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Awesome / Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

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     Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 
  • Antie's Heroic Sacrifice to save the children from the attacking scorpion.
  • Russ swimming headfirst into the mud in a desperate effort to save Amy from drowning.
    • Actually, Russ has plenty of these moments to himself, actually clinging onto a bee that inadvertently lifts Nick into the air and doing everything he can to keep him alive as they're zooming madly around the yard.
  • Quark finally standing up to the Thompson cat, who's been chasing and harassing him all film. He has the kids on his back, and he wants the cat to get out of the way, now.
    • Followed up by Quark being the one to stop Wayne from accidentally eating Nick.

     Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves 
  • Wayne hotwires the speakers so Gordon can use them as a microphone to communicate with the kids. He impersonates God to berate the uninvited kids for their "outrageous behavior", calls out the head boy by name, and intimidates them into leaving the house. Silly, but awesome. Also, points to Wayne for a great and effective plan.
  • Jenny manages to snag two pretty boss moments. When her crush grabs her and plants a Forceful Kiss on her, she shoves him away while telling him off and when he tries to claim, "I thought that's what you wanted.", informs him that he should have asked and then let her decide what she wants. Then when her brother Mitch collapses due to the shock of seeing his shrunken aunt and mother, Adam remembers that bananas have potassium (a major ingredient in Mitch's meds) and Jenny manages to get him awake by cutting pieces small enough to actually be useful.