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Nightmare Fuel / Halloween (2007)

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  • The death of Wesley Rhodes, the asshole who bullies Michael. Yes, he's a dick, but he's still just a kid. He's ambushed, then beaten to death with a big branch, all while bleeding, crying, a begging Michael to stop. And then you realize he probably has a parent waiting for him at home...
  • Ronnie's death. Sure, no one feels bad for him, but imagine being taped up, unable to call for help or move, then your throat is slit and you're stabbed repeatedly in the chest and face.
  • Judith's death. She berates her brother for being creepy and ends up receiving a fucking knife in her stomach. It doesn't end there; she then goes out into the hallway, limping and screaming for help before Michael viciously stabs her several more times.
  • On the last visit Deborah had with Michael, she and Loomis talk in private while Michael sits alone. A nurse passes by and proceeds to make a light joke about the photo Michael has of his little sister. Michael then proceeds to stab her with a fork. But that's not the part that is the reason it's added to this page: When Deborah tries to pull Michael off the woman, he turns to her snarling and then sporting a manic smirk on this face, with Deborah finally realizing her son was far from the most innocent kid that she thought it was. It's no wonder she commits suicide afterwards.
  • When Michael attacks Annie. Thankfully, she doesn't die, however what Michael does to her is really terrifying. She's getting freaky with Paul, until Michael stabs him, and after she fails to escape him is stabbed herself multiple times in the chest area and left bleeding and crying on the floor; and she's topless during all of this. What's worse is that this is Danielle Harris getting brutalized, who longtime Halloween fans know as the actress for Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 and 5, making all this even more uncomfortable.
    • When Laurie finds Annie, she runs into the house to call 911. The minute she's out of the room, Michael emerges behind the open front door, having been standing there the whole time. He slowly follows Laurie while Annie tries to warn her, but because of her injuries she can do nothing but tearfully scream Laurie's name.

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