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Nightmare Fuel / Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

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  • Jamie's death in the Theatrical Cut (pictured). It's one thing to get ripped apart by farm equipment, it's another thing (in a possible throwback to the previous movie) were Jakie seemingly reaches out to her uncle as if trying to appeal to him...only for Michael to shove her down harder after momentarily pretending it worked.
  • One of the first kills in the beginning is Michael snapping a guy's neck so hard, he nearly rips it off.
  • The operating room massacre towards the climax of the film and John Strode's excruciatingly painful death by electrocution.
  • Dr. Loomis's screaming at the end. Especially in the Producer's Cut. Donald Pleasence's screams are VERY unsettling.
  • This doctor's death, whose head was thrust and grated through a gate door as Michael tries to break through the barrier.

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