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Michael's Relatives

    Judith Myers 

Judith Myers

Played By: Sandy Johnson

Appearances: Halloween

Michael's deceased older sister and his very first victim.

  • Adaptation Expansion: In the 1979 novelization, she has a bit of extra characterization before her death and has a short chapter focused on her and her boyfriend.
  • Covert Pervert: In the 1979 novel, she is portrayed as a Seemingly-Wholesome '50s Girl who dresses in a collegiate style and acts coy and cute, but has gone "all the way" with her boyfriend numerous times and goes out of her way to avoid appearing "fast".
  • Flat Character: Her only interaction with a named character is her (understandably) yelling at Michael when he walks in on her topless, before he kills her. Beyond that, very little of her personality is shown.
  • Hidden Buxom: According to her boyfriend, Danny, from the 1979 novelization, Judith has a much larger chest than her sweater shows. It's a good metaphor for her personality.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She was only wearing panties when Michael killed her. In the 1979 novel adaptation, the chapter featuring her has her in various states of undress and, later, having sex with her boyfriend.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: Her death opens the first film. Afterwards, Michael is sent to Smith's Grove Sanitarium until he escapes 15 years later.
  • Sex Signals Death: She is killed just after getting it on with her boyfriend and is still half-nude when Michael kills her. In the 1979 novel, it's suggested that the voice of Enda encouraged Michael to do it precisely for this reason, as Michael feels a "poisonous rage" at the thought of Judith and her boyfriend doing it that's implied to be a remnant of Enda's sexual jealousy.
  • Sexy Sweater Girl: In the 1979 novel adaptation, she puts on a preppy outfit with a sweater, but is still portrayed as a flirty Ms. Fanservice character even while wearing it.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: In the 1979 novel, Michael stabs her so many times that she's reduced to an unrecognizable lump of flesh, and keeps going long after she bleeds out and dies. The coroner counts 31 stab wounds, but Michael estimates he stabbed her at least 50 times.

    Jamie Lloyd 

Jamie Lloyd/Jamie Carruthers

Played By: Danielle Harris (4 and 5) and J.C. Brandy (The Curse)

Appearances: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers | Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers | Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

"He'll never die."

Nine-year old orphan daughter of Laurie Strode, who is Michael's main target throughout Halloween 4 and 5.

  • Aborted Arc: Quite a few.
    • The fourth film's ending of Jamie stabbing her stepmother led to considerations to have her replace Michael and be the main antagonist of the fifth film. This idea was rejected by series producer Moustapha Akkad, who felt that the then twelve-year-old Danielle Harris would not be convincing as a killer (it must be pointed out that this was long before things such as Columbine and Esther) but also could not replace her since he had promised she would come back to play the character in the sequel to 4.
    • Daniel Farrands wanted a script where Jamie survives the sixth film and in a seventh film, which would be a sequel unlike the eventual H20, she would be hunted down by Haddonfield civilians and offered as a sacrifice for Michael's crimes, only to be saved by her mother. Akkad rejected this script because he believed Jamie Lee Curtis would never come back to the Halloween franchise.
    • After H20 and Resurrection, a movie centered around introducing Jamie into the franchise's second timeline was considered. It would have had Jamie fight Michael at the start and be taken to a hospital, where a nurse would botch her blood storage by giving some of her blood to other people there, who Michael would target since they were now technically part of his bloodline.
  • Adapted Out: Laurie's first child does not make an appearance in any of the timelines after the original one. Even when older versions of Laurie appear with children, they are never her. This would have been justified if H20 had followed through its original purpose of being set after Curse, which depicted Jamie's death, and included a planned scene of Laurie vomiting after hearing of her daughter's murder.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Jamie shows this when, after Rachel is rendered unconscious and Michael begins pursuing her from the Meeker house, she runs down the street begging for someone to help her. Later, after Loomis gets thrown through a glass door by Michael at the schoolhouse, Jamie knocks on the other doors begging for someone's aid.
  • All for Nothing: In the fifth film, Jamie sneaks out of the clinic to find Tina before Michael does. Not only does she find Tina after Michael kills her friends, Tina dies anyway. Also her efforts to stop Michael by helping Loomis, although successful in stopping him for the night, are revealed to have been fruitless in keeping him incarcerated as the Man in Black gets him out later that night.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: She's bullied at school because of her deceased mother and Serial Killer uncle.
  • Alone with the Psycho: Twice with Michael.
    • This is the case when Jamie runs from Michael as he incapacitates Loomis by throwing him through a glass door in Halloween 4. A crying Jamie looks around and it appears Michael has left her alone, only to see him standing in a corner with his knife. Their alone time is cut short by Rachel, who is able to get Jamie away from him.
    • In Halloween 5, Michael kills Charlie Bloch, the officer assigned to protect Jamie. He stalks Jamie throughout the Myers house without any opposition and she even makes a last second move to save herself when she addresses him as "Uncle" and asks to see his face. Loomis comes to her rescue and she is with either him or officers anytime she's with Michael for the rest of the film.
  • Ambiguous Situation:
    • Her psychic powers allow her to see when Michael is killing someone. Yet when she discovers Rachel's corpse, she is surprised. This could mean she either did not see the killing in this instance, with her powers only making the murders clear in certain instances, or she did not want to believe Rachel was really dead until she saw the body.
    • The sixth film reveals that the Man in Black was responsible for getting Michael to kill his family so that he could maintain his superhuman abilities. It is unclear if Wynn tried to get Jamie to follow down her uncle's path when it appeared he was dead, as he would later try doing with Danny in the sixth film.
  • And Then John Was a Zombie: The big twist at the end of 4 is that Jamie, the child running away from her murderous uncle, attempts to (and seemingly succeeds until the following film reveals otherwise) kill her stepmother at the end of the film.
  • Animal Lover: She is shown with a pet that she is very fond of in both 4 and 5. Both end up murdered by Michael, and she even stumbles across the corpse of the one in the fifth film.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Michael. While Loomis is always on the latter's trail and continues to try and stop him, killing Jamie is Michael's actual goal and his return to Haddonfield is centered on getting to her. Jamie is plagued with nightmares of him and his actions in the original and second films loom over her as she is mocked for being related to him. In 5, Jamie's animosity toward Michael increases due to his murder of Tina, who she tried to save, and the mere confirmation by Loomis that he may be able to kill Michael is enough to get her to want to go along with his plan. Even after the franchise's multiple Canon Discontinuity sequels that introduce several new protagonists, she remains the only character besides Laurie that Michael stalks for multiple films.
  • Audience Surrogate: Jamie is the sympathetic, normal kid who the audience can easily identify with.
  • Ax-Crazy: Shortly after becoming possessed by Michael, she loses any semblance of innocence or morality and stabs her stepmother. When confronted by Loomis, Rachel, Meeker, and her stepfather, all she does is stare at them and breathe heavily.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: The youngest member of the Carruthers family.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Her death in the theatrical cut of Curse sees her extending her hands to Michael and the latter reaching out to her in an apparent callback to his moment of humanity towards her in 5. Instead, he presses down on her to further her pain.
  • Became Their Own Antithesis: Jamie is depicted in 4 as praying for her stepmother (among other loved ones), being protected by Loomis and law enforcement, and being targeted by her serial killer uncle. The film's ending features her stabbing her stepmother, Loomis aiming a gun at her after this (before Meeker knocks it out his hand), and Jamie seemingly becoming the new killer.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: The reason Jamie cares so much for Tina. Tina would regularly come to visit her in the year between 4 and 5, even at the expense of her romantic relationship with Mike. At a time when she was alienated for both being related to Michael and stabbing her stepmother, Jamie became very fond of Tina in that time together.
  • Being Good Sucks: She gets hit with this trope severely in Halloween 5. First, she is still dealing with the fallout of stabbing her stepmother while possessed by Michael and has to see the current activities of the man who put her where she is now thanks to their psychic link. She also gets blamed for the attack despite it being out of her control. Then Rachel dies and after she goes out of her way to stop the same thing from happening to Tina, she dies too.
  • Being Watched:
    • In 4, Jamie and Rachel are separated when the latter is confronted by Brady after she discovers his cheating on her with Kelly and Jamie goes off with some schoolmates to continue trick-or-treating. Jamie looks around for Rachel, and in feeling that she is being watched, warns whoever is looking at her that she has a dog with her. Her fears are partly confirmed when Michael is revealed to have been close by when her and Rachel reunited and are taken away from the area by Meeker and Loomis. This happens again when she's in the schoolhouse after Loomis is dispatched by Michael, who she initially does not see upon running away from. Feeling that she's been observed, she looks around until finally spotting Michael staring at her in a corner with his knife drawn.
    • In 5, her feelings of being observed are amplified thanks to her telepathic link to Michael and she runs out of her room when incorrectly believing he is outside of the clinic.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Jamie is a nice kid who is loving to her stepfamily and anyone else that is decent to her. This makes it all the more surprising when she stabs her stepmother, who had no way of seeing the attack coming until it was too late. In addition, after Michael murders Tina she goes along with Loomis's plan to kill Michael.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: Jamie manages to evoke this twice. In her Michael-possessed state at the end of 4, she no longer speaks but is very dangerous, overpowering her stepmother and nearly killing her. In 5, although she is reluctant, her new telepathic link to Michael makes her his greatest threat because she can see where he is at any time and only chooses to not tell Loomis seemingly out of a desire to keep herself safe from her uncle.
  • Big Damn Reunion: She shares a big hug with Tina after the pair are reunited at the clinic following the police getting Tina away from Michael, who was disguised as the latter's boyfriend and driving his car.
  • Birds of a Feather:
    • With Billy. Both children are institutionalized, have some speech issues, and are generally not shown to have many friends.
    • Although the narrative doesn't focus much on it, she seems to have this with Dr. Loomis after 4, as both are among the few who know that Michael is still alive. By extension he's one of the few who takes her warnings about Michael seriously and tries to act on them when she supplies him with information. Notably when she breaks out of the Cult of Thorn's clutches at the start of Curse, Loomis is the one she tries contacting for help.
  • Blatant Lies: When left alone after being separated from Rachel, Jamie hears a noise and warns whoever it is that she has a big dog that bites with her.
  • Blessed with Suck: While her telepathic connection to Michael in 5 would be of service to anyone trying to catch the latter, they are a disservice to his terrified niece who thanks to them, is made aware of every single murder he commits.
  • Blood from the Mouth: The theatrical cut of 6 has Jamie bleeding from the mouth after Michael impales her.
  • Blood-Splattered Warrior: The reveal that Jamie stabbed her stepmother shows her clown costume covered in the latter's blood and holding the blood-stained scissors that she used to attack her.
  • Book Ends:
    • Jamie's first and last scenes in Halloween 4 feature her in the Carruthers house at night. The first scene has her staring outside and talking to Rachel about her vulnerabilities with regard to not feeling loved like a real sister. The last scene, after Jamie stabs her stepmother, features her standing in place showing no emotion, a complete contrast of her earlier vulnerability.
    • The first scene of the original film has Michael stab his sister after the viewer watches from his perspective and ends with him silently holding his weapon. The last scene of the fourth film has Jamie stabbing her stepmother after the viewer watches from her perspective and ends with Jamie silently holding her weapon.
    • Jamie's first and last scenes in Halloween 5 feature her alone and in distress in relation to Michael. The first scene is her waking from bed after Michael has killed the hermit that took care of him for a year. The last scene is Jamie standing and crying in the police station after seeing that the officers have been murdered and Michael is free again.
  • Boom, Headshot!: In the Producer's Cut of Curse, Dr. Wynn shoots her in the head.
  • Born Unlucky: Her very existence as a member of the Myers family is the sole reason Michael wants her dead. She also gets mocked for her mother's death, which was similarly out of her control.
  • Boyish Short Hair: She cut her hair short in the six years with the Cult of Thorn.
  • Big "NO!": She gives two out firstly when Michael murders Tina in front of her and secondly when she sees Rachel's corpse in the Myers house in Halloween 5.
  • Break the Cutie: Two films worth of being hunted by her evil uncle leave Jamie traumatized and broken, culminating in her abduction and death in the sixth film, and this is after she lost both her adopted sister and her best friend in the fifth film.
  • Breeding Slave: The Cult of Thorn forces her to have a baby as part of their studies into the power of Thorn and seeing if they can replicate Michael's pure evil.
  • Bridal Carry: Jamie gets carried this way by Rachel after she saves her from Michael at the schoolhouse in 4.
  • Bully Magnet: When Jamie is not trying to avoid being murdered by her uncle, she gets made fun of for being related to him by kids at her school in 4 and becomes a pariah for his possession of her in 5.
  • The Cameo: Jamie, along with the Thorn symbol and a scarred Loomis, appears in an H20 timeline comic where an adult Tommy Doyle draws the events of 4 to 6 as a comic story.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: During the scene where Jamie has a convulsion after Michael picks up Tina, she cannot form the words to tell Loomis and the others where she is.
  • Can't Get Away with Nuthin': She refuses to help Loomis look for Michael by using her psychic powers. Because of this he's not there to help her when she's attacked by Michael and Tina sacrifices herself for her.
  • Character Development:
    • Although terrified of Michael through all of her appearances, the level of fear she has for him decreases significantly between the fourth and fifth films, as she always ran away from him in the fourth film while she speaks directly to him and tries touching him in the fifth one.
    • She also goes from believing he can die to no longer thinking this after seeing him survive the shooting Meeker and the other cops give him in the fourth film and the abuse he takes from Loomis in the fifth.
  • Characterization Marches On: Halloween 4 ends with Jamie stabbing her stepmother and a silent, remorseless Jamie seemingly being set up as the new killer of the franchise. The next film reveals that she was under the possession of her uncle and she never shows any signs of villainy again.
  • Cheated Death, Died Anyway: Jamie survives multiple killing sprees by her uncle, who is explicitly killing to get to her, and is unharmed when they are kept together by the Cult of Thorn...just to die hours after escaping.
  • Cheerful Child: Jamie shows this during Halloween 5, as she smiles when Tina comes to visit her and is shown to be very happy when getting a new costume.
  • Children Forced to Kill: Michael possessing her forces Jamie to stab her stepmother.
  • Clothing Damage:
    • In Halloween 4, her clown costume gets ripped on the side while Michael is trying to get to her at the Meeker house.
    • Her pink dress in Halloween 5 gets ripped up while she is running from Michael as the latter drives a car.
  • Color Motif: Pink. Her pajamas and shirt in 4, and her shirt and Halloween costume in 5 are all this color.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: To Laurie.
    • Laurie is a teenager; Jamie is a child.
    • Laurie was depicted with multiple friends of her own age while Jamie is not seen with any friends of the same age (at least until the fifth film).
    • Laurie protected herself from Michael; Jamie is protected from Michael.
    • Laurie did not wear a costume for Halloween while Jamie does.
    • Laurie started off not knowing she was related to Michael while Jamie started off knowing Michael was her uncle.
    • Although they both encounter Dr. Loomis, Laurie only meets Loomis twice, and both times at the end of the film in the first and second movies; Jamie meets Loomis multiple times throughout the fourth film.
    • While both know the sheriff's daughter, Laurie is friends with Annie while Jamie is neutral toward Kelly.
    • Laurie dies in a car accident after spending her last years with no torment from Michael; Jamie dies at Michael's hands after spending six years hidden away with him.
    • Laurie did not have a child until she was an adult while Jamie had one as a teen. And while both become mothers, Laurie has a daughter while Jamie has a son.
  • Cool Mask: The mask she wears in 4 covers her eyes and has a red nose, though she only wears it once before the ending.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Her death in the theatrical cut of Curse can come off as this. First she gets impaled by a corn thrasher, and then when it appears that Michael may have an ounce of humanity for his dying niece, he pushes her further back. And to top things off, he presses a button to make the machine tear through her insides as she screams in pain.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Inverted as she has brown hair and brown eyes, which are both natural in real life.
  • Cute Is Evil: What the town of Haddonfield believes her to be in 5.
  • Cute Mute: For most of 5, the trauma of the events of 4 have rendered her unable to speak. She's still a cute kid, though.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Seeing Michael survive getting shot and blown up by the police in 4, and later repeatedly being struck by Loomis in 5, led her to believe he would never die.
  • Damsel in Distress: Due to her young age in 4 and 5'', she often has to be protected from Michael by Loomis, Meeker, Rachel, and a plethora of other Haddonfield officers and citizens.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She can be pretty snarky at times.
    • In Halloween 4, she says this to Rachel when she doesn't want to babysit Jamie.
      Jamie: I'm sorry I ruined everything. If I wasn't here, you can go out.
    • And in the ending of Halloween 5, where the police lock up Michael in a maximum security facility.
      Sheriff Ben Meeker: He'll stay 'till the day he dies.
      Jamie: He'll never die.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: In 4, she speaks highly of her parents and misses them.
  • Decoy Protagonist: The sixth film starts with her screaming and being pursued by Michael while appearing to set up that Tommy and Dr. Loomis are going to come to her aid. Instead, she dies in the first act and the film focuses on the latter two, Kara, and Danny.
  • Defiant Captive: We don't see much of her time with the Cult of Thorn, but we see her curse the Man in Black and escape with the help of a midwife.
  • Defiant to the End: In the theatrical cut of 6, Jamie tells Michael that he cannot have her son as her last words.
  • Demoted to Extra: After the fourth and fifth films chronicle her avoiding Michael's attempts to kill her, she is killed in the first act of the theatrical cut of The Curse.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Crosses it by the end of Halloween 5. The third act of the film starts with Tina's death, Jamie finding the corpse of Rachel, and realizing Michael has escaped from incarceration right after being put behind bars. All she can do is stand in place and cry.
  • Determinator: From an early age, she resists getting murdered by Michael as hard as she can, including hiding, running, and dodging his attacks.
  • Didn't See That Coming: She was surprised to see Michael for the first time when she was getting her costume (and he was reassembling his own).
  • Doom Magnet: Being the niece of of evil incarnate means having almost everyone that is around you or tries to protect you get killed. By the end of her life, Jamie left her foster parents with two dead daughters, Loomis with the guilt of knowing he could not protect her from Michael and the Cult of Thorn, and her son without a mother. The most heartbreaking thing of all is that if she had not been adopted, Rachel would have lived, as she never would have protected Jamie and thus become a target for Michael through her intervention. This also means Tina would have lived, given that Michael only followed her to get to Jamie.
  • Dreaming of Things to Come: 4 starts with Jamie having a dream of Michael appearing in her home and trying to kill her. Not only does Michael awaken and try to kill her, he even briefly enters her home, but for the purpose of confirming her identity as his niece.
  • Dying Alone: In Curse, Michael fatally impales Jamie and leaves her to die as he continues his pursuit of her child.
  • Easily Forgiven: While random Haddonfield citizens don't trust her, this is the case with Rachel and Dr. Loomis, who are convinced she only stabbed her stepmother because of Michael controlling her at the time.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: She's quite pale, has dark hair, and comes off as quite creepy at times in the fifth film.
  • Emotion Suppression: Jamie stands wordless after stabbing her stepmother, apparently indifferent to what she has done.
  • Establishing Character Moment: In the fourth film, we're introduced to Jamie as she stares out a window and she asks Rachel if she loves her like a real sister, showing her insecurity over the loss of her birth parents and lack of a place of belonging.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: After stabbing her stepmother, a knife holding Jamie sees Loomis downstairs. One would think if she is now fully evil, she would attack him. Instead she lowers her weapon and just stares at him as he screams in horror. It can be implied that she did not attack him because she was grateful for his efforts to save her that night.
  • Experienced Protagonist: In 5, Jamie remembers how evil Michael was from the previous film and this motivates her to try and keep Rachel and Tina safe with warnings on the part of her new powers.
  • Exploring the Evil Lair: Throughout the series, Michael goes back to the Myers house. In 5, while she is fleeing Michael, Jamie looks around and sees the coffin that Michael stole from a cemetery and is planning to put her in if he successfully kills her. She also sees the corpses of Tina's boyfriend Mike, her dog, and Rachel.
  • Expy: Of Tommy Jarvis from Friday the 13th. Both are children characters introduced in the fourth installment of their series who have an older sister that protects them from a silent killer. They play an instrumental role in the defeat of the villain and the film they're introduced in ends with it appearing that they will follow in the footsteps of the now-deceased antagonist.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Subverted. The ending of Halloween 4 depicts Jamie as having begun to follow in her uncle's footsteps as a new murderer before the following film reveals she was just under his possession.
  • Fall Guy: She becomes this in 5 by virtue of being blamed for her stepmother's stabbing despite Michael doing it while possessing Jamie. While some such as Loomis and Rachel know the truth, most others are either unconvinced or blame her for anything Michael does due to their familial bond.
  • Failure Hero: Her status at the end of 5. She fails to save Rachel or Tina from Michael, and her efforts to help the latter's capture are short-lived as he's busted out by the Man in Black right as she gets ready to depart the police station.
  • The Farmer and the Viper: The Carruthers adopted Jamie after her parents died and treated her like their own daughter, even catering to her emotional issues that arose from her relation to Michael.For their kindness, at the end of 4, Jamie stabs Darlene and her husband gets to see his stepdaughter covered in his wife's blood.
  • Final Girl: Of Halloween 4 (shared status with her foster sister Rachel) and 5.
  • Freak Out: Happens a few times.
    • She has one after her nightmare of Michael coming in her room to grab her, requiring the Caruthers to dash to her aid and comfort her.
    • After Michael kills everyone in the Carruthers house, and she thinks Rachel is dead from trying to save her, Loomis finds her outside as she cries over what's happened.
    • Jamie is reduced to tears by Tina leaving to go to the party instead of listening to Jamie's warnings about Michael and staying with her.
    • After Michael fatally stabs Tina, Jamie tearfully repeats Tina's name until Billy drags her away all the while Tina is urging her to run, all while the poor girl is still uttering Tina's name and it gets worse when she sees Tina's lifeless body get carried into an ambulance.
    • When she finds the body of Rachel in the Myers house and lets out a scream of terror. It's made worse by the fact that Jamie tried to warn her about Michael being in their house and the last time they spoke, Rachel assured her she was fine.
  • Friendless Background: In Halloween 4, Jamie is never shown being friendly or getting along with her classmates who tease her for her relation to Michael and her mother's death. It can be inferred she was still made fun of for being related to Michael when Laurie was still alive and they used the latter's death as another excuse to pick on Jamie. It gets worse in Halloween 5 after she stabs her adopted mother and is a town pariah with Billy being her only friend that is actually her age and her only other friend being the older eccentric party girl Tina.
  • Friendly Enemy: She can come off this way to Michael in 5. Despite going along with Loomis' plan after the latter says he thinks he can kill Michael, she still calls the latter her uncle and tries to speak to him calmly and touch his face. In Curse, after being impaled by Michael, she even reaches out to him with both hands in a last-ditch effort to appeal to his humanity.
  • The Friends Who Never Hang: Implied to be the case with her and Tina's friend Samantha. Samantha knows who Jamie is and that Tina visits her, but never is shown visiting her in 5.
  • Foil:
    • To Dr. Loomis. Both of them are connected to Michael in some way. However, Loomis is not related to Michael and has years of experience with him. Jamie in contrast is related to Michael and had never met him before the events of the fourth film. Michael never targets Loomis and is very restrained when inflicting harm on him whereas he actively tries to kill Jamie with no regard for how it's done. Both experience some Sanity Slippage owing to their experiences with Michael, although Jamie is institutionalized while Loomis goes untreated and continues working as a psychiatrist. Although both survive the 1989 spree, Loomis willfully retires to live alone while Jamie is forced to stay with the Cult of Thorn for the next six years. While both are acquainted with Dr. Wynn by the time of the sixth film, the latter never tries to harm Loomis and tries to recruit him for his cult while he (in the Producer's Cut) kills Jamie and has seemingly no desire to keep her around after she gives birth.
    • To Rachel Carruthers. Both are young girls, although Rachel is a teenager and can defend herself while Jamie is a child and needs protection. Rachel is the biological daughter of the Carruthers while Jamie is the adopted daughter. Rachel has short blonde hair while Jamie has long dark brown hair. Rachel is shown to be friendly with others such as Lindsey while Jamie is not shown to have any friends. Both also share the same fate of being teenagers when they are killed by Michael after surviving a previous spree of his.
    • To Tina Williams. Jamie is a young child who spends most of her time in the clinic while Tina is a teenager who travels around during the day. Jamie is very quiet at the start of the film with few friends while Tina is loud and acquainted with a wide array of either friends or peers. Both are targets of Michael, but the latter knows where Tina is from the start of the movie while having to figure out where Jamie is. While both are attacked by Michael, Tina is killed when the latter is trying to strike Jamie and Jamie survives despite Michael's attempts to end her life.
    • To Tommy Doyle. Both of them first meet Michael when they are kids and are protected by a female teenager, who later dies prematurely. Both are left traumatized after surviving Michael, Tommy being a recluse obsessed with Michael while Jamie is institutionalized and has a telepathic link with him after being possessed by him. Where they differ is that Tommy is never directly targeted by Michael while Jamie remains the subject of her uncle's efforts to end his bloodline. They also are different in their fates; Tommy lives to fight another day while Jamie dies.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: The Foolish Sibling to Rachel's Responsible Sibling. Rachel is trusted by her parents and considered mature enough to watch Jamie while the latter's well-being is of great concern to Rachel's parents due to her young age and having her life drastically changed due to her parents' death. Despite their different personalities, they care greatly for each other.
  • Foreshadowing: Jamie picks a clown costume and holds it up to herself in a mirror, a brief flash of Michael as a child in the clown costume he wore when he stabbed his sister appearing. This foreshadows her eventual stabbing her of stepmother at the end of the film.
  • Gaining the Will to Kill: The effect of being controlled by Michael. Jamie is never shown as being violent, let alone homicidal, and that all changes during the fourth film's ending.
  • Generation Xerox: To all three Myers siblings.
    • She starts off as one for Michael. Both are introduced as young children in a family with an older sister and when Jamie picks her Halloween costume, a clown outfit, there's even a flash of Michael as he appeared in the opening scene of the original film. The film's ending, Jamie stabbing her stepmother while wearing the clown costume, deliberately invokes Michael's murder of his sister Judith and sets up the idea that she will follow in his footsteps. Halloween 5 begins with Jamie mute, something that Michael has been for years.
    • Jamie is similar to Laurie in being pursued by Michael and him killing people in his quest to get to her. They are both somewhat aloof and noted for their differences with their peers, as Jamie was teased by her schoolmates while Laurie was made fun of by Annie for being uninterested in boys. They both are saved by Dr. Loomis, who rushes to their aid as to try and prevent Michael from harming them. They both survive multiple encounters with Michael just to eventually die prematurely and leave behind a young child who becomes Michael's next target in their place.
    • Halloween 5 invokes this with Judith, as Jamie is made to sit in her late aunt's room and brush her hair in a trap set by Loomis to invoke Michael's memories of his past. Jamie also has brown hair like Judith. Given the events of 6, where Michael finally succeeds in killing Jamie, she also parallels Judith in being a female teenage relative of Michael that he kills.
  • Good Counterpart: To Michael. Both are introduced as children, depicted as wearing clown costumes on Halloween night, and have an older sister. They both also have their first bout of violence as a kid with Michael stabbing his sister to death and Jamie stabbing her stepmother. The difference is that while Michael gave into his homicidal urges and became a recurring threat to Haddonfield, Jamie's only act of violence was while under his position and never does this of her own accord.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Evidenced by her willingness to aid in a plot to kill Michael after his murder of Tina.
  • Hallucinations: In 5, Jamie has a hallucination of Michael coming to attack her at the clinic and tries to run away from him as she perceives him to be getting closer to her.
  • Heartwarming Orphan: Despite the deaths of her parents, Jamie turns out as a nice person.
  • The Hero Dies: Meets her end at Michael's hands in the sixth film.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: In 5, some people in the town of Haddonfield blames her for Michael's possession of her at the end of the last movie.
  • Heroes Love Dogs: In complete contrast to her uncle.
  • Heroic Lineage: Jamie's mother, Laurie, was stalked by Michael before she was born, though was polar opposite of her brother in being a good person. Jamie inherits her goodness.
  • Hourglass Plot: The first film begins with Michael fleeing Smith's Grove so he can go to Haddonfield so he can begin his murder spree. The sixth film begins with Jamie escaping Smith's Grove so she can go to Haddonfield, although this is different since she wants Loomis's help to protect herself and her baby.
  • Human Sacrifice: Subverted. Loomis seems to betray her as he holds her up and offers her to Michael while slowly backing away, goading him to "catch the little girl", before eventually trapping Michael and tossing Jamie to the side in a reveal of his true intention.
  • Iconic Outfit: The clown costume she wears in Halloween 4, so much so that it's been replicated and sold as a real-life costume.
  • Iconic Sequel Character: One of the most popular characters in the franchise and introduced in the fourth film.
  • I Got Bigger: Between the end of 5 and the start of 6, Jamie goes from a child to a teenager and is much taller than she was introduced as.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved: Jamie wants to be loved by her foster family, specifically in a way which she believes would certify her as a real member instead of an adopted one.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Getting teased by her classmates for things she can't control like her mom being dead and her uncle being Michael Myers cause her to want to fit in so she can make friends, which is why she quickly changes her mind from not wanting to trick-or-treat to getting a costume.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: She dies in the theatrical cut of The Curse when Michael impales her on tractor harrows.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: A central theme of Jamie's story is that she has similarities to Michael which may push her to act out the same murderous desire. The closest this comes to happening is her stabbing her stepmother, which is revealed to have only happened because she was under Michael's possession. Even upon being institutionalized and not saying a word like Michael before her, Jamie never comes close to willfully harming another person.
  • Innocence Lost: Jamie is introduced as a sweet, polite child with only a few problems like missing her parents and being picked on at school. After her uncle kills people during Halloween, she becomes exposed to the reality of his terror and indulges in it herself that same night when she attacks her stepmother. Even a year of being institutionalized does nothing to erase the effect her exposure to Michael had on her. In fact a second encounter only makes her more convinced she'll never be rid of him.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Dr. Loomis. He is the only person to be with her throughout both of Michael's sprees to get her when she's a kid and she remembers this years later when she escapes the Cult of Thorn and tries to solicit his help while being hunted by Michael.
  • Irony:
    • Toward the beginning of Halloween 4, Jamie prays for various family members, including her stepmother. By the end of the film, as her stepmother draws her a bath, Jamie stabs her.
    • Jamie leaves the clinic in 5 to find Tina so she can avoid her being killed by Michael. She finds Tina and ends up indirectly causing her death when Michael tries to attack her and Tina sacrifices herself for her.
  • It's Personal: After Michael kills Tina, one of the friends she grew close to in the year between the fourth and fifth films, this causes a distraught Jamie to finally agree to assist Loomis with a trap for him.
  • Just a Kid: Rachel cites this when defending Jamie at the start of 5, reasoning that her young age and Michael possessing her while she stabbed her stepmother as reasons for her not to be blamed for the act.
  • Killing Intent: Jamie goes along with Loomis's trap in 5 because she wants Michael dead.
  • Kill the Ones You Love: Jamie prays for her stepmother at the start of 4 and the Carruthers are shown to be loving toward Jamie, making Jamie's attack on her stepmother all the more surprising.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: A defining characteristic of Jamie is running away when she knows she has no one to defend her from Michael.
    • In the fourth film, Jamie and Rachel run away from Michael after he murders everyone in Sheriff Meeker's home.
    • In the fifth film, after participating in a trap to get Michael to show up at the Myers house, Jamie consents to Officer Charlie Bloch's plot to override Loomis and leave the house through a window. Jamie later runs away from Michael as he is murdering Bloch.
  • Last Request: In 5, as Michael prepares to stab her once she lays in the coffin in the Myers house, Jamie makes a request to see his face, which he grants.
  • Last of His Kind: By the start of Halloween 4, Jamie is the last living relative of Michael.
  • Legacy Character: In the sense that she inherits the role of her mother as the relative that Michael kills people to get to.
  • Light Is Good: Every outfit she wears is some light color.
  • Little "No": She delivers a few at the end of 5 as she goes into the Haddonfield Police Station after the Man in Black murders the officers and frees Michael.
  • The Load: Jamie is initially this during Michael's murder sprees, as a young child cannot defend herself from an adult murderer. A counterpoint is that she becomes an asset to his defeat during 5, and she is mostly able to get herself away from him without anyone's help in each of their encounters.
  • Made a Slave: The Cult of Thorn kidnaps Jamie right after the ending of the fifth films and she remains locked away with Michael for six years.
  • Mama Wolf: She goes out of her way to protect Steven from Michael when she flees from the Cult of Thorn.
  • Mask of Confidence: Before Jamie stabs her stepmother, she makes sure to put on the mask for her costume. This is meant to mirror Michael wearing something to cover his face whenever he kills someone, but also can mean Jamie may not have tried attacking if she didn't have something to cover her face.
  • Meaningful Name: She is named for her mother's portrayer Jamie Lee Curtis.
  • Mirror Scare: In the fourth film, she sees a vision of Michael as a child wearing a clown costume similar to the one she just picked out and backs away, rubbing up against present-day Michael and screaming.
  • Misblamed: The opening of 5 establishes that some Haddonfield residents view her as responsible for Michael's attack, both on the town and his possession of her that led to Jamie stabbing her stepmother.
  • Morality Pet: Jamie is the only person shown to snap Tina out of her playful fits and cause her to begin acting serious, especially when she thinks Jamie is in danger.
  • My Death Is Just the Beginning: Despite dying, her desire for Steven to be protected from Michael is carried out by others, namely Loomis, Tommy, and Kara. Despite Jamie not even meeting the latter two, they help her son continue her and her mother's legacy of being the one relative alive that Michael unsuccessfully tries to kill.
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye:
    • A literal case with Rachel in 5. The last time Jamie hears from her, Rachel tells Jamie that she's fine and the latter cannot answer back due to her mute condition.
    • At the beginning of Curse, she pleads over the radio for Dr. Loomis to come and help her again. She dies by Michael's hand before he can reach her in the theatrical version of the film, and is in a coma (during which Loomis sees her) that she never wakes from because Wynn kills her in the Producer's Cut.
  • Nice Girl: Jamie starts off as a sweet, innocent girl.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Jamie going to try and find Tina before Michael gets to her only succeeds in putting herself in danger and Loomis having to get Meeker and law enforcement to search for the girl before her uncle can get to her, which is his main goal.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: A heroic version. As soon as she encounters Michael, Jamie immediately runs away or tries to find safety. After Rachel fell into an unconscious state, and Jamie saw that Michael had come down to the pair, she ran away instantly. The same trend repeated when Michael attacked Loomis to get to her in the schoolhouse and her seriousness puts her at odds with Tina in the next film, as the latter ignores her warnings.
  • No One Could Survive That!: Believed by Haddonfield to have died at the Man in Black's hand, when he massacred the police force in 5, at the start of the sixth film.
  • No Social Skills: The one scene of her at school shows her retorting when mocked by her classmates for not having a costume and running away from them when they tease her.
  • Not Herself: Throughout 4, Jamie is depicted as a kind girl who loves her foster parents. This is what makes her stabbing her stepmother in the conclusion all the more surprising, as its contrary to how she behaved previously. 5 would elaborate that her different behavior was the result of Michael controlling her, and thus she really wasn't herself.
  • Not Quite Dead: The Producer's Cut of the sixth film features Jamie surviving getting stabbed in the stomach by Michael and surviving long enough to go to the hospital.
  • Not So Stoic: When she's not having convulsions, Jamie is largely silent and reserved in Halloween 5. Then she becomes worried about Tina, and sees her die trying to save her from Michael.
  • Odd Friendship: The quiet, reserved, and often sad Jamie has very little in common with the loud, boisterous, and outgoing Tina.
  • Oh, Crap!: Jamie has one when she realizes Michael is standing close to her during the schoolhouse scene in 4.
  • Older and Wiser: In 6, Jamie is more well-spoken and is able to successfully outsmart Michael and free herself from captivity.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: Haddonfield citizens do not forget her stabbing her stepmother, with one even throwing a rock through her window.
  • Only Friend: Billy is the only friend she has at the clinic, as he is the only one living there seen visiting her and playing with Jamie.
  • The Only One: Following Laurie's death before the events of Halloween 4, Jamie is Michael's only living relative for eight years.
  • Opt Out:
    • Jamie originally was not going to go trick-or-treating in 4, until her schoolmates teased her for not having a costume.
    • She declined to help Loomis during his hunt for Michael a year later, and then one of her closest friends was murdered.
  • Parental Abandonment: Both her parents were killed in a car accident, leaving her virtually alone (still having friends and allies by her side, not that they do her any good). In the Chaos Comics run - which ties her trilogy to the 'H20'' timeline - her mother faked her death and simply left her behind.
  • Passing the Torch: Her son Steven becomes the new target of Michael after she dies.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: In the fifth film, Jamie wants Michael dead for all the deaths and pain he's caused.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Though a good and pleasant child, Jamie is very rarely seen smiling throughout the films. This can be attributed to her bullying, being hunted by her own uncle, and many of the experiences she has. The rare exceptions are when she smiles after Rachel agrees to get a Halloween costume in 4, and when she is visited by Tina at the clinic at start of 5.
  • Piggyback Cute: Jamie receives one from Rachel when the two are on the roof of the Meeker house, though they lose their formation when Michael catches up to them and stands up.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Wears a pink shirt in both the fourth and fifth films. She also has a pink dress in Halloween 5.
  • Platonic Kissing: She is the receiving end of this from Tina in 5, after the latter comes to visit her at the clinic through a window.
  • Please, Don't Leave Me: She tearfully begs for Tina to stay with her at the clinic after the latter encounters Michael posing as her boyfriend and is only saved due to Jamie's psychic link to him.
  • Please Wake Up: After Rachel falls off the roof while protecting her, Jamie comes over to her and shakes her as she begs for her to wake up.
  • Pragmatic Hero: In large part due to her fear, Jamie will mostly stick to others to protect her, and run away when she encounters Michael by herself.
  • Prone to Tears: The first two times she encountered Michael, Jamie was prone to this. Loomis became so frustrated with her lack of willingness to help him that he even points out that her crying won't help her stay away from her uncle.
    Loomis: Tears won't get you through him.
  • Properly Paranoid: Many of her premonitions about Michael turn out true.
    • She has a nightmare of Michael coming to get her in her room. Not only does Michael eventually come to get her the following day, he even visits her room and looks through her belongings to make sure she is Laurie's daughter.
    • She screams when she sees Michael while getting her costume. Though it was brushed off by Rachel as Jamie being afraid of a mask, it turns out it wasn't a vision or nightmare like before, given that Michael wears the same mask he's seen donning for the rest of the film.
    • She has a convulsion related to Michael being inside the Carruthers house while Rachel is there. Not only does Michael turn out to be inside the house, but her paranoia was justified because Rachel was attacked and killed a short time later.
  • Protagonist Journey to Villain: The original intention of Halloween 4 was to show Jamie's transformation from a nice, if slightly troubled, child to a cold, young murderer that would carry on the legacy of her uncle.
  • Psychic Link: Has a one-sided one with Michael during Halloween 5, allowing her to sense when he is around.
  • Psychic Powers: She shares a psychic connection with her uncle.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: In 5, Jamie's willingness to help Loomis in his plot to kill Michael succeeds in getting the latter defeated for the night, but fails to end his life (as both Jamie and Loomis wanted), his jailing is only for hours at most as the Man in Black busts him out later that night, and Jamie herself is kidnapped to boot.
  • Red Baron: After stabbing her stepmother, she becomes known as "The Evil Child".
  • Red Herring: The ending sequence of 4, where Jamie stabs her stepmother, is designed to make it appear Michael is now in the house and silently targeting her. This is why the camera is a first-person perspective and we see a mask being donned before the attack, with the camera cutting away after Darlene is struck and screams.
  • Red Is Heroic: Jamie wears a red and white clown costume throughout Halloween night in 4 and is unquestionably on the side of good until the ending.
  • Redemption Quest: Halloween 5 director Dominque Othenin-Girard said Jamie's psychic powers in the movie were meant to give her a way to redeem herself after stabbing her stepmother by giving her an instrumental role in stopping Michael.
  • Reformed, but Rejected: Freed from her uncle's control, Jamie is never violent again after the fourth film's climax, but is still blamed for what happened by some who live in Haddonfield.
  • Refusal of the Call: Throughout 5, Loomis tries to get Jamie to help him with finding Michael so he can stop his newest murder spree. Traumatized from the events of the previous film and the past year of being institutionalized, Jamie will not answer him and tries at one point to save the day herself, which indirectly leads to Tina's death.
  • Reluctant Warrior: She spends most of 5 trying to not get involved in Loomis's attempts to stop Michael and just enjoy Halloween before being driven to want him dead.
  • Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated: After the explosion at the police station in 5, the last place she was seen before the Cult of Thorn abducted her, Jamie and Michael are presumed dead by the town of Haddonfield.
  • Retcon: The ending of 4 indicates Jamie will become the new killer of the series, but the following film reveals she was possessed by Michael and mostly ditches this plot point.
  • Revenge: Her motive in the climax of Halloween 5. She agrees with Loomis's plot to trap Michael after he kills Tina. Not only does the plan not work, but Michael would have killed her if Loomis had not beaten him into unconsciousness.
  • Running Gag: Loomis catching her by surprise while she is alone in the dark.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Her death in the sixth movie causes Tommy and Loomis to begin hunting Michael and for the film's protagonists to look after her son so that Michael cannot kill the last member of his family.
  • Saved to Enslave: Dr. Wynn, after saving Michael, kidnaps Jamie as well. During the six year period, the Cult never allows the murderous Michael to bring any harm to her until she has served her purpose of birthing a child, at which point none of them seem to care for her well-being any longer.
  • Say My Name: After regaining her ability to speak in the fifth movie, at least half of her dialogue is "TINA" and its her first word much to Tina's delight. Even while Michael is chasing her, she's still mostly shouting for Tina, the trope becomes downright heartbreaking when Tina gets stabbed and for the next 2 minutes all Jamie can really say is Tina's name in a downright despairful tone.
  • The Scapegoat: In the case of Halloween 5, Jamie is blamed for Michael's attempt at killing her stepmother while he possessed her. Her stepparents sought to institutionalize her and Loomis works with her and realizes she was not herself when she attacked her stepmother.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: In Halloween 5, Jamie is supposed to stay at the clinic at all times. Her connection to Michael tips her off to his tailing Tina and this causes Jamie to flee the clinic to find her.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: She initially complies with Loomis's order to stay put when he goes to confront Michael, although she also has no problem listening to deputy Bloch's plan to escape through the window. While Michael is killing Bloch, she runs out of the room to get away from her murderous uncle.
  • Shear Menace: The ending of Halloween 4 sees Jamie use a pair of scissors when she attacks her stepmother.
  • Sibling Team: Jamie and Rachel are this throughout 4 with Rachel being the one that comes up with ways of getting away from Michael and Jamie following her orders.
  • Siblings Wanted: She wants to know if Rachel loves her like a real sister because she misses her parents and wants to return to having a real family.
  • Single-Episode Handicap: Jamie's psychic powers, and the pain that come with them, are never mentioned again after 5.
  • Slain in Their Sleep: In the Producer's Cut, Jamie is shot while she is sleeping in the hospital.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Jamie is barely featured in the sixth film, but her escape triggers the plot as it bring Michael and the Cult of Thorn out of lurking in the shadows, and Loomis out of retirement.
  • Sneaky Departure: Jamie was able to sneak out of the clinic to begin her search for Tina, partially because the two cops there were assigned by Loomis to follow Tina.
  • Sole Survivor: She and Loomis are the only two to survive both of Michael's sprees in the fourth and fifth films.
  • Spider-Sense: The way her connection with Michael in the fifth film works. She becomes aware of Michael anytime he kills someone or is around a person that she cares about like Tina or Rachel and is often sent into a convulsion that leaves her twitching. Michael avoids being caught due to Jamie's powers not telling her specifically where he is before he hides and because with the exception of Loomis, most are doubtful of her claims.
  • Spin-Offspring: The main protagonist of the fourth and fifth films is the daughter of the main protagonist of the first two films.
  • Stepford Smiler: Shows this when she pretends to be okay after Rachel finds her crying.
  • Story-Breaker Power: Jamie's telepathic link with Michael, which she acquires sometime before the events of 5, allows her to know where he is. Her being mute and not wanting to get involved with trying to stop him is the only thing keeping her from telling Loomis, who will very likely find Michael and incapacitate him.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Invokes this after Michael pulls his mask off for her in the fifth film and she sees his face for the first time.
    Jamie: You're just like me.
  • Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: In the sixth movie.
  • Superior Successor: Zig-zagged. Although she cannot fight back against Michael the way her mother could, her telepathic connection arguably makes her more dangerous to Myers than Laurie as it allows her to know where he is and potentially lead anyone who can kill him to him. The duration to which she lowers her uncle's guard, when she calls him as such and asks to see his face, is longer than any past pleas by Laurie and could very well have led to his death if she had planned using this advantage with Loomis.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: When Jamie holds Michael's hand after he is ran over by Rachel, she has a sorrowful look on her face.
  • Take Up My Sword:
    • A villainous variation. After Michael appears to die at the end of 4, Jamie appears poised to inherit his role as the murderer in their family.
    • In the sixth film, her son Steven inherits her role as the last living direct relative that Michael tries to kill, and the role of his protector is taken up by both Tommy and Kara.
  • Talking to the Dead: After letting out a scream upon finding Rachel's corpse in the Myers house, she requests for her to help her as she hears Michael coming.
  • Taught by Experience: She seemed just as convinced as Loomis and Rachel that Michael had been killed at the end of 4, but the following film sees her admit that Michael will never die, a view she's adopted because she's seen him survive the impossible.
  • Tears of Fear: Happens many times, usually when it has to do with Michael.
    • She has a nightmare of Michael in her room and pulling her under a bed. When she wakes from it, Jamie is scared and crying to the point of needing to be consoled by her stepparents.
    • After Loomis is attacked by Michael at the schoolhouse, Jamie calls for help before sitting on the ground and crying. She notices Michael is no longer around and then turns to see him and screams with a visible tear in her eye.
  • Teen Pregnancy: In the sixth movie she is fifteen years old when she has her son Steven. As she was nine years of age in the fifth movie and six years have passed since then.
  • Temporarily a Villain: After becoming possessed by her uncle, Jamie stabs her stepmother. She becomes good again by the start of the fifth film and never attacks anyone again.
  • Tempting Fate: Jamie can be seen as doing this in 5 by going to the Myers house and purposely mirroring her aunt Judith, Michael's first victim.
  • Terms of Endangerment: She twice calls Michael "Boogeyman" in 5, first when talking to Tina and later when laying in the coffin at the Myers house. The name had been used by children to refer to Michael before, and Jamie was even teased in the previous film for being the niece of "the boogeyman".
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: How she is viewed by Haddonfield citizens who know about her stabbing her stepmother.
  • Thinking Out Loud: Jamie tells herself that she is okay when she is alone after running away from her bullying schoolmates.
  • This Cannot Be!: Her reaction to Rachel falling unconscious as they try to flee the Meeker house, with Jamie exclaiming that Rachel can't be deed.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone:
    • Following losing her parents at a young age, she is adopted by the Carruthers family, who regard her as one of their own and are especially patient with her given the circumstances she joined their family under.
    • After being institutionalized following her possession by Michael and stabbing of her stepmother during it, she becomes friends with Tina Williams and Billy Hill, who treat her very well and look past the grievances that people have with her for her association with Michael.
  • Time-Shifted Actor: She is played by Danielle Harris as a child and J. C. Brandy as a teenager.
  • Too Good for This Sinful Earth: Jamie is introduced as a sweet, caring kid. She spends the last seven years of her life being mocked by her classmates, despised by other people who live in Haddonfield, abducted by a cult, and hunted by her uncle until he eventually kills her.
  • Tragic Bromance: Has this with Tina, as 5 shows their friendship before Tina's murder. Tina is one of the few people that Jamie has become close to in the year since being possessed by Michael and is shown to enjoy her visits. Unlike Rachel, Tina can put her needs or desires over Jamie's, which includes wanting to spend time with her friends or boyfriend. She also does not take Jamie's warnings seriously. This culminates in Tina deciding to go out while Jamie senses that she is in danger and Jamie leaving the clinic to find her before Michael does. Not only is Jamie unable to get to her before she is cornered by Michael, but she also indirectly causes Tina's murder when the latter sacrifices herself for her. The death of one of her closest friends causes Jamie to be willing to do anything to kill Michael.
  • Tragic Keepsake: The photos she keeps of her parents in 4 can qualify as this, given their premature passing and the implication that Jamie looks at them when she thinks of them.
  • Tragic Heroine: A young girl who lost both of her parents and happens to be the niece of her town's notorious serial killer, who happens to desire to kill all members of his family.
  • Trash Talk: Jamie trash talks her schoolmates when they tease her about not having a costume.
  • Trauma Conga Line:
    • In the span of a year, she loses her parents, begins living with the Carruthers who, try as they may, cannot fill the void that Jamie has for her real parents. At school, Jamie's peers treat her poorly for things out of her control like her mother being deceased and her uncle being an infamous killer who last operated before she was born. The teasing gets her to change her mind about trick-or-treating around the same time her uncle, who has just woken from his coma, has decided to kill her. After getting lost from her stepsister, she is taken to the sheriff's personal home, where everyone except for her and her stepsister dies. A group of disgruntled residents try to save her by driving her out of town, only to be picked off one-by-one. After it looks like her uncle is dead and she can finally rest, he possesses her and gets her to stab her stepmother, the same woman who's been raising her since her actual mother died.
    • It manages to get worse a year later, after she's already lost her voice and become telepathically linked to a murderer. Her stepsister dies, after she tried to warn the latter about her uncle being in her vicinity and was not believed. Then, she enters another convulsion after sensing her uncle around another friend, who ends up dying anyway despite Jamie leaving the clinic and risking her own life to save her. Then, as part of a trap, she has to sit in her aunt's room, the same aunt who's death started her uncle's killing sprees, and mirror her. She is made to stay at the house after most of the cops that were there to protect her leave and the one officer still there gets murdered soon after. She has to run for her life from her uncle again and is seemingly betrayed by her psychiatrist, who offers her to her uncle. After the latter beats her uncle to death, Jamie is left with the unconscious bodies of an old man and his demonic patient. Right after she leaves the police station, and it looks like Michael is down for the count, she goes back inside and sees a room riddled with corpses.
  • True Companions: She is this with Rachel and Tina, as she cares just as much about their well-being as her own.
  • Trying Not to Cry: Jamie struggles to hold back tears after she gets made fun of by her classmates for not having a Halloween costume and for her familial relations.
  • Two First Names: "Jamie" and "Lloyd" can both be used as first names.
  • Undignified Death: Jamie spends her final moments screaming as the corn thrasher she's impaled against tears through her insides after Michael presses a button.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Tina. She goes out of her way to warn Tina about Michael and risks her own life to find her before Michael does.
  • Unknown Rival: To Michael, at the start of the fourth film, as he wants to kill all of his family members and believes them all to be deceased until he learns of Jamie's existence.
  • Unwitting Pawn: When Jamie flees from the Cult of Thorn and she and her baby are chased by Michael, she naturally tries to contact Dr. Loomis. Later in 6, Wynn reveals it was his intention to follow Loomis around because he knew Jamie would seek him out for help and that would lead him to the baby.
  • Unlikely Hero: Given that she spends most of her time running from Michael in 4 and 5, it's ironic that the same child he's trying to kill knows where he is and can cause his death by leading Loomis and the police to him.
  • Violence Really Is the Answer: Before agreeing to help him, Jamie pointedly asks Loomis if he can kill Michael after she tears up over Tina's death.
  • The Voiceless: She is almost mute in the start of 5, due to the traumatic experiences in the last film. She regains her voice later.
  • Walking Spoiler: Her existence confirms that Laurie Strode survived the first two films.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Jamie's a child during the fourth and fifth films and thus has to be protected by others from Michael. That being said, she's fairly adept at staying out of her uncle's clutches when she finds herself alone and in his crosshairs. Examples of this include the costume store scene in 4 where she draws attention to herself and Michael with her scream and Jamie being inside a laundry shoot and adjusting her position as Michael tries to stab her in 5.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Loomis asks Jamie why she's protecting Michael when she does not tell him where he is.
  • White Shirt of Death: She wears a white hospital gown when she meets her end in the sixth film's theatrical cut.
  • Writers Cannot Do Math: A line in Halloween 4 ("You going for a record here? The Seven-Year-Old Insomniacs' Hall of Fame?") confirms that Jamie is seven-years-old. However Halloween 5, which takes place one year later, has a line by Tina where she calls Jamie "a nine-year-old girl".
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: As Halloween begins in 4, Jamie is having fun trick-or-treating with Rachel and is acknowledged by her peers who like her costume. Then she finds out her uncle is out trying to kill her...
  • You Can't Go Home Again: In 4, Jamie is prevented from returning to her home by Loomis, who knows that it would be the first place Michael would look for her after going there himself and knowing that Michael had been there once he discovered the corpse of the Carruthers family dog.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: In the Producer's Cut, Wynn says this as he points a gun at her head while she lays unconscious in the hospital before he shoots her.

    Steven Lloyd 

Steven Lloyd

Played By:

Appearances: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Jamie's baby and the target of Michael's and the Cult of Thorn in the sixth movie.

    John Tate 

John Tate

Played By: Josh Hartnett

Appearances: Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later

"If you want to stay handcuffed to your dead brother, that's fine. But you're not dragging me along. Not anymore."

Laurie's son in H20. He is the only one who knows her true identity and is a student in the school she's running. He believes his uncle is dead and gets tired of his mother's paranoia and pretends to go on a school trip when he throws a Halloween party that gets Michael's attention.

  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Despite wanting to forget the fact that Micheal Myers is his uncle and is tired of being forced into his mother's situation, there are clear signs he still loves her deeply.
  • Brutal Honesty: At one point he is forced to put his foot down about his mother's paranoia.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He grew up knowing the truth of Michael Myers, and living with his mothers fear.
  • Deadpan Snarker: John definitely takes after his mother in terms of sarcasm. Laurie even lampshades it herself.
    John: "It just occurred to me today that I've never celebrated Halloween before."
    Molly: "And why's that?"
    John: "Oh, we've got a psychotic serial killer in the family who loves to butcher people on Halloween, and I just thought it in bad taste to celebrate."
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: While he survived H20, John is completely absent from Resurrection.

Other Characters

Introduced in the 1978 film

    The Man in Black 

The Man in Black/Dr. Terrence Wynn

Played By: Robert Phalen (first film), Don Shanks (5) and Mitch Ryan (The Curse)

Appearances: Halloween | Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers | Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

"We've given him the power, the gift of thorn. I am its deliverer, I follow it, act as its guardian! I protect Michael, watch over him. And... now it's time for another. Now it's time for you, Dr. Loomis."

A mysterious man who is seen throughout the fifth film and in the end busts Michael out of jail. He is later revealed to be the leader of the cult of Thorn, which turned Michael into the killer he is now in order to sacrifice his entire familynote . His real identity is that of Dr. Terrence Wynn, ex-coworker of Dr. Loomis at Smith's Grove.

  • Adaptational Heroism: While he still exists in the H20 and 2018 timelines due to both of them treating the first movie as canon, he is presumably not an evil cult leader.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Mixes this with Adaptational Heroism. Depending on what cut of the sixth movie, Wynn is either a sincere believer of the Thorn curse and cult (Producers Cut) or arrogant prick with malicious intent like Michael who doesn't even believe in the cult he's supposedly leads.
  • Ascended Extra: He goes from being a minor character in the first film to the Big Bad of the sixth.
  • Big Bad: Leader of the cult of Thorn and makes Michael The Dragon during The Curse.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: As it so happens, Michael doesn't appreciate being Wynn's pawn, and turns on the cult, reclaiming his position as Big Bad.
  • Cop Killer: Slaughters the Haddonfield police force in 5 to free Michael.
  • Dark Is Evil: Seeing how he is literally called "The Man in Black" and is the reason Micheal is the homicidal monster he is today.
  • The Dog Was the Mastermind: He was a minor character in the first film.
  • Enigmatic Minion: In 5. Nobody, not even the writers knew who he was.
  • Evil Mentor: To Michael, having helped groom Michael into who he is today. He also may have taught him how to drive.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He acts politely, even though he made Michael what he is.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Wynn was an unnamed extra in the first film, and became the Big Bad of the sixth film.
  • Gender Flip: Was made a female nurse in the remake, and killed by Michael while he was at Smith's Grove several years before he escaped.
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: He is seen smoking in 5.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: By making Michael what he is, Wynn is responsible for almost everything that happens in the films, but only has a leading role in the sixth.
  • Hate Sink: Particularly in 6's theatrical cut, Wynn is a cold, arrogant and horrifically amoral scientist who impregnated multiple innocent women, including Jamie, with Michael's cells for his sick experiments in controlling evil. It's even implied he made Michael into the monster he is now. What's more, he doesn't even believe in his own cult's teachings and is just a power-hungry asshole trying to exploit the Shape's bloodlust for himself. While Michael Myers and the Silver Shamrock organization can be compelling and entertaining in their mysterious evil, Dr. Wynn and his cult are just a group of repulsive wannabes who aren't missed when Michael does away with them.
  • Kick the Dog: When he makes his first appearance in 5, he kicks a small dog while stepping off a bus.
  • Killed Offscreen: Unlike the Producer's Cut of The Curse, where he dies onscreen, the theatrical cut of the film has him die offscreen near the end when Michael massacres the Cult of Thorn.
  • The Man Behind the Man: He leads the Cult of the Thorn that empowered Michael. He was the one who mentored Michael, helped him escape in 1978 and directly aides Michael throughout the fifth movie as a secret partner, freeing him from police custody at the end of the film.
  • Morally Ambiguous Doctorate: A psychologist who turns out to rival Michael in terms of evil.
  • Psycho Psychologist: He is a psychologist who is much of a lunatic as Michael.
  • Silent Antagonist: In 5, he never says a word. He's much more talkative in his other appearances.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: For Conal Cochran, since he's the aging, enigmatic leader of a mysterious cult-like organization who controls dark forces and initiates mass sacrifice on Halloween. Although as Michael himself demonstrates, he isn't nearly as competent.
  • Uncertain Doom: Towards the climax of the sixth movie, when Michael goes after the cultists, Wynn is in the room when the massacre commences, but his own fate is never elaborated on. According to the script Wynn was decapitated by Michael, but they removed that scene from the final movie because there were plans to have him return in the seventh. However the seventh film would ignore the previous sequels, so Wynn's return never happens. However in the non canon Chaos Comics, that tie the 4-6 movies to H20 Wynn is shown to be still alive.

    Dr. Marion Chambers 

Dr. Marion Chambers

Played By: Nancy Stephens

Appearances: Halloween | Halloween II | Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later | Halloween Kills

"Your compassion's overwhelming, doctor."

One of Loomis's colleagues, who was there when Michael broke out of Smiths Grove Sanitarium. She is the one who reveals to Loomis that Laurie is Michael's sister.

  • Adaptational Badass: In Halloween Kills, she Took a Level in Badass and arms herself with a handgun and while she is killed by Michael like in H20, she at least went with some dignity as she goes down fighting.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She has her few moments where she'll throw in a sarcastic remark, usually in response to Loomis's more... eccentric behavior. This is especially present in the tie-in comic, Repetition Compulsion.
    Marion: (in response to Loomis brandishing his revolver.) "Could you at least be discrete with that thing?"
  • Dies Differently in Adaptation: She reappears in Halloween Kills and is still killed by Michael, just not with a Slashed Throat this time and instead went out with some dignity as she goes down fighting before getting stabbed to death by him unlike in H20 where she dies crying for help.
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: A good example; She's a chainsmoker who lights up a lot.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: To Loomis in the H20 continuity . She's his closest friend, helps him during his fruitless pursuits of Michael, and stays with him in his ailing years.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Despite making short appearances in all but the second film, something important happens almost every instance Marion is on screen. Michael stealing her car at the start of the first film allows him to drive back to Haddonfield, she's the one who reveals the sibling relationship between Michael and Laurie in II, and her files are the last thing Michael targets before heading for Laurie in H20.
  • Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: Twice. Killed by Michael in the opening of H20 and later in Kills.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In Halloween Kills, she arms herself with a pistol and suffers a Dying Moment of Awesome as she went down fighting in contrast to her Undignified Death in H20.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: She disappears in the 4-6 continuity and 2018 installment. However, she does reappears in H20 and is featured in comics set in the same universe. Shs also returns in Halloween Kills.

    Sheriff Leigh Brackett 

Sheriff Leigh Brackett

Played By: Charles Cyphers

Appearances: Halloween | Halloween II | Halloween Kills

"Doctor, do you know what Haddonfield is? Families, children, all lined up in rows up and down these streets. You're telling me they're lined up for a slaughterhouse?"

The sheriff of Haddonfield. Loomis goes to him to warn him about Michael. He is a skeptic on Michael being pure evil, but later his daughter is killed by Michael. He blames Loomis for her death and later retires.

  • Agent Scully: He doubts Loomis' claims that Michael is truly pure evil.
  • Irrational Hatred: He blames Loomis for Michael getting out and killing Annie, despite it being completely not his fault. It's worse in the comic Halloween: The First Death Of Laurie Strode, where he acts antagonistic towards Loomis and treats him as if he killed those people himself; at one point he nearly attacks Loomis when he mentions Annie. Thankfully, he's implied to have out grown this trope, as he is later depicted asking Marion Chambers to sent his regards when Loomis is dying.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: His daughter is among those slain by Michael in the first film.
  • Police Are Useless: Downplayed. Brackett's not incompetent, but he is a typical small-town sheriff not really used to dealing with anything worse than vandalism and teenage mischief. A serial killer like Michael is completely beyond his ken, though to his credit he's at least willing to listen to Loomis and try to stop Michael.
  • Put on a Bus: He retired to Florida between Halloween II and The Return of Michael Myers with presumably a similar situation happening in the other two timelines. Considering what happened in the first two films, you can't exactly blame him.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He takes Loomis more seriously than most others do.
    • Averted in the Halloween: The First Death Of Laurie Strode, where he's adamant about Michael being dead and refuses to listen to Loomis, (mis)blaming him for Annie's death.
  • Shout-Out: Shares a name with a renowned Science Fiction author and screenwriter.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In the Halloween: The First Death Of Laurie Strode towards Loomis.

    Annie Brackett 

Annie Brackett

Played By: Nancy Kyes

Appearances: Halloween | Halloween IInote 

One of Laurie Strode's best friends and the daughter of Sheriff Brackett. She was supposed to babysit Lindsey Wallace on the night of Michael's original murder spree.

    Lynda Van Der Klok 

Lynda Van Der Klok

Played By: P. J. Soles

Appearances: Halloween | Halloween Killsnote 

One of Laurie Strode's best friends who has a boyfriend named Bob and a cheerleader. Has something of a vapid and hedonistic personality.

  • Book Dumb: She regularly forgets her books for school.
  • Character Catchphrase: Has a tendency to say, "totally".
  • Dumb Blonde: She is shown to be very ditzy as she says she forgets her books for school.
    Lynda: So, who cares? I always forget my chemistry book and my math book, and my English book, and my, let's see, my French book, and... well, who needs books anyway? I don't need books. I always forget all my books. I mean, it doesn't really matter if you have your books or not... Hey, isn't that Devon Graham?
  • Evil Phone: Michael strangles her to death with a phone cord.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While she does some rather questionable things like having sex in a random house that doesn't belong to her, she's ultimately kind-hearted and very energetic and friendly.
  • Kill the Cutie: Lynda is an adorable, bubbly and airheaded person, she also gets killed in the most drawn out way in the film.
  • Lovable Jock: She's a cheerleader and one of Laurie's best friends.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Appears topless after having sex with Bob.
  • Pom-Pom Girl: She's a part of the cheerleading team.
  • Slashers Prefer Blondes: She is one of Michael's victims, although she's the last to die in the original film.
  • Smoking Hot Sex: She and Bob smoke after sex in the original film.
  • Statuesque Stunner: She stands the tallest of the three girls (5'8") and is regarded as quite pretty.

    Bob Simms 

Bob Simms

Played By: John Michael Graham, Bob Odenkirknote 

Appearances: Halloween | Halloween Killsnote 

Lynda's boyfriend, who is very recognizable for his glasses.

    Tommy Doyle 

Tommy Doyle

Played By: Brian Andrews (first film), Danny Ray (fourth film), and Paul Rudd (The Curse)

Appearances: Halloween | Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers | Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

"Michael's work isn't done in Haddonfield, and soon, very soon, he'll come home to kill again. But this time I'll be ready."

A boy Laurie babysits in the first movie and a witness to Michael's attempt on his sister's life. He makes a cameo in the fourth movie as a teenager and is a main character in the sixth movie, where he teams up with Loomis to take Michael down and protect Jamie's baby Steven.

  • All Men Are Perverts: In Curse, before meeting her, Tommy tries to catch a glimpse of an unrobed Kara in her bedroom with his telescope.
  • Badass Normal: As an adult, Tommy manages to savagely pummel Michael Myers repeatedly with a metal pipe.
  • Berserk Button: Anytime Steven is threatened.
  • Book Ends: A major character in both the first and last films of the original timeline. Halloween ends with Tommy being saved from Michael while 6 ends with Tommy saving others from Michael.
  • Broken Record: In the original film, Tommy repeatedly asks Laurie "why" when inquiring about her going to drop the key off at the Myers house.
  • The Bus Came Back: After only appearing in archive footage in the second, a cameo in the fourth, and completely missing out on the fifth film, Tommy is one of the main characters of the sixth.
  • The Cameo: In the fourth movie, he's seen hanging with Brady and Wade at the drug store.
  • Celebrity Resemblance: His H20 incarnation resembles comic book artist/writer Joe Quesada.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Tommy begins dragging himself into the current Michael affair as soon as he hears Jamie over the radio and goes to find her baby, appointing himself the boy's protector.
  • Creepy Good: Tommy is definitely a nice guy who's dedicated to stopping a monstrous mass murder but it's very clear that after years of spending his time mostly as an introvert, he doesn't exactly have the best grasp on social norms.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: By the time of the sixth film, Tommy's childhood encounter with Michael has defined him, leaving him obsessed with the latter.
  • Death by Adaptation: The Chaos Comics miniseries, which attempt to tie 4 to 6 with the H20 timeline, see him murdered by Laurie after she has inherited her brother's role as a killer.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: A comic in the H20 continuity shows him Happily Married with a kid and has become a comic book artist/writer, who gets the idea to write a series about Michael Myers going after his niece and his connection to the Cult of Thorn.
  • Friendless Background: While clearly friends with Lindsey in the first movie, Tommy never mentions her in the sixth film and is not seen hanging out with anyone that isn't Loomis, Kara, or Danny, all of whom he has either not seen in years or has just met.
  • Foil: To Jamie Lloyd. Both were children when they first encountered Michael and were protected from him by a teenage girl. They were both adversely affected by their experience with Michael, as Tommy became a recluse while Jamie was rendered unable to speak. However Tommy survives the sixth film while Jamie does not.
  • Follow in My Footsteps: Daniel Farrands brought Tommy back in 6 so he could inherit Loomis's role as the person who hunts down Michael.
  • Irony: In the Chaos Comics miniseries, he is murdered by Laurie, the same person who protected him from a similar fate from Michael in the original film.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Loomis, who calls him a friend when Wynn asks who Tommy is.
  • Jumped at the Call: After hearing Jamie's voice, Tommy goes to the bathroom Michael stalked her to and discovers her baby Steven, appointing himself the child's protector.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: Invokes this at the end of the sixth film, as he encourages Loomis to come with him.
  • No Social Skills: Spending the large majority of his adolescent life as a quiet recluse clearly had its effects on Tommy's social life.
  • Pipe Pain: Delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Michael with a pipe in the Theatrical Cut.
  • Power Nullifier: The cut from his hand and stones he uses to stop Michael in the Producer's Cut of 6 count as this.
  • Self-Harm: In the Producer's Cut of Curse, Tommy cuts his hand and spills his blood on the floor in order to complete a ritual that keeps Michael in place.
  • Suddenly Shouting: When he takes Steven to the hospital and asks for a doctor, Tommy's tone in voice changes drastically when the receptionist simply requests more information.
  • Stalker Shrine: Tommy's room is littered with tons of items and such related to Michael Myers, like newspapers clippings and photographs.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In the first movie, well, he was just a seven-year-old boy, in the sixth movie however, he ends up beating Michael to an inch of his life.
  • Unknown Rival:
    • To Michael. Before 6, he never makes any attempt to come after him in the years after the first film and seems to have forgotten who he is.
    • To the Man in Black/Terrence Wynn, who asks Loomis who Tommy is when he sees the two talking.

    Lindsey Wallace 

Lindsey Wallace

Played By: Kyle Richards (first film, Halloween Kills), and Leslie L. Rohland (fourth film)

Appearances: Halloween | Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers | Halloween Kills

"I believe you, Tommy."

A little girl Annie was hired to babysit, but passed her to Laurie, who was babysitting Tommy at the time and witnesses Michael's attack on them. She makes a cameo in the second and the fourth movie as a teenager (along with Tommy).

  • Adaptational Badass: In Halloween Kills, she is shown to be more ready for Michael and attacks him with a trash bag full of bricks.
  • Badass Normal: In Kills, she beats Michael with a trash bag full of bricks, but get subdued and escapes.
  • The Cameo: In the fourth movie, she appears as she drives Rachel and Jamie to the drug store.
  • Cowardly Lion: She is very timid, especially of Michael, but she armed herself with a knife in the H20 comic when she heard someone at her door.
  • Sole Survivor: She is the only recurring person to not get murdered by Michael in any of the various continuity of the series.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In the first movie, she appears to be a cowardly girl, but in the H20 continuity and Kills, she is shown to be ready to defend herself from whoever strikes her.

    Morgan Strode 

Morgan Strode

Played By: Peter Griffith

Laurie's father/adoptive father depending on the continuity. Owner of Strode Real Estate.

  • Death by Adaptation: In the 2007 remake, he and his wife Cynthia are murdered by Michael.
  • Related in the Adaptation: In the 2018 continuity, he really is Laurie's biological father because she and Michael are no longer siblings.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: He and his brother John are very different people, especially regarding how they treat their kids.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: He only appears in one scene, but he unintentionally started Michael's stalking of Laurie when he has her drop off a key at the Myers house.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: His fate is unmentioned in most continuities.

Introduced in Halloween II (1981)

    Deputy Gary Hunt 

Deputy Gary Hunt

Played By: Hunter von Leer

“You know, Haddonfield was a pretty quiet town before tonight. The only gunshot you heard was to start off the race at the high school track.”

A loyal deputy and close friend of Sheriff Leigh Brackett who ends up assisting Dr. Loomis in his search for Myers in H2 after Leigh ends up going home after discovering his daughter, Annie, murdered.

  • The Lancer: To Sheriff Brackett as Deputy, to the point he takes control of the search for Myers when Brackett goes home.
  • Not So Stoic: His first scene has him understandably distressed when he rushes to inform Brackett of Annie's death.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He assists Loomis in the search for Myers as much as possible, to the point of restarting the search for Michael after discovering the burnt body originally believed to be Myers was actually someone else.
    • In Halloween: The First Death Of Laurie Strode, he's friendlier to Loomis than Sheriff Brackett is and politely asks him to leave, as the town's had enough to deal with after Michael's rampage.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Takes a moment to smoke when visiting the Myers house.

    Ben Tramer 

Bennett Samuel "Ben" Tramer

Played By: Jack Debois

A classmate of Laurie's whom she seems to like.

Introduced in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

    Rachel Carruthers 

Rachel Carruthers

Played By: Ellie Cornell

Appearances: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers | Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

"How could they? When are they going to realize that she is not him? She's just a child."

Jamie Lloyd's protective foster sister, who is looking after her on Halloween.

  • Aborted Arc: Halloween 4 director Dwight Little stated that if he and the film's writer had come back for the sequel, it would have furthered the relationship between Rachel and Jamie. Considering how early Rachel dies in 5, it's likely their version would have kept her around longer or had her survive the whole film.
  • Action Survivor: She survives Michael's rampage in the fourth film, and manages to hurt him by running him down with a pick-up truck.
  • Affectionate Nickname: In 4, Lindsey Wallace calls her "Rach" after they pick up Jamie from school.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: As Jamie and Rachel are fleeing from the Meeker house, Rachel begs Michael to leave them alone.
  • All for Nothing: She saved Jamie in Halloween 4, but within days of her death, Jamie is kidnapped and ultimately killed several years later by Michael, making it appear that Rachel only succeeded in delaying the inevitable in hindsight. Jamie does live long enough to have a child of her own due to Rachel, although not under ideal circumstances.
  • Alone with the Psycho: Rachel, Jamie, Tina, and Loomis all take turns being alone with Michael throughout Halloween 5, with Rachel being the first as she's alone with him in her house. She's also the only one to get killed during this solo encounter with him.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Rachel knows about Halloween 1978 and Michael's murder spree that night. What is less clear is the extent that she knows of other people's roles in the tragedy. Although she is friends with Lindsey, there are no implicit mentions that she knows of her being babysat and protected by Laurie that night. She also doesn't appear to know who Dr. Loomis is when she meets him, implying that he was never mentioned when she learned of Michael's original Halloween killing spree.
  • Amicable Exes: Zigzagged. Although Rachel looks negatively on Brady for having an affair with Kelly and lets both of them know her disdain for their respective roles in the disillusion of her romance, Brady seeks to coerce Rachel to leave with him before they found Jamie and Rachel still calls out for Brady to leave the Meeker house with Jamie and herself. This demonstrates the pair still have some mutual level of concern for each other.
  • Anger Born of Worry: When she becomes separated from Jamie after the latter goes off to continue her trick-or-treating, Rachel finds her and angrily tells Jamie to never go off by herself again.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Kelly. They pine for the same man and besides Michael, Kelly is the only character Rachel is shown to heavily dislike.
  • The Atoner: After Jamie overhears her complaining about having to babysit with her, and Rachel's father chews her out for hurting her foster sister's feelings, Rachel tries to make things right with her by trying to do things together.
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other:
    • Despite her telling Jamie they are not real sisters and the resentment she showed toward Jamie for having to babysit her, Rachel cares enough about her to put her life on the line to keep her safe from Michael.
    • Though she angrily dismisses Brady after finding out he was cheating on her with Kelly, the pair have a strong mutual affection for each other, enough for Brady to try getting Rachel to flee the Meeker house with him after they discover the corpses of others and not letting her out of his sight. Likewise, Rachel tries to get him to come with her and Jamie as he holds off Michael and only finally allows herself to be pulled away by Jamie just a short time before Brady is killed.
  • Awkward Kiss: Has one with Brady as a result of her having to tell him that she's cancelling their plans to babysit Jamie and Kelly, who Brady is having an affair with, being close enough to see them.
  • Badass Normal: Besides Loomis, Rachel is the only non-police officer character that can actually fight back against Michael in 4.
  • Battle Couple: Although they are broken up by the time they encounter Michael, Brady and Rachel still try to assault him over the course of the film and are among the few romantic pairings to mutually fight back against Michael in the series.
  • Being Good Sucks: There's the time she watched her boyfriend die trying to buy her and her stepsister time to get away from Michael, then she got knocked unconscious trying to get Jamie out of the Meeker house, then after it all seems over, she ends the night with the revelation that her own mother has been stabbed.
  • Berserk Button: Threatening Jamie or trying to criticize her attempts to woo Brady. Michael gets attacked by her for the former act, and Kelly gets coffee to the shirt for the latter.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Rachel is a nice girl who is friendly toward others and generally respectful of those around her, but she can be driven to acts of violence if Jamie is threatened.
  • Big Damn Heroes: After Michael dispatches with Loomis and just as he grabs Jamie's leg, Rachel blinds him with a fire extinguisher and removes Jamie from his grasp.
  • Big Eater: Implied to have been one in the past, given that she's on a diet by the time 4 takes place.
  • Big Good: She is this for Jamie. While Loomis and Meeker are more effective at suppressing Michael than she is, Rachel is the only one who Jamie shows relief to see and who she panics for when not in their presence. Rachel is also the most attentive to Jamie, as she often holds her when the two are being driven somewhere.
  • Big "NO!": Rachel lets one out when she gets fatally stabbed by Michael.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Rachel is devoted to protecting Jamie.
  • Birds of a Feather:
    • With Tina. Both are unrelated to Jamie but care deeply about her and like to hang out with their friends when they can.
    • With Dr. Loomis. Both are among the few to know that Jamie was not in control of herself when she attacked Mrs. Carruthers and are worried that Michael will return.
  • Blue Is Heroic: She wears a blue-gray sweater during the fourth film and is a Final Girl.
  • Break the Cutie: Rachel was a normal teenage girl, living happily with her parents and foster sister Jamie until Michael came into her life. Within a year, she sits at the side of her traumatized foster sister, has worries that Michael will come back to hurt her, Jamie, and everyone else she cares about, and feels guilty even though it was out of her control.
  • Bridal Carry: Rachel carries Jamie this way after she saves her from Michael at the schoolhouse in 4.
  • Broken Pedestal:
    • Rachel begins the film believing so highly in Brady as a romantic partner that she feels bad about not being able to go on date with him thanks to her responsibilities to Jamie and doubts her ability to appeal to him. After she discovers his affair with Kelly, her opinion of him is significantly diminished, to the point of rebuffing her previous view that he was different from other guys.
    • This is subverted with Jamie in 5. Though Rachel could have taken to believing that Jamie was evil and didn't deserve her devotion after the possessed-girl stabbed her mother, she instead holds to the belief that she wasn't responsible for what she did that night and it doesn't change the way she feels about her.
  • Brutal Honesty: Outright accuses Kelly of lying about not knowing of her relationship with Brady and alludes to her past efforts at stealing boys.
  • Bookends: Rachel is introduced in the Carruthers house in 4, and dies in the Carruthers house in 5.
  • Butt-Monkey: This is her overall role in the series. She loses her boyfriend the same night that her stepsister stabs her mother and is killed a year later.
  • Changed My Mind, Kid: Originally she was very annoyed by having to babysit Jamie, but upon realizing she unintentionally hurt her feelings, Rachel tries to make amends with her by showing some happiness at the prospect of them spending time together that night.
  • Characterization Marches On: In 4, Rachel is shown to proceed cautiously when alone, as demonstrated when she and Jamie are separated from each other after the latter goes off trick-or-treating. Come the next film and when pressed by Loomis to check on Max after Jamie has a convulsion about Michael messing with him, Rachel asks why and is annoyed by being yelled at, seemingly completely unconvinced Michael could be in her home.
  • Cheated Death, Died Anyway: She survived a pretty large fall from the Meeker house, which seemingly left both Jamie and Michael believing that she was dead, just to get killed a year later via a surprise stabbing from Michael.
  • Chickification: Although it's a little hard to tell due to her limited screentime, Rachel is struck with this in 5. She is seen being motherly toward Jamie, which includes off-screen crying, and wears makeup and dresses in a more feminine way, as she never wears pants throughout the sequel nor does she fight back against Michael like in the previous installment.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Rachel is well-aware she cannot defeat Michael in a straight-up fight and will either use other weapons or methods to attack him like running him over.
  • Conflicting Loyalty: Has this in the sense that while she is committed to keeping Jamie safe from Michael, she doesn't want to leave Brady behind to face him. Brady demands that she leave but she pleads for him to come with them and only goes after he dies.
  • Cool Big Sister: To Jamie.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Rachel has several instances of making witty comebacks to comments from others, including her own mother.
    Rachel: Mom, I'm on a diet. You want an oinker for a daughter?
  • Death Glare: Gives one to Kelly during their conversation about Brady in the Meeker house.
  • Decoy Protagonist: Halloween 5 begins with Rachel by Jamie's side, openly worried about her, and seemingly going to play a major role in preventing Michael from reaching her once again. She is killed in the first act.
  • Demoted to Extra: In the fifth film.
  • Determinator: Throughout Halloween 4, she does anything and everything to keep Jamie safe from Michael, including suffering a heavy fall that renders her unconscious.
  • Devoted to You: Rachel has multiple chances to run away from Michael and save herself, but will never do it if he is going after Jamie. She will stay by her side no matter what.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Jamie stabbing her mother was something Rachel had no way of predicting.
  • Dies Wide Open: Her corpse is seen with its eyes open when Jamie stumbles upon it. Some fans actually argue that this could mean she is still alive, since she seems to close her eyes after Michael stabs her and Jamie doesn’t linger to check her vital signs.
  • Dirty Coward: Subverted. At first she runs from Michael, even begging him to leave her and Jamie alone. After Rachel falls and is rendered unconscious, she is no longer a target of Michael as he pursues Jamie to the schoolhouse. Instead of looking for police to keep herself safe or finding somewhere to hide, she directly confronts Michael in order to save her foster sister.
  • The Dreaded: Considering that Michael likely remembered how close she was to Jamie, and the tough time that she gave him, its possible he felt this way toward Rachel and this was the reason for his killing of her being one of the first things he did when he came back to Haddonfield.
  • Driven by Envy: What causes Rachel to throw coffee on Kelly's shirt. She despises her for seducing Brady, and especially for trying to assert it was her fault that Brady strayed from her.
  • Drives Like Crazy: The one time we see Rachel behind the wheel she's speeding and moving the car haphazardly, but then, she does have Michael on the roof and only takes the wheel after the original driver is murdered by him.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Her: With a healthy dose of realism; in the fifth film, Michael manages to catch her off guard and kills her without a fight.
  • Eager Rookie: While its doubtful Rachel has faced a threat like Michael before in her life, knowing that he wants to hurt Jamie is all it takes for her to keep trying to stop him.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Subverted. Although she is able to save Jamie from Michael by the end of 4, the night hardly ends on an uplifting note as Rachel finds Jamie after she stabs her mother.
  • Easily Forgiven: Although Jamie was clearly hurt by Rachel's frustration over having to babysit her, she hardly mentions it afterward as they spend time together.
  • Emotion Suppression: In 5, Rachel tries to hide her growing worries about Michael returning and her not being around to protect Jamie in the event that he resumes his Halloween killing spree. She is not entirely effective, as Jamie notices a sign of her sadness while she visits her at the clinic and Loomis rightfully observes that she is afraid.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Rachel's first scene in 4 is her sitting next to Jamie as she stares out a window in a conversation where she notes that she used to be babysat by Jamie's mother and the pair are not real sisters but that it doesn't change the fact that she loves her. This sets up Rachel's small-town origins and strong affections for her foster younger sibling.
  • Even the Loving Hero Has Hated Ones: Throughout both of her appearances, Rachel is only hostile toward Kelly and Michael. She despises Kelly for role in ruining her relationship with Brady, and hates Michael for trying to kill Jamie.
  • The Everyman: Rachel stands out in 4 for being an ordinary teenage girl with enough dynamics, such as a little sister she cares about and a budding romance which she is insecure of, to be relatable for many viewers.
  • Everyone Has Standards: No matter how annoyed she was with having to babysit Jamie, Rachel wasn't going to let her get murdered by her uncle.
  • Excellent Judge of Character: She knows that Kelly has stolen boyfriends before and assumes her to be making the same move toward Brady, which is vindicated when she sees him inside her home.
  • Experienced Protagonist: Downplayed. In 5, while she is rightfully worried about Michael coming back and shows more concern for Jamie's well-being than most others, she also shows frustration when Loomis tries to get her to check for Michael being in her house.
  • Facepalm: Rachel has one after she realizes she hurt Jamie's feelings when complaining to her parents about having to babysit.
  • Failure Hero: Downplayed as she successfully prevents Michael from killing Jamie in 4, but still suffers major losses including her mother's near-fatal stabbing by a possessed-Jamie, and the end of her own life a year later.
  • Final Girl: In the fourth film, along with Jamie.
  • First Girl Wins: Rachel was with Brady before he cheated with Kelly, and she is the one that Brady gives his life for in trying to give her time to escape.
  • Foil:
    • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers:
      • Rachel and Jamie both are girls who have a connection to Laurie Strode, know of Michael's past, and are put under extreme distress during the film that brings them to the point of crying. While Jamie is a child, Rachel is a teenager. Jamie is an orphan while Rachel has both of her parents. Jamie can't defend herself against Michael while Rachel can defend herself, and Jamie, from him. Rachel is seen with friends like Lindsay and gets along well with fellow teenagers while Jamie appears to have no friends and gets bulled at school.
      • To Michael Myers. Both are Haddonfield natives with a connection to Jamie and have or previously had blonde hair. Rachel is not related to Jamie by blood while Michael is. Rachel has known Jamie well before the events of the film while Michael was unaware of her existence until the movie starts. Michael wants to kill Jamie while Rachel wants to keep her safe. Jamie runs away from Michael while she often runs to Rachel. They also have different fates, as the film's intention is to convey Michael is dead while Rachel is alive to see Jamie inherit his evil and demonstrate it by stabbing Rachel's mother.
      • To Kelly Meeker. Both are blonde-haired teenage girls with loving fathers, a romantic interest in Brady, and are attacked by Michael during the film. However, whereas Rachel is officially in a relationship with Brady, Kelly pursues a secretive hookup with him. Kelly has no siblings and thus no responsibilities to impede her desire for Brady while Rachel has a younger foster sister who she has to watch, which indirectly leads to her being unable to spend more time with Brady. Rachel is not seen doing things behind her parents back while Kelly uses her empty home as the meeting place for her affair. Rachel believes a romantic relationship should be respected while Kelly only believes this should be the case if it is a marriage. They also have different fates, as Rachel survives the film while Kelly dies. Although if one counts Rachel's death in the following film, then they are given a further connection by being killed by Michael in their own home.
    • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers: Rachel and Tina are both teenage girls who share an affection for Jamie and have an interest in being there for her. Both also die during the film. However, Rachel is related to Jamie through adoption while Tina is just a close friend. Rachel has met Michael and worries of him coming back to hurt Jamie while Tina has never encountered him and thus does not take the threat of his return seriously. Rachel fought back against Michael and only ran away when she had to while Tina only runs away. Rachel stayed by Jamie's side throughout the duration of 4 to protect her while Tina's habit of leaving her side puts them both in danger. Rachel doubted her romantic relationship with Brady while Tina has no worries of her boyfriend Mike's commitment to her.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: The Responsible Sibling to Jamie's Foolish Sibling. Rachel is trusted by her parents and considered mature enough to watch Jamie while the latter's well-being is of great concern to Rachel's parents due to her young age and having her life drastically changed due to her parents' death. Despite their different personalities, they care greatly for each other.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: After her death, Rachel is only mentioned once by Tina and goes completely undiscussed until Jamie finds her body and shouts her name.
  • Freak Out: When Rachel and Brady discover the corpses in the Meeker house, and Jamie is nowhere to be seen, Rachel begins panicking over her, until Jamie appears at the top of the staircase.
  • Friend to All Living Things: She is shown to be friendly toward the Carruthers family's pet dog Max in 5, and is clearly troubled when he goes missing.
  • The Friends Who Never Hang: Seems to be the case with Samantha. The latter speaks of Rachel in a pleasant way, seems to have been to her house before, and is a mutual friend with Tina, but is never seen interacting with Rachel.
  • Gaining the Will to Kill: When Rachel first encounters Michael in the Meeker house, she begs for him to leave her and Jamie alone. As the night goes on and as she seemingly realizes that talking to him is futile, she tries attacking him and calls for him to die toward the film's end.
  • Generation Xerox: To Laurie Strode. Both are blonde-haired teenage girls who protect a young child they are babysitting from Michael, both know the sheriff and his daughter who ends up getting killed by Michael, and both discover the corpses of his victims in the house of a family they are acquainted with.
  • Glass Cannon: Rachel can shoot Michael with a fire extinguisher and run him over, but a stab to the shoulder is enough to kill her.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Rachel is a nice girl who will have no problem attacking or killing you if you try to hurt Jamie.
  • Guilt Complex: Seems to have developed this before the events of 5. She feels guilty about leaving Jamie to get away from Haddonfield, despite knowing that she can't assist her with her trauma (an effect of being possessed by Michael and stabbing her stepmother) like Loomis can since she isn't a medical professional. Rachel is also troubled by the idea of leaving Jamie alone given that she knows Michael is alive, even though she's aware her best efforts are likely not to stop Michael permanently and the Haddonfield police will be more effective protectors for her.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Rachel has blonde hair and is very protective of Jamie. Any violence she demonstrates toward Michael is to keep him away from her and at one point she even pleads for him to leave them alone.
  • He's Just Hiding: In-Universe example. When Brady tries to get Rachel to flee the Meeker house with him and asserts that Michael has probably already killed Jamie, Rachel refuses to believe she's dead. Turns out she was right.
  • Heroic Second Wind: After getting knocked out by her fall from the Meeker house, Rachel recovers and finds Jamie and Michael in the schoolhouse and saves her just as he grabs her leg.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Has this dynamic with Jamie. The two are hardly seen without each other before Rachel's death in 5.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Rachel constructs a means for her and Jamie to flee the Meeker house...and is knocked unconscious by her very own creation, disabling her to flee from Michael.
  • Hope Bringer: She is this to Jamie when she is being chased or attacked by Michael, as the latter knows her big foster sister will protect her.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: Most prominently in her conversation with Kelly, where she gives the latter a piercing, cold stare even when Kelly has her back turned.
  • Improvised Weapon: When Michael grabs Jamie's leg after she hurts herself from a fall, Rachel uses a fire extinguisher to obstruct Michael's view and get Jamie away from him.
  • Insecure Love Interest: She is shown doubting herself in her efforts to woo Brady.
  • Irony: Rachel spends all night trying to prevent Michael from killing one family member (Jamie), just for that family member to turn around and try to murder her own mother.
  • It's Personal: With Michael, for trying to kill Jamie. She even calls for him to die when running him over.
  • Jumped at the Call: Shows no hesitation endangering herself to protect Jamie from Michael.
  • Kill the Cutie: Rachel is a genuinely loveable and kind hearted soul who would do anything to protect Jamie, her death 20 minutes into the film shows that no one is safe, also like Tina's death it has a severe impact on poor Jamie who loses both her sister and best friend in the same night.
  • Knight Templar Big Sister: To Jamie, what with her uncle trying to kill her and all.
  • Lack of Empathy:
    • Subverted with Jamie. While Rachel is annoyed at having to babysit her, she is nevertheless understanding to the girl's struggles over losing her parents and her poor treatment at school. This causes her to quickly get over her own change in circumstance and try to appeal to Jamie so the pair may have fun together.
    • Played straight with Brady. When the latter tries justifying why he was cheating on her with Kelly, Rachel isn't having it.
  • Light Is Good: With her blonde hair and light blue jeans, she counts as this.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Rachel is this for Jamie. By the time of 4, Jamie has been orphaned for almost a year and gets bullied at school for both her mother's death and Michael being her uncle. Outside of Rachel, Jamie is not seen to be open about expressing her feelings toward anyone, and Rachel will typically sit with her and offer some words of comfort. Even if Rachel doesn't want to spend time with Jamie because it cuts into her plans, she will still try to make her feel welcome and look on the bright side to them being together. Rachel's death in the following film, which Jamie discovers during the climax, solicits arguably the biggest scream from Jamie in the series.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Subverted. Rachel not only knows about the events of the first two films, but even has to tell Brady who Michael is and Jamie's connection to him. Of any of the fourth film's new characters, she's the only non-adult who seems acutely aware of what happened ten years ago.
  • Loving a Shadow: Invokes this when she finds out Brady is having an affair with Kelly, betraying her previous belief that he was different from other guys and asserting a new view that his true self is that of a disloyal, heartbreaking, selfish cheater.
  • Made of Iron: Rivals Laurie in this regard when she falls off a roof in the fourth film and survives.
  • Mama Wolf: Rachel is as protective of Jamie as a mother would be of her own child. She openly risks her life to save her and usually positions herself between Jamie and Michael, such as when she has Jamie to leave the Meeker house first when the two are fleeing and when she is grabbed on the shoulder by Michael while Jamie is sitting on the car's floor.
  • Maternally Challenged: Subverted. While Rachel would rather not be babysitting Jamie, thanks to their bonding, she is adept at knowing what to say to cheer her up and how to make her have fun. She is also very comforting of her when they find out Michael is pursuing her, holding her and for the most part, staying by her side.
  • Modesty Towel: Due to a shower scene in the fifth movie.
  • Never Found the Body: Michael moves Rachel's corpse from the Carruthers house to the Myers house. While Jamie stumbles upon it in the attic while she's fleeing from Michael, it's unknown if she ever communicated where it was to the officers that later came to her aid.
  • Nice Girl: She's a very nice person who cares deeply for her foster sister.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: Tries to invoke this when Brady orders her to leave while he holds off Michael, and she responds by pleading for him to come with her and Jamie, as she knows he'll be killed if he faces Michael alone.
  • Nothing Personal: Subverted. Although Rachel has never been personally affected by Michael's actions before the events of 4, knowing what he wants to do to Jamie is all it takes for her to want his death.
  • Number Two: Seems to be this to Loomis in 5. She's the only one that visits Jamie who he never tries to get to leave her or question the actions of outright.
  • Odd Friendship: With Tina. Although they seem to get along well, Rachel is much more composed, respectful, and average than her, but never is shown being upset with any of Tina's eccentric behaviors.
  • One True Love: Rachel believes Brady to be this to her.
    Rachel: I think tonight Brady was ready to make a commitment. But now, my future relationship, my engagement, my marriage, my children, and your grandchildren have all been wiped out because I have to babysit.
  • Only Sane Woman: Rachel fits this in 5. Compared to the mute Jamie, the increasingly erratic Loomis, and the party girl Tina, she is the most normal of the informal group that helps the officers protect Jamie from Michael. No wonder things get worse for Jamie, Loomis, and Tina in her absence.
  • Parental Substitute: Whenever the elder Carruthers are not around, Rachel begrudgingly is this for Jamie. The first instance seen is the babysitting on Halloween night in 4 and this happens again when the Carruthers leave before the start of 5.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Between finding Jamie and the film's conclusion, Rachel is this in 4, with the only exceptions being when she reacts in terror to Michael killing someone or Jamie stabbing her mother.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • Although Rachel is adamant that she and Jamie are not sisters, she makes sure to remind her that this does not lessen her love for her.
    • Rachel quickly realizes she hurt Jamie's feelings when she overheard her complaining about having to babysit her, and goes to make things right by showing a happier side of herself as she offers to take her trick-or-treating or to get some ice cream.
  • Piggyback Cute: Rachel gives Jamie one when the two are on the roof of the Meeker house, though they lose their formation when Michael catches up to them and stands up.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Wears a pink shirt in the fifth film.
  • Present Absence: Although Rachel is mentioned only a few times after her death in 5, the plot plays out the way it does largely due to her absence. Without Rachel, there is no one to mediate the tension between Jamie and Loomis that prevents her from telling him where Michael is with her powers, no friend to convince Tina not to go to the Tower Farm at Jamie's request, and no one to defend Jamie by the film's end after Loomis has a heart attack and the officers are killed which enables her kidnapping.
  • Promotion to Parent: Rachel becomes this for Jamie between 4 and 5 in the absence of her parents. She's the main visitor of Jamie at the clinic and the one Loomis seemingly is most comfortable leaving her alone with. Rachel is seen staying by Jamie's side including when she sleeps and giving Jamie instructions of when she will return to see her.
  • Properly Paranoid: In 4, Rachel is greatly worried when she is separated from Jamie because she knows Michael is after her and that Jamie cannot defend herself from him. In 5, Rachel fears that Michael will come back and kill more people in his effort to get to Jamie. Turns out she was right.
  • Remember the New Girl?: Despite not appearing in the first two films, Rachel has connections to characters who appeared in them, as she was babysat by Laurie Strode and is friends with Lindsey.
  • The Resenter: Though she loves Jamie, she is resentful of having to watch her because it interferes with her romance with Brady.
  • The Rival: To Kelly Meeker for the affections of Brady. Rachel chooses to confront her over interjecting herself into their romance and Kelly not only lies about not knowing of their romance, but chides Rachel for not being able to keep him loyal.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Moustapha Akkad stated that he wanted Michael to kill Rachel early in 5 to show that no one was safe this time.
  • Sadistic Choice: When Brady refuses to go along with Rachel and Jamie, she is left with the option of either staying behind with him and endangering Jamie further, or leaving Brady behind so that he can be killed by Michael. She tries the first option and runs with Jamie after Brady's death.
  • Screaming Woman: Rachel screams usually when Michael is around and hurting someone, such as her shout when she pleads for Brady to leave with her, and during her own death in the following film.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: After rescuing Jamie from Michael at the schoolhouse, she discourages the mob from trying to attack Michael and tells them they should leave Haddonfield and let the state police deal with Michael instead.
  • Self-Deprecation: When Lindsey asserts her as being desperate, Rachel noticeably doesn't deny this characterization of her attempts to woo Brady.
  • Shower Scene: Rachel has a scene at the start of 5, to illustrate how vulnerable to, and unsuspecting of, Michael she is.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Averted. Likely due to the large age gap, Rachel and Jamie never compete with each other and instead get along well for the most part. Rachel never displays a belief that her parents treat Jamie better and seems fine sharing them as parents with her foster sister.
  • Sibling Team: Jamie and Rachel are this throughout 4 with Rachel being the one that comes up with ways of getting away from Michael and Jamie following her orders.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: With Jamie. Rachel is calm, assertive, and authoritative while Jamie is shy, fearful, and indecisive.
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Rachel only shows romantic interest in Brady in the fourth film, and is never shown pining for a man after his death.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: The reason for her attraction to Brady, a belief that he will be committed to her.
  • Slashers Prefer Blondes: Subverted in the fourth film, but played straight in 5 as she's Michael's first victim upon his return to Haddonfield.
  • Sole Survivor:
    • Rachel and Jamie are the only two to survive being in the Meeker house when Michael starts killing people.
    • Rachel, Jamie, and Sheriff Meeker are the only named Haddonfield residents who survive 4.
  • Sour Supporter: Although she is mostly supportive of Jamie, it can irritate Rachel quite a bit when her duties as a foster sister conflict with her romantic life.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Rachel looks very much like a younger version of her mother.
  • Stunned Silence: Rachel stands wordless with her father, Loomis, and Meeker after Jamie stabs her mother.
  • Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: Final Girl of the fourth film, killed off with ease in the fifth.
  • Supporting Leader: Although a main character of the fourth film, Rachel's role is secondary to Jamie, who is the main protagonist as she's the most plot important character due to Michael coming to Haddonfield to get to her.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: Her death comes off as this. Given that Michael enters her home sometime before she starts showering that morning, Rachel is defenseless and seems convinced he's not there since Michael usually only appears at night. When he sneaks up on her, she is taken by surprise and it is after he was able to hide from the officers that she had to inspect her house.
  • Sweet Tooth: When Jamie initially turns down going out for Halloween, Rachel suggests they go to Dairy Queen and smiles when Jamie asks if they can get double scoops.
  • Take the Wheel: Rachel does this after her driver is murdered by Michael, and has to push his corpse out of the vehicle to effectively command the vehicle.
  • Take Up My Sword: After her death in the fifth film, Tina Williams looks after Jamie in her place.
  • Tears of Remorse: She begins to shed some after becoming separated from Jamie in the Meeker house, out of fear that Michael got to her and that she failed to protect her. Rachel promptly drops them when they reunite.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Has this with Brady. The pair have to work together in the Meeker house despite being on bad terms due to his cheating.
  • Tempting Fate: By 5, Rachel knows that Michael is silent and likes to sneak up on people. Yet she goes into her home, a place where Michael knows she lives, alone with a dog that realistically cannot protect her from him and at one point seems annoyed by Loomis calling her to check on her status.
  • Together in Death: This seems to have been the case with Max. Considering that her corpse and Max's were found by Jamie in the attic together, Michael presumably killed the dog shortly after murdering Rachel and moved their bodies together to his old home.
  • Too Good for This Sinful Earth: Rachel is a very good natured and selfless person who would do anything to protect her adopted sister and is easily one of the kindest characters in the series. Michael ruthlessly murders her likely to stop her from protecting Jamie again. Halloween 5 director Dominque Othenin-Girard stated in an interview that he thought Rachel's death would be seen as unfair because of how nice of a person she was.
  • Tough Love: Rachel is so startled by having become separated from Jamie that when they reunite she holds her tightly and sternly tells her to never do this again.
  • Tranquil Fury: Displays this toward Kelly when she confronts her over having a relationship with Brady. She doesn't yell but calmly pushes back on her lie that she didn't know about their relationship and pours coffee on her shirt before meekly walking away.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Halloween 4 is this for her. Almost a year after Jamie has been adopted into her family, Rachel finds out Jamie's uncle is out to kill her. Michael kills Brady in front of her, after the latter tried to get her to leave with him. Then, after it looks like Michael has been killed, she finds out that Jamie has stabbed her mother.
  • True Blue Femininity: Rachel wears a blue nightgown at the start of 4, and blue pants throughout the rest of the film.
  • True Companions: While she may have her issues babysitting Jamie, Rachel will always be there for her in her times of need.
  • Undignified Death: Rachel dies from a stabbing to the shoulder by Michael that is preceded by her begging for him not to strike her. Even worse, the original intention was for Rachel to have scissors pushed down her throat, and this was only changed after Ellie Cornell objected to it.
  • The Unfavorite: Although Rachel's parents don't seem to like her less than Jamie, because of the latter losing her parents, Rachel's parents do place a certain emphasis on comforting her and will make Rachel watch her at the expense of the latter's plans.
  • Uniqueness Decay: In 4, Rachel is one of the few people to treat Jamie's well-being with great concern and is the only non-adult who is shown to constantly care for her. Come 5, however, and this role has been assumed by Tina and Billy as well.
  • Unlikely Hero: A normal teenage girl who's family adopts her old babysitter's kid, after the latter's premature death, ends up risking her life repeatedly just to keep her away from her murderous uncle who had long since become a legend in their hometown.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension: While she and Brady broke up by the time she realized he was cheating with Kelly, they were on better terms as the night wore on and thanks to Michael killing Brady, if they would have gotten back together will remain unknown.
  • Upbringing Makes the Hero: It is clear her parents are the reason Rachel is as noble and caring of Jamie as she is. Between their rushing to Jamie's aid after they hear her screaming, and Rachel's father telling her that Jamie needs all the love they "can give her right now", her concern is inherited.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Seems to be this with Lindsay, who is able to call her out for being desperate without Rachel protesting.
  • Was Too Hard on Him: Quickly realizes how mean what she said about babysitting Jamie was.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Like Michael's other opponents, Rachel has no superhuman powers but is able to get the jump on him through her intellect and improvisation.
  • Weirdness Magnet: By the end of 4, Rachel has protected her foster sister from her murderous and seemingly supernaturally-powered uncle, and partnered with his erratic psychiatrist, the sheriff and father of her romantic rival, and several beer-bellied townsfolk looking for revenge.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Rachel's father calls her out for speaking irritably about having to babysit Jamie after the latter confirms that she heard her.
  • What You Are in the Dark: When Rachel is separated from Jamie, and alone with Brady, the latter tries to get her to leave the house with him on the assumption that Jamie has been killed by Michael. If the two left, Michael most certainly would have killed Jamie and no one would blame Rachel for fleeing for her own safety. However, Rachel refuses to leave without Jamie and is soon reunited with her.
  • When She Smiles: Throughout 4, most of the time Rachel only smiles when she is trying to cheer Jamie up, and many times she carries a neutral expression in light of the film's events. Her face glows with relief when she finds Jamie unharmed after the two are separated in the Meeker house.
  • White Shirt of Death: Wears a long-sleeved white shirt when she is killed.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: The opening of 5 can be seen as this for Rachel. Her mother has seemingly recovered full from the stabbing attempt a possessed Jamie made on her, Jamie is seemingly recovering from her trauma, and her friend Tina has also become close to Jamie. Too bad things will only get worse from here.
  • You Are Not Alone: Rachel is a living reminder for Jamie that she is not alone despite losing her parents prematurely and having no friends at school.
  • Your Makeup Is Running: Has this at the start of 5 and Jamie has to point to her eye for her to correct it.

    Sheriff Ben Meeker 

Sheriff Ben Meeker

Played By: Beau Starr

Appearances: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers | Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

"Hey, I got a town full of beer bellies running around in the dark with shotguns! Who's gonna be next? Somebody's wife? Somebody's kid? I can't stand by for that."

The new sheriff of Haddonfield after Brackett retired. Much like his predecessor, Loomis comes to him for assistance when Myers once again breaks free but unlike Leigh, it doesn't take long for him to be convinced of Michael's threat. He spends the remainder of 4 and 5 helping Loomis stop Myers.

  • Agent Scully: Initially, but it doesn't take long for him to become convinced that Myers is back in Haddonfield. He only doubts Loomis at first due to fairly sound arguments.
  • Badass Normal: Meeker is more than ready to join Loomis in hunting Myers down and at the end of 4, is leading the state police and lynch mob in blasting Michael with shotguns, pistols, and rifles. The beginning of 5 shows him even allowing the lynch mob to toss dynamite down to finish off Michael.
  • Berserk Button: He gets pissed when Loomis brings up his dead daughter in the fifth film.
  • Boyfriend-Blocking Dad: While telling Brady to load up a shotgun in Return of Michael Myers, Meeker lets him know that Brady's been seeing his daughter.
    "Oh, yeah... I catch you gropin' my daughter, I'll use that shotgun on you. You understand?"
  • Deadpan Snarker: Ben can be rather dry with his humor.
    Loomis: "Oh, Sheriff Meeker, my name is Dr.-"
    Meeker: "Loomis. Folks around here aren't likely to forget your face. At least not cops."
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He can be rather grumpy and curt but overall, he's a man who's trying his best to stop a serial killer and protect his town. His interactions with Loomis showcase this the best. He's obviously a little irritated by the man's paranoia but recognizes the validity of the claims.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Ben's daughter, Kelly, is one of Michael's victims in Return of Michael Myers.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: The moment he acknowledges that Michael is indeed back and Loomis is correct, he grabs a shotgun and accompanies Loomis in searching for Jamie to get her to safety.
  • Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: He's heavily implied to have been killed in the police station massacre in the fifth film.

    Kelly Meeker 

Kelly Meeker

Played By: Kathleen Kinmont

Sheriff Meeker's daughter.

  • Asshole Victim: As she stole Rachel's boyfriend Brady from her, and deserved a heinous death like getting impaled by a shotgun for it.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Michael stabs her with a shotgun, pinning her to a wall.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She gets an extended lingerie scene and she's never seen wearing pants throughout the film.
  • Oh, Crap!: Has an epic one when she finds herself face to face with Michael Myers after finding Deputy Logan's corpse.
  • Pet the Dog: She displays concern for Jamie when she has a Freak Out after seeing Michael at the store and is among those who goes over to check on her. She also prepares coffee for the deputies guarding the house.
  • Slashers Prefer Blondes: She's blonde and doesn't survive an encounter with Michael.
  • Statuesque Stunner: She's a Ms. Fanservice character who stands 5'10".
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Kelly could be considered a Composite Character of Laurie's friends in the original film: A blonde Ms. Fanservice (Lynda) and Sheriff's daughter (Annie) who gets killed by getting pinned to a wall (Bob).



Played By: Sasha Jenson

Rachel's boyfriend.

  • Defiant to the End: As Michael lifts him into the air by his throat, Brady spends his last moments spitting at him.
  • Determinator: Does everything he can to help Rachel and Jamie escape: firing on Michael, bashing him with a shotgun, and finally resorting to Good Old Fisticuffs.
  • Hormone-Addled Teenager: One of the reasons why there's conflict between him and Rachel is because they were supposed to have sex that night, but Rachel has to babysit Jamie. So he goes for the next pretty girl who will have him: Kelly.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Despite cheating on Rachel with Kelly, he dies fighting to protect her and Jamie from Michael.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: Subverted. Meeker gives him a shotgun to use as the last line of defense for Rachel and Jamie, but Brady is completely ineffective with it; when he tries to Shoot Out the Lock he burns his fingers, then the gun jams and once he's able to get it right, Michael is on top of him and makes Brady miss.

    Reverend Jackson P. Sayer 

Reverend Jackson P. Sayer

Played By: Carmen Flipi

An elderly traveling preacher who Loomis hitches a ride with to get to Haddonfield.

  • The Alleged Car: His pickup truck isn't in good shape.
  • As Long as There Is Evil: Seems to have this mindset. His statement about evil's implacability serves as eerie Foreshadowing to the ending of the film when Jamie stabs Mrs. Carruthers.
    "You can't kill damnation, mister. It don't die like a man does!"
  • Functional Addict: His consumption of alcohol does little to keep him from driving safely.
  • Hero of Another Story: He's been chasing an unknown evil for 30 years, and nearly took it out a couple times.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Only appears for one scene, but he's the reason Loomis is able to reach Haddonfield.

Introduced in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    Tina Williams 

Tina Williams

Played By: Wendy Kaplan

Appearances: Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

"I'm never sensible if I can help it TEHEHEHE!"

Rachel's best friend in the fifth film. Tina is a foil to the level headed Rachel, being very loud and prone to bad choices, although she does have a good heart.

  • Aborted Arc: Although Tina appears to die in Halloween 5, according to the book Taking Shape II: The Lost Halloween Sequels, Wendy Kaplan was in consideration to reprise her role as Tina in the sixth film. This likely would have meant the character would have been Only Mostly Dead.
  • Affectionate Nickname: She calls her best friend Samantha "Sammy" and her boyfriend Mike "Mikey". She is the only one to call either of them by these names.
  • All for Nothing: While Tina did save Jamie from Michael, considering the pair were captured later that night and Jamie ended up getting killed by her uncle anyway, her sacrifice can seem null and void.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Tina falls for the shades-wearing, brooding, car-obsessed Mike.
  • All-Loving Hero: Although she proclaims that she hates cats, she's shown to be friendly toward them along with Jamie's dog Max.
  • Alone with the Psycho: Michael, disguised as her boyfriend Mike, is able to get Tina alone and in his car. She only gets away from him due to her insistence to stop at a gas station and the cops arriving to locate her at Jamie's request.
  • Aloof Ally: She is this to Jamie, Loomis, and the Haddonfield police, as all remember what Michael did in 4 but she constantly shows little to no interest in taking the threat he poses toward her seriously enough to heed their warnings. A primary example is when she comes back to the clinic and tucks Jamie in, disregarding her warnings on account of her age and even calling Loomis "creepy" for filling her head with such claims.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Whether Michael ever intended to kill Tina. Seeing as how he doesn't try attacking her when they're alone in her boyfriend's car and even after she finds the corpses of his victims at the Tower Farm party, it can be surmised he might have been uninterested or waiting for her usefulness to run out, though this is still dubious since he tries killing both Billy and Jamie and only kills Tina when she gets in his way.
  • Ambiguously Absent Parent: Tina's parents are never mentioned throughout the film.
  • Angst? What Angst?: The last thing a concerned-looking Tina sees, at the end of her first visit to Jamie in the film, is a rock thrown through the young girl's window with a message insisting that she must die. In her next scene, she's seen playing with Max and telling Rachel about a party.
  • Animal Lover: Zigzagged. She likes Jamie's dog Max, but declares that she hates cats after playing with them.
  • Auto Erotica: She tells Sam that she and Mike enjoy doing it in the car.
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Although Tina teases and speaks negatively of Mike both to his face and away from him, she does seem to enjoy spending time with him and they share a passionate kiss after she briefly scares him with a mask.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: When she is grabbed by officers at the gas station so that they may bring her back to the clinic, she correctly surmises that something has happened to Jamie, who had entered a convulsion after Tina was picked up by Michael posing as her murdered boyfriend.
  • Awkward Kiss: With Mike after he picks her up from her house. Despite not realizing this is Michael, she does feel weirded out enough by it to comment on it not feeling right.
  • The Atoner: The weekend before 5, Tina and Mike did something to Samantha that makes her reluctant to get in the latter's car. While Tina is remorseful, Mike smiles as he denies feeling bad about his role in disenfranchising her.
  • Badass Cape: The stylish one on her Halloween costume.
  • Badass Normal: Although she's mostly a carefree party girlgive her credit for outrunning Michael's car and managing to temporarily stop him from attacking Jamie at the cost of her own life.
  • Being Good Sucks: Unlike many other characters, most of her shortcomings happen in a day. There's the time her boyfriend was murdered by Michael, then her best friend and her boyfriend were killed, then that time Michael was trying to run her over before Jamie made her presence known, and then Tina giving her life to stop Jamie from getting killed.
  • Being Watched: Tina looks back at the Carruthers house with a prolonged stare as she leaves with Sam. Her suspicions are correct, as Michael was in the house and had just killed Rachel.
  • Berserk Button:
    • It seems to be ignoring her or denying her something she wants. When Michael posing as Mike doesn't stop the car initially, she angrily tells him to stop the car and even insults him after she gets out.
    • In a similar vein to Rachel Tina is infuriated by Michael attempting to kill Jamie, and goes from a carefree party girl to chasing after Michael's car to protect Jamie in a heartbeat.
  • Bickering Couple, Peaceful Couple: She and Mike are the Bickering Couple to Sam and Spitz's Peaceful Couple. They are more inclined to argue or show hostility toward each other due to their different personalities while Sam and Spitz are never shown arguing and seem to just enjoy each other's company.
  • Big Damn Kiss: Tina and Mike have one in his car after she scares him with a mask.
  • Big Damn Reunion: Has this with Jamie after she comes back to the clinic and Jamie recovers from her convulsion.
  • Big Good: Tina is this to Jamie, as the latter is cheered up by her presence and actively worries about Tina when she is away. While Tina may not fight against Michael as hard as Rachel or Loomis have, she shares their care for Jamie nonetheless, and gives her life to protect the girl.
  • Big Sister Instinct: She is protective toward both Jamie and Billy when Michael tries hurting them, even giving her life for one of them.
  • Birds of a Feather:
    • With Rachel. Neither are biologically related to Jamie but care about her as much as they would a family member and bring Jamie great joy when they visit her at the clinic.
    • With Samantha. Both are teenage girls in relationships with boys and want to have fun on Halloween night.
    • With Billy. Both are dark-haired friends of Jamie that care so greatly for her well-being that they are willing to endanger themselves to be with her or keep her safe.
  • Black Comedy: In a town that has gone through two separate Michael Myers murder sprees in the last ten years, Tina joins Sam and Spitz in playing a prank on the officers that came with Tina to the Tower Farm party where the girls run from Spitz while he's dressed as Michael.
  • Blue Is Heroic: Wears a blue jacket for the first act of the film and is one of the movie's main protagonists.
  • Break the Cutie: Unlike most of Michael's victims Tina doesn't suffer an Instant Death Stab, so her final moments are spent laying on the ground bleeding to death and tearfully pleading at Jamie and Billy to run, living long enough to realise that Jamie is still in danger of falling victim to her uncle despite her efforts to save her.
  • Butt-Monkey: In the span of a few days, Tina loses her best friends, her boyfriend, and her life.
  • Can't Get Away with Nuthin': Attending the Tower Farm party, and thereby defying the wishes of both Jamie and Loomis for her to remain at the clinic results in Michael getting closer to her and her friends and ultimately murdering all of them.
  • Character Development: She starts off taking the threat of Michael not seriously. After seeing what he did to her friends and cops, she's much more proactive in protecting herself and later Jamie and Billy.
  • The Confidant: She is this Sam. They discuss their romantic lives with each other and seemingly no one else.
  • Conflicting Loyalty: Tina lacks the commitment Rachel had to Jamie due to her wishes to see her friends, and she is clearly bothered by having to pick one over the other.
  • Conspicuous Gloves: She has these as part of her Halloween costume.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: To Rachel.
    • Rachel was aware of Michael's previous murder sprees and took him seriously even before seeing him while Tina doesn't take him seriously until she realizes he's around her.
    • While both care about Jamie, Rachel is related to her via adoption while Tina is only a close friend.
    • Rachel has light hair while Tina has dark hair.
    • Rachel is never seen wearing a costume on Halloween in either of her appearances while Tina sports one in 5.
    • Rachel's parents are shown while Tina's are not.
    • Although both meet Dr. Loomis, Rachel works with and confides in him while Tina goes against his orders and keeps her feelings to herself.
    • While both are introduced seeing Jamie at the clinic in 5, Rachel is already there and silent while Tina shows up and is loud.
    • Rachel was worried about the security of her relationship with Brady while Tina shows no concerns about Mike straying from her. Additionally, in 5, Rachel is never shown having a romantic interest or current relationship while Tina is confirmed to be with Mike.
    • Their deaths. Rachel is killed inside her home and against her will during the day while Tina is killed outside and gives her life to protect Jamie during the night.
    • Also while Rachel is not happy at having to babysit Jamie at the expense of her date with Brady she still stays with Jamie not just out of obligation but sympathy after Jamie overhears her frustration at having to look after her. Tina in contrast goes to the party to meet Michael(boyfriend Michael, although she ends up meeting the other Michael instead) despite Jamie clearly being distressed and warning her about Myers, however like Rachel she's clearly upset about leaving Jamie on her own and thus hurting her.
  • Cool Big Sis: Tina is this to Jamie. The very first scene they have together features Jamie smiling brightly as she is embraced by Tina.
  • Copycat Mockery: Tina briefly does this to Loomis as he pleads with her to stay at the clinic with Jamie, saying "stay away" in an altered voice and throwing her hands up to invoke his worried mannerisms.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Inverted as she has brown hair and brown eyes, which are both natural in real life.
  • Damsel in Distress: Unlike Rachel, Tina is not shown to have any defensive capabilities and is forced to run from Michael when finally realizing he's targeting her.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: She starts the film wearing a black top and later has a Halloween costume with a black skirt and cape. Despite this, she is one of the film's main protagonists who is friendly toward almost everyone and just wants to have a good time.
  • Deadly Prank: Subverted. Although Tina and Spitz find themselves on the receiving end of guns after they prank the officers who brought her to the Tower Farm party, ultimately no one is harmed, although the prank causes the cops to lower their guard when they encounter the real Michael a short time later.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She has many moments of this.
    Jamie: The boogeyman.
    Tina: Oh yeah, that's one way of describing him.
  • Decoy Protagonist: Tina can come off as this, as although she gets the most focus of any character who isn't Loomis, Michael, or Jamie, an initial viewing would make it appear that she will be part of the final girl duo that survives the film in the same way that Rachel and Jamie were in 4.
  • Deer in the Headlights: Tina becomes this after finding the corpses of her friends and the officers following Michael's murder of them and is even in the headlights of the car Michael is driving before he turns his attention to Jamie.
  • Defiant to the End: Against Michael, who knives and kills her as a result.
  • Didn't See That Coming: Tina is surprised when she discovers the corpses of Spitz, Sam, and the officers Loomis ordered to follow her, as it confirms Michael was following her.
  • Disapproving Look: Seems to give Loomis one as she's about to leave Jamie's room due to him interrupting the fun she was having with Rachel and Jamie. It's not very clear since the camera focuses on her from the back, but the way she turns to look at him as she's leaving gives this off.
  • The Ditz: Tina is extremely airheaded and bubbly as well as impulsive, its even Lamp Shaded by Tina herself as shown by her title quote.
  • Dramatic Irony: After Michael kills Tina's boyfriend Mike, he hides the body and takes the latter's car to pick Tina up, disguising himself with the mask Tina gave Mike. Tina, thinking that Mike is just being silent, tries to flirt with Michael and only has a hint of something being wrong when she kisses his mask. The suspense of the scene is that she's completely at the mercy of the film's villain and whether the timely intervention of Jamie can save her from whatever fate Michael has planned for her, which it does.
  • Dying Alone: This is a given, as Michael immediately leaves after stabbing her to continue his pursuit of Jamie, who screams out her name as she's escorted away by Billy. Tina stops speaking after the three are away from her as she dies, and her corpse is found later.
  • Dying Moment of Awesome: As Michael proceeds to an injured Jamie and is about to strike her, Tina grabs him and, at the cost of her own life, is able to keep him away from Jamie long enough for Billy to drag her away. Even while lying on the ground bleeding to death she's still shouting at Jamie to run
  • Empty Promise: Tina’s promise to come back and spend the night with Jamie at the clinic retroactively becomes this in light of her death. Whether she intended to do so or not if she had lived is unclear, given that it is unknown if she ever spent the night before. Considering the fact that she's shown tearing up over leaving Jamie its more likely than not that she did mean it
  • Enter Stage Window: While she doesn't sneak into the clinic due to how loud her voice is, Tina uses a window to get into Jamie's room instead of the clinic's front door.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Tina's first scene has her coming to visit Jamie and loudly knocking on the window, followed by her hugging the young girl. The scene establishes her closeness to Jamie and outgoing personality.
  • Everybody's Dead, Dave: Tina finds the corpses of both her best friend, the latter's boyfriend, and the officers in charge of protecting her.
  • Face Death with Dignity: After jumping in-between Michael and Jamie, Tina closes her eyes as she prepares to be struck down.
  • Fatal Flaw: Her carefree attitude and desire to hang out directly causes her encounters with Michael.
  • Fearless Fool: Tina gives off this impression when she openly dismisses staying at the clinic when Loomis and Jamie both express concern for her well-being. It's only when she finally realizes that Michael is around that we see her express terror.
  • Final Girl: Subverted. After surviving multiple encounters with Michael, she dies right before the final confrontation between Jamie, Loomis, and Michael takes place.
  • Foil:
    • To Jamie. Both are girls who have dark hair, wear a Halloween costume, and are targeted by Michael. While Jamie is a young child, Tina is a teenager. Although Jamie is related to Michael and is an Experienced Protagonist as a result of successfully evading him in 4, Tina is not related to him and has never met him before. While Jamie stays in the clinic for most of the movie, Tina comes for brief visits and spends most of her screentime in outdoor locations. Jamie only comes face-to-face with Myers in the third act while Tina is stalked by him throughout the whole film.
    • To Dr. Loomis. Both are committed to Jamie more than anyone who is unrelated to her. Whereas Loomis takes Jamie's warnings seriously, Tina does not on the grounds of her young age. Although Loomis is always armed and fights back, Tina is defenseless and needs the protection of police. While Loomis stays mostly at the clinic to keep an eye on Jamie and is not shown with any friends, Tina leaves the clinic regularly to be with her other friends besides Jamie. Their encounters with Michael and ultimate fates greatly differ. When confronted by him, Loomis goes up and speaks to Michael while Tina runs away from him. Although both are attacked by Michael, Loomis survives the film while Tina does not.
    • To Samantha. Both are teenage girls in committed relationships with their boyfriends who seem to just want to have fun. Although Tina makes visiting Jamie a regular thing, Sam is never shown doing this despite knowing who Jamie is. Tina wears a mostly dark Halloween costume while Samantha wears a bright one. The way they treat their partners is different as well. Whereas Samantha never shows issue with Spitz, Tina complains to and insults Mike. Samantha is shown having fun with Spitz while Tina is shown irritating him in her attempt to play with him.Spitz and Sam die shortly after each other while Tina outlives Mike for a much larger time period. Sam is also resistant to Michael trying to kill her and fights back while Tina does not and seems to accept her fate.
    • She's also one to Rachel. Rachel is very reliable, level-headed and sensible and is far sterner than the fun party girl Tina. She took the threat of Myers far more seriously than Tina did and while disgruntled about it she dropped her date with Brady to look after Jamie whereas Tina ignorantly went to the party instead of staying with a clearly distressed Jamie. That being said both Tina and Rachel's best feature was looking out for Jamie. In addition Rachel at least the first time around survived Michael's reign of terror, Tina didn't even survive to the end of Halloween 5 (granted nor did Rachel). And out of all the deaths Jamie witnessed, the loss of these two hurt her the most considering how much she loved both and how much they loved her to the point of actively putting themselves in harms way to save her from Michael
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: Like Rachel, she doesn't receive a single mention from Jamie or Loomis in Curse, which is especially jarring in Jamie's case given how close they were depicted as being in the previous film.
  • French Maid Outfit: Her Halloween costume.
  • Friend to All Children: Tina interacts with Jamie and Billy and is shown to care deeply for both of them, especially when Michael is trying to hurt them.
  • Fun Personified: Compared to the stoic Dr. Loomis and Jamie, Tina is much more talkative and easy-going, with her temperament about Michael also contrasting from the two as she won't let him get in the way of her having fun.
  • The Gadfly: Within minutes of her introduction, she provokes Dr. Loomis to come back to Jamie's room and question the cause behind the volume. After scaring Mike, she makes fun of him by laughing and saying that he might not even have to wear a mask to be scary.
  • Genre Savvy: Zigzagged. She choose to go out for a party at a time when everyone is telling her about a serial killer being on the loose, but knows that girls who survive horror films are usually virgins, as she claims Sam is when her and Spitz play a prank on cops.
  • Gut Feeling: When she is confronted at the gas station by officers trying to bring her back to the clinic, she correctly guesses that something is wrong with Jamie.
  • Has a Type: Claims to love barbaric men when trying to flirt with Mike, unaware that his silence and violent grip of the steering wheel is due to Myers posing as him.
  • The Hero Dies: As a result of not taking Michael seriously, having anyone that can help her either already dead or not present, and wanting to protect Jamie no matter what, Tina is killed right before the climax at the Myers house.
  • Hero of Another Story: In the year before the film takes place, Tina befriended Jamie and played a leading role in her happiness during her recovery.
  • Hero with an F in Good: Tina cares about all of her friends, wants to spend time with them, and is generally fun to be around. At the same time, her desire to be with them and to participate in social events puts her at odds with her own well-being and causes them to also be endangered through her actions.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Subverted. Despite the hate that Jamie gets for her perceived role in the stabbing of her stepmother and the fact that Loomis is not remembered well by officers for his association with Michael, Tina does not have any dispersions cast on her for associating with the pair.
  • Heroes Love Dogs: Though she doesn't own one, Tina is very fond of Jamie and Rachel's dog Max, to the point of bringing him to visit Jamie and feeding him of her own volition.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Dies protecting Jamie.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Samantha.
  • Holding Hands: Tina does this with Sam after the latter comes into the Carruthers house and as they are expressing glee at the thought of having the house to themselves for the weekend.
  • Honor Before Reason: Her choice to stop fleeing from Michael after Jamie comes and he targets her can be seen as this. Due to her commitment to the young girl's well-being, she dismisses running away, which would all but guarantee her safety, to instead call out for Myers to leave his niece and Billy alone and ultimately give her life when he doesn't heed her words.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Tina can't tell the difference when Michael disguises himself as Mike after killing the latter, leaving her in the car with a serial killer that she thinks is her boyfriend.
  • Horror Hates a Rulebreaker: Tina buys a cigarette and then hides it as officers pull up on her, showing that her action of underage smoking was illegal. She later dies.
  • Instant Death Stab: Well and truly averted, Tina lives at least a minute after Michael stabs her, weakly pleading for Jamie and Billy to run and still clearly moving when they do, however by the time the paramedics reach her it's too late much to Jamie's horror.
  • It Amused Me: Tina, Sam, and Spitz play a prank on police officers that entails them pretending Michael Myers has arrived at the Tower Farm party and is trying to kill Tina and Sam for no reason other than to amuse themselves and trick the officers.
  • It's All About Me: Puts her interest in going to a party over the needs and concerns of Jamie.
  • Jerkass Realization: After finding the corpses of Samantha, Spitz, and the officers, she realizes the credibility of Loomis and Jamie warning her not to leave the clinic.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Tina is flighty, irresponsible, and not overly bright, but she genuinely cares about her friends, and gives her life to protect Jamie.
  • Jump Scare: She has one on Mike when the latter is caressing his car and she pops out wearing a scary mask.
  • Just for Fun: For no other reason than to have fun, Tina, Sam, and Spitz play a prank on the officers that follow her to the Tower Farm where Spitz dresses as Myers and Tina begs for him to spare her friend.
  • Kill the Cutie: Tina is a genuinely adorable Genki Girl and although flawed she's ultimately a Nice Girl, naturally she doesn't make it out of the movie alive and her death completely breaks Jamie's heart
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: After finding the corpses at the Tower Farm party, Tina instinctively begins running away.
  • Lack of Empathy: Subverted. Although she goes against Jamie's wishes by choosing to attend the Tower Farm party and leaves her crying, she non-verbally communicates her conflict over doing this as she stands by herself outside.
  • The Lad-ette: Unlike Rachel, Tina likes to smoke and play pranks, and is very open about her sex life with her friend Sam. The way that she is friendly toward Spitz is more comfortable than his interactions with Mike as the former pairing likes to joke around and have fun.
  • The Lancer: To Jamie. She is a close friend to the young girl who cares for her but clashes with both Jamie and Loomis because of her outgoing nature compared to their reserved and cautious approaches. Tina's goal of wanting to spend time with her friends by going out clashes with their wishes to keep her safe by having her stay with them and officers who can protect her.
  • Large Ham: Most of Tina's lines consist of loud singing or shrieking and she even goes toe to toe with long-term Large Ham Dr Loomis in a contest of ham vs ham.
  • Last Request: After her stabbing, Tina warns Jamie to run.
  • Lethally Stupid: Tina's inexperience with Michael, coupled with her disinterest in taking warnings about him seriously, causes both Jamie and herself to be put in harm's way when Michael pursues Tina.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Tina is this for Jamie. She is a representation that people not related to her can still care about her and treat her well. This has in turn earned Jamie's loyalty to her and after Tina's death, she becomes open to working with Loomis to kill Michael at any cost.
  • The Load: While Jamie also needs protection, Tina makes herself more vulnerable by going out in public when she doesn't have to and Loomis specifically orders officers to follow her in the event that Michael comes after her.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Subverted. Other characters like Jamie and Loomis warn her of Michael, but she doesn't take it seriously.
  • Long Hair Is Feminine: She has longer hair than Rachel and is much more romance-focused and less physically capable of protecting herself than her friend.
  • Lovable Rogue: While Tina has no problem breaking the law, as shown when she tries to smoke while underage, her redeeming qualities are shown through her genuine affection for Jamie and her friends.
  • Love Makes You Dumb: There's a serial killer on the loose and Tina is warned about it, but ignores it so she can leave the clinic and spend time with her boyfriend and friends.
  • Love Martyr: Implied. She calls Mike a "psycho boyfriend" and accuses "him" of giving her nothing, but shows no signs of wanting to leave him either.
  • Master of the Mixed Message: Tina seems to be this to Mike. On one hand, she makes fun of his brooding and shows no concern for his absence at the Tower Farm party. On the other, she passionately kisses him and is excited to see him when she thinks he has pulled up in front of her house.
  • Morality Pet: To Jamie, as the two have a close relationship that has helped the latter over the year set between 4 and 5. Tina's death causes her to lose much of her restraint to help Loomis by any means necessary.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Tina's Halloween costume consists of a strapless short dress that shows off her arms and legs.
  • My Significance Sense Is Tingling: When Tina enters Rachel's house after Michael's killed Rachel, Tina wanders around trying to find Rachel. After she leaves with Samantha, Tina looks back at the house with a perplexed expression. On some level, Tina seemed to know something was wrong and may have sensed Michael was in the house, but her unwillingness to confront these dark emotions prevented her from taking action.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Tina has never met Michael before 5 takes place and thus does not share the concerns Loomis, Jamie, and Rachel have about him going on another spree. Even when part of her does suspect something terrible is genuinely happening, Tina hasn't the time or experience to mentally prepare herself to face this until it's too late.
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye: The courtesy of being one of the main protagonists in a horror film.
    • Tina last speaks with Rachel before the latter goes into her home, and Tina returns to the Carruthers house a short time after Rachel is murdered, Michael still being there and beginning to stalk Tina from then onward. Given that Tina dies before Jamie finds Rachel's body in the Myers house, Tina passed without knowing that her best friend had been killed.
    • Tina last sees Mike when they kiss and never finds out about his death, as she is tricked by Michael into believing the latter is him when he wears the mask she gave her boyfriend and drives his car to pick her up.
    • Tina's final interaction with Sam and Spitz is to leave the pair alone to engage in foreplay in the barn and comes back, only to discover their corpses.
    • Tina's last words to Jamie isn't goodbye but instead a tearful plea to run as far away from her as possible because of Michael being there, knowing full well that Jamie would likely stay with her even at the cost of her own life if she didn't urge her to go.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Tina implies herself to be one by being attracted to Michael (posing as her boyfriend Mike) as he violently grips the steering wheel of the car and she tells him that she has a thing for barbaric men.
  • No Indoor Voice: Tina will often raise her voice in either speaking or singing. This includes when she comes to see Jamie at the clinic and alerts Dr. Loomis.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Tina, through her friendship with Rachel, becomes friends with a young girl who is disliked by a sizable portion of their town for a crime she didn't commit and in a year, evolves into one of the few people that she feels close to. For her commitment to Jamie, Tina gets followed around by a serial killer who has just finished killing her best friend and outlives her other best friend, her boyfriend, and the officers meant to protect her, just to die herself when she has no other way of protecting the same girl who just wanted her to be safe.
  • No Sympathy: After Mike is murdered, and thereby doesn't attend the Tower Farm party, Tina shows no concern for his whereabouts when Sam asks her where he is while Tina dances.
  • Nominal Hero: While she does care for Jamie, she mostly does things that seem to hinder the wants the other protagonists have and indirectly aid Michael. She feels something off about the Carruthers house but chooses to ignore it, is angry when police come to pick her up from the gas station (and scare off a disguised Michael in the process), and she refuses to stay at the clinic with Jamie when the latter begs for her to stay for fear of her safety.
  • Not Afraid of You Anymore: Tina seems to develop this right before her death, as she goes from running from Michael to throwing herself at him to stop his attack on Jamie.
  • Odd Friendship: With Jamie. The two have virtually nothing in common but are united in their enjoyment of each other's company.
  • Official Couple: With Mike.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Her death scene features her grabbing Michael's arm, as he's about to strike a downed Jamie, with her appearing out of nowhere after seemingly being far away from the uncle and niece.
  • Only Friend: She seems to be this for Samantha, as although the latter is implied to be friends with Rachel, the latter's limited screentime thanks to her early demise in the film happens before she can have a scene with Samantha and makes this harder to determine.
  • Opposites Attract: Mike is much more reserved than Tina and she doesn't seem to have much to talk with him about or explicitly have anything in common with him.
  • Parental Substitute: Subtle, but she serves as one for Jamie. She's the only person who isn't staff at the clinic or related to her that regularly comes to see her and the reunion between Tina and Jamie that causes the latter to regain her speaking ability can be seen as similar to that of a mother and child.
  • Perpetual Smiler: Tina is almost always seen smiling. Examples include when she first visits Jamie, when she goes into Rachel's home, when she's talking to Sam, and when she parties at the Tower Farm.
  • Pet the Dog: Tina assures a crying Jamie that she will come back to the clinic after the Tower Farm party and spend the night with her.
  • Platonic Kissing: Has this with Sam after she surprises her in the Carruthers house. She also gives one to Jamie at the start of the movie, and after tucking her in at the clinic.
  • Police Are Useless: Loomis gets two officers to follow Tina to the Tower Farm party to prevent her from being killed by Michael. While they give her a ride to the party, they die before she does and without putting up much of a fight either.
  • The Prankster: Tina shows this trait consistently through the movie. The first instance is when she scares her boyfriend Mike by wearing a scary mask and coming from the side of his car as he's admiring the vehicle. She does another prank at the Tower Farm party, as she joins Sam in running from Spitz dressed as Michael in front of cops. In both instances, she annoys or angers the target of her humor but is always satisfied with the results.
  • Pride: She refuses to stay by Jamie's side so she can attend a party where she is heavily noticed by her peers as she dances.
  • Promotion to Parent: Due to the Carruthers being absent, and especially after Rachel's death, Tina serves as this for Jamie. Jamie worries for her and is relieved to see her the way a child would be happy to see their parent. Tina in turn makes a point of seeing her and has a level of commitment to the girl that is more akin to a parent than just a friend.
  • Retirony: A variation. Before Tina leaves for the Tower Farm party, she promises Jamie that she will spend the night with her after she gets back. She never makes it back due to Michael murdering her.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: Tina dismisses Loomis and Jamie worrying about her safety. She is right, as Michael doesn't want to kill her, as he could have done it when they were in the car alone together earlier in the film, but instead wants to use her to get to Jamie.
  • Sad Clown: Implied; when she leaves Jamie to go party, she tears up during an argument with Dr. Loomis, upset of how scared Jamie is. Then she leaves pretending to be cheerful.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Her death causes Jamie to finally cooperate with Loomis on a plot to stop Michael.
  • Sadistic Choice: This is how she views her choice to either stay with Jamie at the clinic, and by extension not be with her friends, or go party with her friends at the Tower Farm, and leave Jamie crying. Either way, she is left disappointing someone by not being with them.
  • Say My Name: Tina shouts Mike's name as he drives up to her and Sam.
  • Screaming Woman: She does this mostly in the third act after finding the corpses at the Tower Farm and when she tries to persuade Michael to leave Jamie alone.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: Tina tries to do this after finding out her friends have been killed by Michael. However, he sees her and starts chasing her until turning his attention to Jamie and Billy.
  • Secret-Keeper: One of the few people that knows the Carruthers keep a key outside.
  • Selective Obliviousness: Subverted. While Tina ignores warnings by Jamie and Loomis, who both are well-acquainted with Michael and his terror, she lacks their Properly Paranoid trait because she has never personally experienced what they have. The reality of their warnings come back to haunt her at the Tower Farm party, where her best friend and the latter's boyfriend are killed minutes after she last sees them. Only then does she realize the seriousness of what she's chosen to treat with levity.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Jamie is worried that Tina will die if Michael confronts her, which she knows is likely to happen as her powers confirm that he's following her. By trying to stop it, she puts herself in harm's way and Tina takes a stabbing from Michael to give her time to escape.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: Sacrificing herself to Michael to save Jamie ultimately bought her only 6 more years of life.
  • Sensible Heroes, Skimpy Villains: Inverted. Michael wears a mask covering his face and an outfit that leaves only his hands visible. Tina by contrast wears shorts that show her legs, albeit covered in leggings, and then a Halloween costume that shows her shoulders and legs as well.
  • Sex Signals Death: A fairly subtle example. She admits to having had sex before when talking to Sam and doesn't do it during the film, likely due to the early death of her boyfriend Mike, but gets killed later.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • Implied to back a romantic pairing of Jamie and her friend Billy, as she notes the latter is "gonna have to fight off a lot of boys" after she helps Rachel reveal Jamie's Halloween costume.
    • Tina is very supportive of the romance between Sam and Spitz, even purposefully leaving the two alone so they may become intimate.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns: Tina is to put it lightly an eccentric clown who spends most of her screentime chewing the scenery, she's dead before the final act and the movie takes a darker turn after her death
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Subverted. She complains about multiple character flaws of Mike such as his brooding nature and even equates him to the Boogeyman, but never shows an actual interest in leaving him.
  • Skewed Priorities: At a time when Jamie is worried about her being in danger and very visibly distraught from her going out, Tina defends defying her wishes with needing to see her friends.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Tina only appears in one of the five films in the original timeline, but her friendship with Jamie helps her overcome her trauma from the fourth film, and her death causes Jamie to go along with Loomis's plan, the latter having a heart attack which indirectly causes him to be completely absent when the Man in Black kills the officers and kidnaps Michael and Jamie.
  • Smoking Is Cool: She is seen trying to get a cigarette from the gas station, only discarding of it when officers arrive to protect her from Michael.
  • So Proud of You: Tina has a smile of happiness when Jamie says her name as she regains her ability to speak, to the point of asking her to say her name again so she can savor the moment.
  • Sole Survivor: She's the only named character that Michael doesn't kill at the Tower Farm party. He instead later gets her when about to strike an injured Jamie.
  • Sour Supporter: While she cares just as much about Jamie as Rachel or Loomis, she can be annoyed or downright dismissive of efforts for her to stay put to keep her safe from Michael, as she doesn't share the same concerns about his return that those who participated in the events of the previous year do.
  • Stepford Smiler: Is this during her argument with Loomis as she sounds like she's on the verge of tears over unintentionally hurting Jamie by going to the party but then does a silly run down the stairs while screaming about not being sensible and outright breaking into tears after she leaves the hospital and is by herself.
  • Stopped Caring: When Sam asks Tina where Mike is, she responds that she doesn't care, unaware that Michael murdered him.
  • Take Me Instead: Says this to Spitz when he's dressed as Michael during their prank on the cops assigned to protect her, ceasing her running as she requests that she be taken but that Sam be spared.
  • Taking the Bullet: She throws herself in the way to prevent Jamie from being stabbed by Michael.
  • Targeted to Hurt the Hero: Michael stalks Tina with the intention of using her to lure out Jamie. It works.
  • Tears of Joy: Has this reaction to Jamie regaining her ability to speak by saying her name.
  • Tears of Remorse: After leaving a distraught Jamie at the hospital and an argument with Loomis about this, Tina is clearly seen crying while outside on her own about hurting Jamie.
  • Third Wheel: Tina explicitly leaves Sam and Spitz in the barn after realizing she is being this to them.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Between ignoring the warnings of both Jamie and Loomis about Michael, getting in the car with the latter when he was silent and pretending to be her recently-deceased boyfriend, and separating from the officers who were assigned to protect her, Tina played a large role in her own demise.
  • Too Good for This Sinful Earth: An unusual example considering her blatant flaws but ultimately in spite of them Tina is a very sweet-natured person who genuinely loved Jamie and died saving her from Michael, using her final breath to urge Jamie to run and survive. Like Rachel, her death serves as yet another severe blow to Jamie's happiness and shows how much Michael is ruining Jamie's life at this point.
  • Toxic Friend Influence: Tina can be considered this to Jamie. Her decision to leave the clinic for the Tower Farm party causes Jamie to go after her and thereby endanger them both. Her recklessness and refusal to take Jamie and Loomis seriously when they warn her about Michael also causes Jamie great anguish beforehand.
  • A Tragedy of Impulsiveness: If Tina had listened to Jamie, and not given in to her desire to see her friends, she likely would have survived the film's events.
  • Trash Talk: Tina most prominently does this when with Michael posing as Mike, calling him a "psycho boyfriend" and even equating him to the boogeyman when reunited with Jamie a short time later.
  • Tritagonist: After Jamie and Loomis, she's the most prominent protagonist in Halloween 5.
  • True Blue Femininity: She wears a blue jean jacket and shorts for daytime sequences of the film.
  • True Companions: With Jamie, Rachel, and Sam.
  • Two Girls and a Guy: As a result of Mike's death, Tina and Samantha become this with Spitz during the Tower Farm party.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Jamie. Though she sometimes lets her wanting to hang out with her friends get in the way of spending time with her, she is still devoted to seeing her regularly.
  • The Un-Favourite: Seems to be this to Loomis among the people who visit Jamie, as he's completely fine with both Rachel and Billy coming to see her but reenters the room with a tone of irritability when he hears Tina singing.
  • Unfazed Everyman: Compared to the returning characters from 4, and as the most prominent of the ones introduced in 5, Tina doesn't share their trauma or fear that Michael is coming back. This is especially noticeable when she is contrasted with Jamie and Loomis, who both have unique relationships with Michael while she not only never talks about him but doubts their worries and just tries to have fun amid their panic by attending a party.
  • Uniqueness Value: Seems to be the reason Michael spends so much time trying to follow her after he kills Rachel. He knows that with the latter gone Jamie has no one to protect her, but upon discovering Tina's closeness to her, she's used as a method of luring her out.
  • Unknown Rival: She serves to one for Michael at the start of the film. He only becomes familiar with her after she comes to the Carruthers house following Rachel's death.
  • Unlikely Hero: A teenage girl who appears self-absorbed and mostly interested in having fun seems like the last person who would sacrifice herself to save someone else.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension: Because of Mike's death, there is no resolution to their presumed conflict surrounding her visits to see Jamie.
  • Unwitting Pawn: She never catches on to Michael using her to help him get closer to Jamie.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Her decision to go the Tower Farm, where she just wanted to have fun, directly causes Jamie to come looking for her, which leads to Michael trying to run her over with a car and Tina being fatally stabbed while trying to protect her.
  • Uptight Loves Wild: Tina is the wild and fantasist woman to Mike's stuffy and serious urban man. Tina is very open to joking around and speaking in loud volumes while Mike is more reserved and has a lower tone when discussing things. Tina is not depicted with a car and likes animals such as dogs and cats while Mike adores his car and is not shown to have the any particular affinity for animals.
  • Vindicated by History: During her outdoor conversation with Sam, Tina says that everyone in Haddonfield is in a "weird mood" and adds that they should ban Halloween. In the following film, Curse, Halloween has been banned in Haddonfield since the murder spree depicted in 5.
  • Wacky Parent, Serious Child: Due to the Carruthers not being present in the film, She is this to Jamie. Jamie is stoic and reserved while Tina is outgoing and loud with the latter having plenty of friends while Jamie has very few.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Loomis gives her one after she goes to the party despite the threat of Michael as well as Jamie clearly being distraught about it. Tina responds in the single most mature way possible, by singing about how she's never sensible and going TEHEHE as she runs down the stairs away from Loomis and his lectures.
  • You Leave Him Alone!: Tina shouts a variation of this at Michael when he chases Jamie with a car.

    Samantha Thomas 

Samantha Thomas

Played By: Tamara Glynn

Tina's best friend and Spitz's girlfriend.

  • Best Friend: She is this to Tina and the is the character she interacts the most with in the film who isn't either Jamie or Loomis.
  • Blood-Splattered Innocents: Sam is covered in Spitz's blood due to being right underneath him when Michael fatally stabs him.
  • The Confidant: She is this to Tina and vice-versa. The two share the status of their romantic relationships, and their opinions, to each other with exclusivity.
  • Darkness Equals Death: Sam and Spitz choose to have intercourse in a barn with very little lighting and it is here that they meet their ends at Michael's hands.
  • Dying Moment of Awesome: Taking the pitchfork out of her boyfriend's corpse and trying to use it against Michael.
  • The Friends Who Never Hang:
    • Despite having no screentime together, Sam's dialogue indicates that she has been in Rachel's home before and is friends with her.
    • The same can be said of her and Jamie Lloyd. While the two both know Tina and Sam specifically mentions Jamie by name when reminding Tina of her intention to go see her, it is never confirmed if Sam goes to see Jamie with her or if the two have ever met.
  • Genki Girl: The only one able to match Tina's excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Like Tina, Samantha seems to not know much about Michael.
  • Red Is Heroic: Wears a red devil costume and still has it on when she tries to fight back against Michael.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Blue Oni to Tina's Red Oni. Sam is quiet and reserved while Tina is loud and expressive.
  • Slashers Prefer Blondes: Just like Rachel, Samantha is blonde and is one of Michael's victims.
  • Sex Signals Death: Although only Spitz is killed while they have intercourse, Sam dies a short time later when she tries attacking Michael.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Although Sam has a secondary role to Tina, her death along with Spitz finally confirm the threat of Michael to Tina and vindicate Loomis and Jamie's warnings to her about her being in danger.
  • Together in Death: Spitz and Samantha are killed right after each other by Michael and have their corpses placed together for Tina to find.
  • Two Girls and a Guy: As a result of Mike's death, Tina and Samantha become this with Spitz during the Tower Farm party.
  • Use Their Own Weapon Against Them: Tries to do this with Michael's garden claw after he murders Spitz.

Introduced in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

    Kara Strode 

Kara Strode

Played By: Marianne Hagan

Laurie Strode's adopted first cousin, who serves as the Final Girl of the sixth film.

  • Cute Bookworm: Much like her late cousin, Kara is a studious college student. We get more insight into her character, seen by her focusing her studies on psychology.
  • Damsel in Distress: Gets captured by the Cult of Thorn in the climax.
  • Fiery Red Head: Kara stands up to her father when he starts berating her neglected mother.
  • Ms. Fanservice: While otherwise very similar to her cousin, Kara has a short scene in her underwear.
  • Nice Girl: She tries her best to do what she can for her son. She's good friends with her brother and his girlfriend, eventually Tommy Doyle too.
  • Parents in Distress: Kara is held captive by the Cult of Thorn while Danny hangs around without restraints in both versions of the film.
  • Red Is Heroic: Has red hair and is on the side of good.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Kara mirrors Jess Bradford from Black Christmas (1974). When running over to the Myers house Kara picks up a fire poker to defend herself and heads upstairs to rescue her son. Jess does the exact same thing except from she's in a sorority and is going to rescue her fellow sisters.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Implied to be the case with Danny being somewhere around 7-9 and Kara 22. (Leaked script states Kara is 22)

    Danny Strode 

Danny Strode

Played By: Devin Gardner

Kara's young son, who the Man in Black takes an interest in.

  • Creepy Child: When he threatens his grandfather, John Strode, with a knife after he struck Kara.
  • Hearing Voices: The Man in Black supplies him with these urging him to kill.
  • Heroic Bastard: Is the illegitimate son of his mother and manages to resist the Man in Black's influence.
  • Shout-Out: His name is one to Danny Torrence from The Shining.

    John Strode 

John Strode

Played By: Bradford English

A real estate agent and Morgan Strode's brother, which makes him Laurie's adopted uncle. Father of Kara and Tim Strode, and grandfather of Danny.

  • Abusive Dad: Physically, verbally and emotionally abusive towards Kara; he punches her and later disowns her.
  • Asshole Victim: An utterly repulsive man who receives one of the most brutal deaths in the franchise.
  • Evil Uncle: Played with. He's an Abusive Dad and Shady Real Estate Agent, but there's no indication that he and Laurie interacted.
  • Fat Bastard: An overweight man who is unpleasant to be around.
  • Hate Sink: One of the most triumphant examples in the franchise as an abusive father who disowned his daughter for getting pregnant at a young age and painted a target on his back for living in the Myers house.
  • High-Voltage Death: Michael stabs him and shoves him into the fuse box, electrocuting him.
  • Jerkass: Almost all the tropes here point to his unpleasantness.
  • Shady Real Estate Agent: Like his brother Morgan, he's a real estate agent. However, he's an Abusive Dad who didn't tell his family that they're living in the Myers house, leading to the deaths of himself, his wife, and his son Tim.
  • Shout-Out: He's named for John Carpenter.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: With Morgan regarding their children. Morgan is shown to be a good father who trusts Laurie and whose only sin is not telling her about her relationship with Michael, while John is abusive towards Kara and her son Danny.
  • Your Head Asplode: In the Theatrical Cut of Curse, he's electrocuted so long that his head explodes.

    Mrs. Blankenship 

Mrs. Blankenship

Played By: Janice Knickrehm

An old neighbor who babysat Michael Myers the night he was cursed and a member of the Cult of Thorn.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Is shown to be friendly at first, especially when telling Danny the story about babysitting Michael the night he killed his sister, but when Wynn and the cult arrive at her house to capture Kara, Danny, and Steven and drug Tommy and Loomis, she eventually turns out to be part of them.
  • Evil Old Folks: She's an old woman who works for the Cult of Thorn.
  • The Quiet One: Appears to be a very quiet old woman.
  • Uncertain Doom: In the Theatrical Cut of The Curse of Michael Myers, it can be assumed that she was killed by Michael along with all the other cultists during the operating room massacre. However, in the non canon Chaos Comics Halloween II: The Blackest Eyes, Blankenship is shown to be still alive.

Introduced in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later

    Will Brennan 

Will Brennan

Played By: Adam Arkin

The guidance counselor of Hillcrest Academy who is in a relationship with Principal Keri Tate - better known as Laurie Strode.

    Molly Cartwell 

Molly Cartwell

Played By: Michelle Williams

John Tate's girlfriend.

  • Slashers Prefer Blondes: A notable aversion; Molly might be the only blonde who survives an encounter with Michael Myers.

    Charlie Deveraux 

Charlie Deveraux

Played By: Adam Lyn-Byrd

John Tate's best friend and Sarah Wainthrope's boyfriend.

  • Death by Mocking: Charlie is constantly making (occasionally tasteless) jokes, So it comes as no surprise when he runs into Michael in the kitchen.
  • Killed Offscreen: The last time we see him alive is when he bumps into Michael in the kitchen.
  • Slashed Throat: Michael slit his throat with a corkscrew.

    Jimmy Howell 

Jimmy Howell

Played By: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

A teenage delinquent and a neighbor of Marion Crane.

  • Dead Star Walking: Jimmy is played by one of the biggest names in the film, and winds up being Michael's first victim.
  • Improvised Weapon: He brags about using his hockey stick as one, and threatens an unseen Michael with it.
  • Jerkass: He brags about being a delinquent, and the only reason he goes into Marion's house is to pocket beer.
  • Killed Offscreen: Found dead with an ice skate stuck in his head.

    Sarah Wainthrope 

Sarah Wainthrope

Played By: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

A Goth student who is Charlie Deveraux's girlfriend.

    Ronny Jones 

Ronald "Ronny" Jones

Played By: LL Cool J

The security guard of Hillcrest Academy, and an aspiring mystery novelist.

  • Not Quite Dead: He's accidentally shot by Will shortly after Michael arrives at Hillcrest, but despite his injuries he survives the movie.

Introduced in Halloween: Resurrection

    Sara Moyer 

Sara Moyer

Played By: Bianca Kajlich

A student at Haddonfield University who is selected to be part of Dangertainment.

  • Brainy Brunette: She has dark hair and appears to be the most intelligent of the students focused on.
  • Final Girl: For Resurrection, as the only student who survives the night at the Myers house. And she fits the usual mold for the final girl more than anyone else in the series minus Laurie herself: dark-haired, modest, doesn't drink or do drugs, the whole nine yards.

    Freddie Harris 

Freddie Harris

Played By: Busta Rhymes

An entrepreneur who started Dangertainment and endeavors to find out why Michael Myers kills people.

  • Failed a Spot Check: Apparently didn't realize that "Charlie" (really Michael) is unnaturally silent when they meet face-to-face.
  • Fan Boy: Decidedly one of Bruce Lee, as he's shown practicing kung-fu before the night at the Myers' house.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Tries to bring Michael down with his fists. It works... for a few minutes.
  • Large Ham: He loves to hear himself talk, even when pretending to be the perpetually-silent Michael.
  • Taught by Television: Despite the character's reputation, he is unable to beat Michael in a one on one fight using martial arts, which he trains for by merely watching movies. He ends up having to improvise when Michael quickly gets the upper hand in their fight.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Twice over. First off, his decision to put a reality TV show on in the Myers house spells trouble for everyone involved. Later on when he comes face-to-face with Michael, he tells him (thinking it's Charlie) to go to the garage to leave. Michael follows these "instructions" and kills Nora, preventing the contestants from knowing anything is wrong before they get killed.

    Myles Barton 

Myles Barton/Deckard

Played By: Ryan Merriman

A high school freshman who is pen pals with Sara.

  • Mission Control: For Sara once he realizes Michael is at the Myers house killing the contestants, giving her information on where Michael is in the house.
  • Only Sane Man: He seems to be the only person outside the Myers house who realizes that anything's gone wrong.
  • Really 17 Years Old: Pretends to be a graduate student working tech support to stay in contact with Sara.

    Jennifer Danzig 

Jennifer "Jen" Danzig

Played By: Katee Sackhoff

One of Sara's close friends.

  • Attention Whore: Loved being the center of things, which led to signing up for Dangertainment.
  • Off with His Head!: Michael decapitates her with a single swing from his knife.
  • Sexy Coat Flashing: Shows off her bra to Bill so he'll stop being creepy around her.
  • Tragic Dream: Wanted to go into broadcasting, so she signed up herself, Sara, and Rudy for Dangertainment's night in the Myers house. Jen and Rudy wind up being two of the casualties that night.

Introduced in Halloween (1979) novel



One of the overarching antagonists of the franchise. He was born in Ireland in 500 BC and was bullied because of his twitching mouth and shriveled arm. Upon his death, the Celtic king issued his shaman to curse his soul to wander the Earth repeating his violent crimes.

  • Accidental Pervert: When he tries to talk to the king's daughter, he reaches out towards her. It's innocent, but his lack of social skills causes her to misinterpret him as trying to force himself on her.
  • Freudian Excuse: Due to being conceived through a botched birth, Enda was ostracized for his deformities. He fell in love with the king's daughter and wanted to ask her for her hand in marriage, but after a misunderstanding, Enda murders her and her fiance in a mixture of sorrow and anger. He was dismembered himself, and his soul was cursed to repeat his crimes until the end of time.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: He is the reason Michael Myers is so evil; on Halloween night, he possesses the young Michael causing him to kill his older sister Judith. Michael also had continuous dreams about him and wrote "Samhain" on the wall in reference to how Enda killed the princess and her warrior fiance on that day.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: His isolation from society and jealousy of Deirdre's betrothed drives him mad with envy, and he snaps and kills the young couple during a festival.
  • Hearing Voices: The voices Michael Myers hears come from Enda, and he also transmits visions of his past in the young boy's dreams.
  • Love Makes You Evil: Enda's inability to even talk to Deirdre, the king's daughter, without being mistaken for a would-be rapist becomes his Start of Darkness.
  • Not Good with Rejection: Justified in that Deirdre didn't so much reject Enda as freak out and scream that he was going to rape her, when he was just trying to reach out and talk to her.
  • Red Right Hand: Deconstructed. The deformities Enda sustained at birth made him a social pariah, which causes him to snap.
  • Teens Are Monsters: He's only fifteen years old, per the narration, when he tries to win the hand of the druid princess Deirdre and fails. Not long afterwards, he's consumed by resentment and kills both Deirdre and her betrothed in a fit of murderous rage.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Was continuously bullied for his appearance, but being rejected by his crush was the final straw for him.

Alternative Title(s): Halloween 1978, Halloween II 1981, Halloween 4 The Return Of Michael Myers, Halloween 5 The Revenge Of Michael Myers, Halloween The Curse Of Michael Myers, Halloween H 20 Twenty Years Later, Halloween Resurrection, Halloween Jamie Lloyd, Halloween Rachel Carruthers, Halloween Tina Williams