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  • Earl's brawl with Depraved Kids' Show Host and all-around greedy Jerkass Georgie the Hippo. Special mention for the following moment:
    (before knocking Georgie out cold)
  • Earl calling out Fran for riding the Baby's coattails in "Out of the Frying Pan."
  • At the end of "Green Card", after the two-legged dinosaurs have stopped discriminating against four-legged dinosaurs and blaming their problems on them, the Chief Elder then tries to place the blame on amphibians. Having grown wiser about treating others based on their species, Earl promptly turns off the television while shouting "Shut up!"
  • Spike, despite being somewhat of a delinquent, gets a few awesome moments throughout the show, especially in the episode "Steroids to Heaven."
    • Throughout the episode, it's Spike who tries to convince Robbie not to take "thornoids" to improve his physique and he's also the one to talk sense to him at the episode's climax.
    • After Robbie becomes arrogant and violent due to his "thornoid" addiction, Spike walks in on him getting a little rough with his crush, Caroline. When Robbie berates Spike for interrupting his "great date," Spike retorts, "For future reference, when a girl says 'don't touch me' and runs away, that's a BAD date." Spike may be a delinquent, but he has standards on how to treat women.

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