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Nightmare Fuel / Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later

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  • Jimmy's death. Marion Chambers comes into his room to make sure he's okay, only to find his corpse in a chair with an ice skate in his face.
  • The rather unnerving scene early on in which a mother and her young daughter stop at a remote location to use a public restroom, and are forced to use the men's room. The mother hears someone else enter and peeks through the crack of the stall and sees Michael. The situation itself -- being in a vulnerable position in the middle of nowhere with your child only to be confronted by an eerie stranger in a mask -- is scary enough. Especially when Michael looks in the mirror, clearly sees the mother watching him, and watches her for a moment. It's easy to see why the mom freaks out when her daughter starts screaming after she loses sight of Michael. Luckily, it was only spiders and all Michael does is steal their car.
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  • Charlie reaching into the garbage disposal to get the corkscrew while Michael lurks in the background. The scene milks the suspense, making the audience think he's about to lose his hand in a scene of spectacular gore. Only for him to finally pull the corkscrew loose, Michael has vanished, and everything's okay. Then he turns to leave and runs right into Michael. We're treated to a crazy shot of Charlie's startled reflection trapped in Michael's eye as he stares daggers into him.
    Charlie: ... Hi.
  • What Michael does to Sarah. He repeatedly stabs her in the back, and then strings her up for the others to find. To wit, when the lights are turned on, you could see directly through her body.
    • Sarah's attempt to escape Michael in a dumbwaiter ... which contains her dead boyfriend, Charlie. As soon as she gets upstairs, Michael slashes the rope, bringing the dumbwaiter down on Sarah's leg as she gets out, horrifically twisting it. She tries to feebly crawl away, but only makes a few feet before Michael is already upstairs and advancing on her...
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  • As they're being chased by Michael, there's a very suspenseful scene where John and Molly are trapped in the very narrow space between a locked gate and a door that won't open. As soon as Michael gets to the gate, he reaches through with his knife and starts aggressively slashing at them, their faces just inches out of reach as they flatten themselves against the locked door. Then he finds the ring of keys they dropped...
  • The last 15-20 minutes of the movie, when it drops the Scream-like tone and becomes a true-blue horror film.
    • The scene where Laurie hides under a table, with Michael on top, ready to strike as soon as she emerges from underneath.
    • The scene where Michael begins to wake up while in the back of Laurie's van.

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