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Nightmare Fuel / Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

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"We're talking about evil on two legs..."

  • Jamie's dream sequence at the beginning. Michael tries dragging Jamie under her bed and does his signature armless sit-up with a knife in hand. Jamie's having trouble opening the door, but when she does, Michael appears on the other side. Again, this is all a dream.
  • While transporting Michael Myers (who has been in a coma for years) in the ambulance, the medics casually discuss Michael's living relatives — specifically his niece, Jamie Lloyd. Cue Michael clutching his limp hand into a fist before springing to life and attacking the medics. He smashes the man's head against the wall and uses his thumb to gouge a bloody hole into his forehead, while the woman screams in horror and tries to frantically open the door.
    • What little we see of the remains of the ambulance after Michael's escape later are pretty gruesome.
    Dr. Loomis: How many bodies did you find?
    Patrolman: Hard to tell, they're pretty chewed up.
  • Michael's burn scars are rather gnarly.
  • Michael's murders at the gas station.
  • Brady's attempt to fight Michael. Michael breaks Brady's nose with his own shotgun, crushes his hand, and slowly squeezes his neck until it snaps.
  • There is something very disturbing about the way Michael climbs onto the roof to pursue Rachel and Jamie. Almost Uncanny Valley, adding to his inhuman quality.
    • Before that, he kills the driver by clawing into his throat and snapping his neck. One handed.
  • The ending. Jamie has inherited Michael's evil streak, having (non-fatally) stabbed her foster mother in her clown costume, just like Michael did as a kid. Loomis' reaction to this is him yelling out a string of "no"s and trying to shoot Jamie, only to get stopped by Sheriff Meeker; he doesn't even try to fight back after being disarmed. He just sinks into the corner crying and saying "no" over and over again as the film ends with Jamie clutching the bloody scissors.
    • For bonus points, if you listen you can hear Jamie breathing similar to Michael's Vader Breath in the original film.

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