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Nightmare Fuel / Hook

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  • While Peter, Moira, and Wendy attend the dedication of Wendy's hospital, Hook comes to the real world and abducts the children. This scene itself is fairly unsettling, but it really goes off the charts when the adults return to find the windows smashed, the power cut, and a gash in the wall. Upon going to check on the children, they find the housekeeper Liza, who has an injury on her forehead. When they ask her what happened, her response? "The children were screaming! THE CHILDREN WERE SCREAMING!"
    • The letter that Hook leaves behind is so nonchalant and so cordial, especially in contrast to the children's fear. It was like a party invitation.
      Dear Peter,
      Your presence is required at the request of your children.
      Kindest personal regards,
      JAS Hook
      • What makes it worse - apparently Hook improvised on the fly when he abducted Jack and Maggie. Briefly, there's a gust of wind at the ceremony and Wendy stumbles, knocking over a glass of wine. The implication is that Hook went for her first, then realised there was something better and there was no-one to stop him in the house and changed his plan accordingly.
    • This parallels the original play where the Darlings come back home to find their children's beds empty (they left with Peter Pan). Of course Hook deliberately made their discovery as nightmarish as he could by trashing the house, scraping the wall with his hook and knocking out the housekeeper.
      • Remember in the original play, the children were missing because they chose to leave with Peter, and the whole set up is that Nana breaks free and the parents find the beds empty, something that Wendy herself would know. Here the children were kidnapped and the entire set up is out of a parent's worst nightmare.
      • Worse, it's hinted that the pirates were watching the family from the moment they arrived at the house — possibly even longer, since they not only knew that Jack and Maggie were Peter's children, but the exact night that the family would arrive in London.
        Maggie: The mean, scary man at the window stole [Jack's baseball].
        Peter: There's no mean, scary man.
        Maggie: But he says he's a window washer!
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    • Especially when Peter meets a man that looks like Smee after arriving from Neverland, it gives you all the Fridge Horror mentioned above.
    • All in all, Hook may be just a rather nasty pirate, but the kidnapping scene depicts him more like a demon from hell!
    • Another creepy moment, as Tootles realizes downstairs that Hook is coming, the fearful barking from the dog Nana outside gradually morphs into guttural yells of "HOOK! HOOK!"
      • And when Tootles realizes what's happening, he looks terrified. For a young, energetic Lost Boy, Hook's approach would mean that an exciting adventure is about to unfold; for a defenseless old man, however... Suffice to say, Tootles is very lucky that the Captain was focused on taking Jack and Maggie, and wasn't feeling particularly vengeful that night.
  • Before Peter bursts in for the final battle, Hook is about to pierce Jack's ear for his first earring, how? By driving his hook through Jack's earlobe of course!
    Hook: [B]race yourself, lad. Because really going to hurt.
  • Gutless's punishment for betting against Hook: he's locked in a small chest (the "Boo Box") where the other pirates drop live scorpions on him through a small hatch. And two pirates mock him with "BOO!" upon each scorpion dropped on Gutless. It's truly a horrible way to die.
    • His tormented screams as he flails about futilely fighting for his life really seal the horror of the moment.
      Hook: You made a boo boo, didn't you?
      Gutless: (sobbing) I deed, I deeed...
      Hook: (aside) The Boo Box.
      Gutless: NO! NOT THAT!
  • Captain Hook kills Rufio with the nonchalance of a man opening a letter.
  • The dead crocodile clock (made from the same croc that ate Hook's hand) coming back to life to finish the job by eating Hook alive.
    • What makes the scene especially weird and creepy is the way it comes completely out of nowhere. Neverland may be a fantasy world, but we don't see anything up until then to suggest that the dead can come back to life. Then Hook tears his hook through the crocodile's belly, and the huge, dry, dusty reptile (which must have been dead and stuffed for decades by that time) opens its mouth in a roar and starts breaking free of its support beams...and tilts its head down to look right at the Captain.
  • Hook invokes this on Peter to psyche him out during their duel.
    Hook: You know you're not really Peter Pan, don't you? This is only a dream! When you wake up you'll just be Peter Banning, a cold, selfish man who drinks too much, is obsessed with success, and runs and hides from his wife and children!
    • This scene is helped that Hook currently has said hook pressed to a nearby grindstone which is now throwing a fountain of sparks dangerously close to Peter's head.
  • After Peter spares Hook, the pirate double-crosses him and pins him against the crocodile clock with a short sword, then readies the killing blow.
    Hook: Whenever children read, it will say "Thus perished Peter Pan."
  • The novelization explains that the nature of Neverland messes with one's memories, and staying in one world or the other will result in memories of the other fading. This is why Peter has forgotten his past as Peter Pan, and why he initially forgets his adult memories once he regains his Neverland memories. It's also why Jack is so easily swayed by Hook; his emotional detachment from Peter made it easy for Hook to manipulate him, and by the third day his memories had begun to fade and he really thought he was Hook's son. Imagine what would had happened if he had been there just a few days longer....
  • Peter exploding at his family when they annoy him during his business call, complete with an extremely upsetting Big "SHUT UP!". It's a far cry from the aloof and frustrated but bumbling father Peter's been up to that point, showing an absolute dark Abusive Dad and Child Hater side to him.
  • Hook's manipulation (or attempted manipulation, in Maggie's case) of Peter's children. Although the classroom scene has its funny moments, it's also quite unsettling because Hook plays off on insecurities that many young children, not just Jack and Maggie, probably experience; that their parents maybe don't like them or don't want to spend time with them. In particular, some of the things Hook says to Maggie:
    Hook: Before you were born, your parents would stay up all night together...just to see the sunrise. Don't be frightened. Maggie, before you were born, they were happier. They were free.


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