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Nightmare Fuel / Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids:
Being co-written by the same folks who wrote classics of the horror film genre such as Re-Animator and From Beyond, it's safe to say that Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is essentially a horror movie for children.

Spoilers are not to be marked on Nightmare Fuel pages. You have been warned.

  • Really, any of the giant creepy-crawlies. It's best not to watch this movie if you're insectophobic. Standouts include:
    • The bee. Imagine being stuck in a flower, having a giant bee coming toward you. Those kids are lucky they didn't get stung, or that would have been EXTREMELY painful. Especially if one of them was allergic.
    • The entire scorpion sequence. The fight between it and Anty is especially horrifying when the scorpion corners Anty, holds him in its pincers and stabs him with its tail. Anty’s terrified cries make it worse since he knows he’s going to die.
      • It becomes even sadder and scarier when you realize that his death cries have been purposefully made to sound like he's screaming: "Help me! Please, help meeeEEEEEE!!!!"
    • Anty's first appearance. While he becomes less frightening once we get to know him, the initial shot of looking down at the camera is quite startling.
  • The kids almost getting chopped to pieces by a lawnmower.
  • Nick almost being eaten by his father after falling into his bowl of Cheerios.
  • Any time the kids are in proximity to their now skyscraper-sized parents, who are hundreds of times larger than them and unable to see or hear their minuscule children. Notably the first time Wayne walks into the attic as the kids are right in front of him on a tiny couch on the floor yelling and screaming at him, his giant foot comes within inches of squishing them. And later, when Nick and Russ Jr. are hanging on the bee yelling at him as he swings a giant baseball bat at them.
  • An early version of the script was going to have five kids and that one of which would die in the sprinkler sequence. Instead, they settled with four kids and one of them, Amy, nearly drowned.
  • In the scene where the "river" of running mud is introduced, Ron suggests "it could be a stream of dog pee and it would look like a river to us." It's never established in that scene whether it is or isn't urine. So when they later end up in it, and Amy chokes some back up after they give her mouth-to-mouth, it is pretty disgusting, especially if you miss Amy's line in the next scene, "Mud is still mud, no matter how small you are."
  • The trailers all featured the scene where Nick, having fallen into his father's cereal, is almost swallowed by him, as he screams "No, Dad! Don't eat me!" with the close-up on Wayne's cavernous mouth. In the movie, this lasts for all of a second before Quark interferes, but in the commercial it just ends with Nick slowly being taken toward his doom.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids:

  • The series had its share of Halloween episodes, but mostly they were pretty tame. "Honey, I'm Spooked" was largely the same, until Amy ends up getting possessed. The spirit distorts her face horribly, alters her voice and in the scene where the possession first happens, gives her a smile from Hell. Perhaps what makes the scene more creepy is that when it happens, Amy is looking after her mother Diane, whom the spirit has caused to regress to childhood. When Amy first turns to her with her horrifying new face, Diane reacts just like any little kid would with a terrified "I want my mommy!"