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Nightmare Fuel / Ace Ventura

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Yes. Even Jim Carrey movies can have creepy moments.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
"It's not Snowflake! IT'S NOT SNOWFLAKE!"
  • The scene in the first movie when Ace snoops around a mansion expecting to find the missing dolphin in a large swimming pool and instead finds a great white shark, giving him an Oh, Crap! reaction. "It's not Snowflake!" indeed.
    • The moment when Ace actually falls into the tank seconds after discovering it's a shark.
  • Ray Finkle's house and especially his bedroom. Extremely creepy and Serial Killer-esque. His reclusive, mentally ill parents don't help at all. Even Ace seems seriously uncomfortable when he finds the room, and the look on his face sells that past the lunacy inherent in Ace Ventura, he can tell that he's dealing with someone seriously disturbed.
    Ace: I saw the guy's room. Cozy, if you're Hannibal Lecter!
    • On a related note, the extent to which the residents of Finkle's hometown are implied to have harassed Ray and his parents over his loss at the Super Bowl. It's hinted to have been partially responsible for his mother's mental state and the reason why his father answers the door with a shotgun.
      • One deleted scene has Ace stop at a gas station outside of town (the same one he used to call Melissa that Dan Marino is the next target) where he meets the very disturbed owner. Later, after he called Melissa, he was found dead with a gun in his hand. He must have been thinking of killing himself ever since Finkle lost the game.
    • The bedroom scene only intensifies as Ace watches a movie reel of the Super Bowl, with a zoom-in on a spectator holding a sign that says "revenge".
    Announcer: The Dolphins lose! The Dolphins lose! The Dolphins lose the Super Bowl! Oh no!
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  • Also; The fact that an ENTIRE TOWN reacted this way to a FOOTBALL GAME (even if it was admittedly a big one) of all things makes you wonder about the mental health of everyone there.
  • It's implied that the reason the real Lois Einhorn was killed by Finkle was so he could assume her identity. Although, if she went missing or died before he escaped the mental institution, as is implied by the newspaper clipping still being among his belongings, then he used her disappearance and death as his opportunity to begin his plan for revenge.


Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

  • In the second film, a human antagonist is literally raped by a gorilla.
  • For animal lovers like Ace, Cadby's Trophy Room.
  • While the scene with the crocodile isn't too scary with how Ace isn't phased by it, what is scary is how beforehand there is wide shot where you see just how wide the river is and that there's something motionless behind him. While its thankfully just a log, your mind can easily assume its a croc itself stalking Ace. Then comes the part where it emerges in a split second out of nowhere.