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Nightmare Fuel / Halloween III: Season of the Witch

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Happy happy Halloween! Silver Shamrock!

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Silver Shamrock's robotic employees. Throughout the film, they gruesomely murder whoever threatens to expose Conal Cochran to the world...or simply hates the company. Teddy in particular gets a power drill to the brain for discovering that they're not human.
    • They are absolutely silent — at many times of the movie, a character turns, and boom, there they are, with that piercing synthesizer chord blaring....
  • The practice run on the Magic Pumpkin commercial. The spell in the seal triggers and messily rots away Buddy's kid's head as he holds it in silent agony. As the kid falls dead, a huge swarm of snakes and insects is released from what was his mouth, which eventually kill Buddy and his wife.
  • The sequence of all those kids throughout America on Halloween, buying and wearing Silver Shamrock masks as company vans drive through neighborhoods reminding them about "the big giveaway." Including Dan's own kids. All while the commercial jingle plays in the background. You just know most, if not all, of those kids are going to die that night. It's probably one of the most chilling sequences in the entire movie.
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  • The fact that at the end, Conal probably won when you consider the Fridge Logic. The commercial was set to air around the U.S., and we have different time zones, meaning at least one timezone will have all its kids killed.
    Dan: STOP IT!
  • Conal Cochran himself manages to be more horrifying than his own robots. The amused way he talks about murdering millions upon millions of children as the best kind of joke on them.
    • His lecture on Halloween and what he feels it actually is is equally chilling. It makes you think that - beyond it being a great joke on the children, he's taking out his bitterness over what Halloween has become: a commercialized mess just like Christmas.
  • The "misfire." Marge discovers the chip hidden inside a Silver Shamrock trademark on one of the masks and removes it, prompting a laser beam to fire out out and strike her in the face, tearing her lips off and exposing her teeth.
    • She's also still alive and struggling to breathe as - foreshadowing the later test run - a large cricket emerges from her mouth.
    • Becomes Fridge Horror if you consider that plenty of other people have probably messed with a mask over the last few days, if they were sold all across the country.
  • The death of Grimbridge at the hospital. The robot thug pinches his nose bridge hard enough to crush it, then pulls it outward, causing his entire face to become convex, bulging outward at a weird angle.

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