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Nightmare Fuel / Halloween

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Beware the Boogeyman...
Films with their own Nightmare Fuel pages:

  • The theme music. Quietly chilling and suspenseful, just waiting for a slasher to appear.
  • The fact that Michael Myers isn't just some psycho-killer wearing a mask. The mask shows his true side, a soulless Shape who forsake his humanity, and who kills anyone in its path.
    • And unlike his fellow slasher villains who either became more Affably Evil or goofy as time went on, Myers stayed the same. He stayed the same evil force from the first film to the last.
      • Well, until the Zombie films, anyway.
      • Hell it took the SECOND movie for Michael to become silly as the first one showed him as an almost even WORSE force of nature than the first one with a higher body count.
    • There's also one fact: The times Michael is shown without his mask..he's just an average person. It showcases the idea, especially during the eighties involving other known legends like Jason or Freddy that Michael didn't need to look hideous or deformed. Being human just can be as bad.
    • Adding to the above, while Michael is believed to be human...John Carpenter disagrees. He has said that Michael murders not because of some sort of tragic past or even some mental issue...he just kills because he does so, even saying that Michael is just "pure evil". Which begs the question... what could have driven Michael to become evil.
  • The Soundtrack Dissonance. The damn soundtrack dissonance! Especially the way Halloween H20 uses it to call back to Halloween II. This series will ruin Mr. Sandman for you.