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Nightmare Fuel / Dinosaurs

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  • In "Germ Warfare", when the Baby first gets sick, he says "not the mama" in a deep, scary voice, and then his head turns around in a circle.
    • From the same episode, the Baby is given medicine, which only makes his illness worse. He proceeds to hallucinate that his family was devoured by evil clones who plan to eat him next! Yipe!
  • In "Hurling Day", Robbie and Ethyl encounter a massive feral dinosaur that we never see, only their fearful reactions. Ethyl orders Robbie to hide himself and forget about her, and they watch as the massive, unknown creature stomps by.
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  • In "Monster Under the Bed", Baby imagines a monster trying to get him from under his crib, and the music and scene gets dark as we look at the seemingly endless darkness under Baby's crib. Later in the episode, as Charlene is checking under it, she is grabbed and dragged under by an actual monster! He turns out to be a decent guy, though, just angry that the Sinclair family home was built over his burrow.
  • BP Richfield in general is quite terrifying.
    • Especially in the final episode. He doesn't care that his company's actions have doomed the dinosaurs to extinction because he's making an immense profit from it.
    Earl: The world may be coming to an end!
    BP: Well, that's a fourth quarter problem.
  • A fair amount of "The Terrible Twos", as it entails Baby Sinclair becoming an outright monster on his second birthday and causing all sorts of destruction and havoc to the family. Things are especially frightening in the scene where they consult the Babysitter to return him to normal, not helping matters is the fact that the scene spoofs The Exorcist. The worst part of it all is that it is made clear that this process is normal for all dinosaurs when they are two years old and we are only vaguely informed on how bad it was when Robbie and Charlene were two.
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  • "Scent of a Reptile" is every teenage girl's worst nightmare. Charlene develops her scent gland, meaning that she is destined to marry whoever finds the scent attractive. Which turns out to be a fat, inbred, unintelligent janitor who is roughly fifteen years her senior. To make matters worse, her father enthusiastically encourages the two to tie the knot. The idea of marrying him almost drives her to suicide multiple times throughout the episode.
  • The ending, "Changing Nature" is potentially the most grim and foreboding finale ever, as the company's actions have led to the start of the ice age, and there's nothing everyone can do but wait to die, played DEAD SERIOUS without one shred of comedy.

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