, Rhino, Peter, and Ben. Needless to say this show's making Doc Ock irredeemable compared to his somewhat redeemable character in the comics and the second Raimi film.
  • Imagine Miles' situation in season 4 from his mother's perspective. Your child gets trapped in an alternate universe and not only can you not see him and how he's doing but you're absolutely powerless to bring him back, and have to trust that an alternate universe version of a dead man will be able to help him find a way home.
  • "Iron Vulture", poor Vulture suffers a Fate Worse than Death when Ock uses nanites to take over his mind. Basically making him his slave with no free will of his own. And I Must Scream is at work here. Worse, Rhino is implied to suffer this fate as well at the end of "Double Agent Venom"
  • Like the Carnage symbiote before it the Anti-Venom symbiote is terrifying.
    • The fact that putting Harry in a comatose state was the only way to stop it and the fact that it puts Flash in one as well, shows just how deadly this symbiote really is. And we thought antivenom was the cure not the poison.
    • We might be seeing either one or both soon with three new episodes coming up. Their titles? The Symbiote Saga.
  • The Scarlet Spider after The Reveal that he was the true mole for Ock is Paranoia Fuel. Peter came to trust the Scarlet Spider, even letting him in on his identity and inviting him to a party at Aunt May's—and Scarlet turned out to The Mole as he's the ones who sabotaged Connors's work, he got in close to Peter, learned who he was and about Aunt May—and took glee in the fact that he betrayed Peter and unmasked him in front of Ock.
  • We all feared the day it would happen... and here it is. Carnage has returned and instead of just wanting a host has decided to go Spider-Man: Web of Shadows on all of New York. Oh and this isn't a symbiote bonded with Cletus Kassidy. This is just the Carnage symbiote in general meaning it has no excuse of having a horrible person as its host. This is done all by its own free will. And for fans of the old PS2 game, the same guy who voiced Carnage in that game returns to voice him yet again.
    • And it gets worse from there. Mary Jane, who we haven't seen of much since season 3, gets bonded with much of the Carnage symbiote to become Carnage Queen, and proves to be much stronger than Venom and Anti-Venom. It get's to the point that Peter, Harry, and Flash were forced to reveal their identities to her to give her enough will power to break free from the symbiote. And even then, it's heavily hinted that traces still linger within her. What a way to end the Symbiote Saga.
    • Oh, and at one point, Ock gets bonded to Carnage. That's right - Monster Ock is back.
  • There's a villainous Spiderman going through dimensions and taking the shards of the Siege Perilous and plans to rule all dimensions.
  • KAINE. Just.... EVERYTHING about Kaine and the clones. They feed off the bio electricity of Spider-based heroes that are organic and.... there's so much WRONG with how he talks and acts.

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