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Nightmare Fuel / Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

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  • Michael killing Tina's boyfriend, Michael (yes, the Name's the Same) by stabbing his head with a garden rake. Afterwards, his body twitches as Michael (Myers) drags his body away, making the scene more disturbing.
  • Michael stabbing at Jamie in the laundry chute in the Myers house.
    • What's worse is that Danielle Harris was in actual danger in that scene. She was being stabbed at with an actual knife.
  • How violently Michael reacts when Jamie attempts to touch his unmasked face. It's the only time we see Michael genuinely lose his composure and become visibly enraged.
  • The way the film harkens back to the original film by having Michael drifting silently in the background in some scenes is rather effective. Most notably when Loomis is searching the Myers house near the end of the film and Michael just slowly slides into frame from a dark doorway right behind the man.
    • Or when he's lurking in Rachel's closet and does the same thing, with her completely unaware.
  • The way Michael just slowly advances on poor Jamie with his knife in the dark foggy forest as she crawls away crying in fear. The whole scene where Jamie can do nothing but just scream helplessly as her murderous uncle stalks towards her is absolutely bloodcurdling.
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  • Despite the crappiness of the mask, Michael still looks terrifying in it in some scenes.

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