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Pretty much every other minute of any movie (save for Ace Jr.), thanks to Jim Carrey in all his hammy glory. But to name a few examples:

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective:

  • The sliding door scene here. "Ahhhh *closes door and opens it* Ahhhh *continues*" I have exorcised the demons! This house is clear. Losers. LOOOO-sers. La-hoo. Seh-hers!"
    • Arguably funnier when you consider that to anyone outside the apartment, he's just randomly standing on the balcony screaming.
  • All of the bizarre, random head swivels Ace does throughout the movie (supposedly Jim Carrey doing an imitation of a bird), the absolute crowner being the one when he tells Einhorn that Roger Pedactor was murdered where he looks like he's over-exaggerating it just to rub it in her face how right he is.
  • Ace's run-in with the shark. He then comes out of a restroom:
    Ace: Do NOT go in there! WHOO!
    • Before that, the scene where Ace expects to find Snowflake in an indoor swimming pool and instead finds a great white shark is both a CMOF and Nightmare Fuel.
      • Even funnier that Ace mistook a shark for a dolphin, even though he had readily explained to Einhorn the difference between a dolphin and a porpoise when they first met.
  • If anybody else bent over, turned around and pantomimed talking out of their ass, most people would strain themselves rolling their eyes. When Jim Carrey does it, spouting out horrible puns all the way? Awesome! You can clearly see Tone Lōc trying not to crack up during the scene.
  • Ace and Melissa on their way into a very ritzy party:
    Melissa: I'm really going out on a limb here, Ventura. Camp's social events are strictly A-list.
    Ace: "Gee, Chuck. The date started off good, but just before we got to the party, she seemed to tense up!"
    Melissa: I swear, if you do anything to embarrass me in front of Camp—
    Ace: What? Like this? (makes faces)
    • Randomly during the party, Ace reaches over and screws up a cello player's performance for no reason other than pure whimsy. (Jim Carrey improvised that.)
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    • Ace also randomly bites at the air near the doorman. After Melissa and a drenched Ace walk out of the party, the doorman can be seen suppressing a smile.
  • Ace's reaction to finding out that Lois Einhorn is actually Ray Finkle: juvenile? Sure. Homo/transphobic? Unfortunately.note  Still hilarious due to Jim Carrey's epic four-course meal of scenery? You better believe it!
    Ace: What the... That's it. That's it. Einhorn is Finkle. Finkle is Einhorn! EINHORN IS A MAN! *beat* Oh my GOD! EINHORN IS A MAN?!
  • When Ace goes to the old Finkle home for the first time.
    Ace: Hi, I'm looking for Ray Finkle...
    (a shotgun barrels slide through the opening in the door; it can be heard cocking)
    Ace: (his facial expression not changing) ...and a clean pair of shorts.
  • The whole scene with the heavy metal concert.
    • To reiterate, Ace taking over for the frontman at the metal concert and just growling noiselessly while gesturing like he's talking to the crowd... and the band just goes right with it.
    • Given that the band in question is Cannibal Corpse, Carrey's random growling would be close-to-indistinguishable to then-vocalist Chris Barnes' death-growlsnote  anyway!
  • After rescuing the kidnapped dog, Ace tells him, "the (car) engine's flooded. No problem, we'll just wait a few minutes". As the goon begins smashing his car window, without missing a beat, Ace declares, "Or we could try it now!"
    "Warning: Assholes are Closer Than They Appear!"
  • Ace's search for the suspect Championship Ring, specifically the first part. Even though Flipping the Bird is an offensive gesture, wasn't it thoughtful of the football player to keep his up for that long? Either that or Ace has a really good photographic memory.
    • And in another case, he gets himself punched in the face, and feels around the imprint of the player's fist to determine if his jewel is missing.
    • After searching through all of them and finding no suspect, Ace starts acting immature and tries to change the subject (by asking her about her dog's well-being) when she thinks the suspects are animal rights activists. He also acts like a jerk towards Melissa when she calls him out on it.
      Melissa: You're just mad because your stupid little pebble theory didn't work out and you don't know how to express your anger.
      Ace: Oh yeah? And you're ugly.
      Melissa: You know what? I'm not even going to talk to you. Would you please leave?
      Ace: Why? So you can beat [your dog]? Fatty!
      Melissa: You're unbelievable, you know that? (hears the phone and leaves) Hiring you was the biggest mistake I've made!
      Ace: Then why don't you cry about it, saddlebags?
  • When Ace is pretending to be a mental patient football player to sneak into a institution, he tackles the doctor in super slow motion, then reverses it for instant replay, including all of his dialogue.
    • ...And then he finishes the performance with slamming his head on a chair.
    • You can see Melissa desperately trying not to laugh in this scene.
    • While Ace is looking in the closet, an orderly is about to go in but another asks him what he's doing. The first one says he's going to clean the closet, but the other tells him it's not on his schedule and says he takes too many smoke breaks in there. During their argument, Ace desperately tries to hide himself inside the box containing Finkle's stuff.
      First orderly: (leaves the closet) Man, you a pain in the ass!
    • Ace then collapses in relief, flattening the box.
  • The last scene where Ace gets in a fistfight with Swoop, the Philadelphia Eagles' mascot, after he inadvertently scares away the albino pigeon Ace had been looking for.

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls:

  • Fulton going to the monastery to recruit Ace, and the Lama isn't being very helpful.
    Fulton: My name is Fulton Greenwall, and I'm looking for an Ace Ventura.
    Lama: No man here carries with him a label.
    Fulton: What? Oh, no names. How silly of me. Well, um, he's an American.
    Lama: We are all children of the same life force.
    Fulton: (beat) Yes, of course we are. Well, um, he bends over and he speaks from his rear.
    Lama: Oh, him. Right this way.
  • The Slinky... in all of its glory.
  • The scene with the flight attendant:
    Flight attendant: Peanuts?
    Ace: (points at his groin) Yes, I have one right here. It's bulky, but I consider it carry-on.
    Flight attendant: Peanuts. (Handing Ace a bag of in-flight peanuts)
    Ace: Oh, I see!
    [The flight attendant leaves in disgust.]
  • The out-of-place Subway sign on the African highway.
  • "Perhaps we should slow down just a teensy-weensy bit?" "Nonsense, poopy pants!"
  • "Do I have something in my teeth?"
  • The whole scene between Ace and "the Monopoly Guy".
  • The part when Ace makes shadow puppets during the slideshow. Especially when Cadby steps in front of the screen. "Heigh-ho Silver, away!"
  • Ace's reaction to the Trophy Room.
    Cadby: Something wrong, Mr. Ventura?
    Ace: (turns around) Of course not. This is a lovely room of death. Take care now, bye-bye then.
  • Ace drumming on the tree fungus, and breaks one off with his drumstick.
    Ace: We love you, Dark Continent, good night!
  • "Excuse me," (In a whispering voice) "...your balls are showing. Bumblebee tuna!"
  • The Shikaka.
  • Ace practicing his mantra.
  • Ace, really not wanting to go into a bat-filled cave, keeps making up reasons not to actually go inside.
    Ace: Well, everything here seems good! Big load off my mind, aw God. You can speculate all you want, but unless you check it out for yourself, you never know. We should head back now.
    Fulton: Don't you think you should investigate?
    Ace: There's no reason to go in there. Ever. I sense it as a holy man.
    Fulton: But I thought you said...
    Ace: It's dark! I could fall into a precipice!
    Ouda: [hands him a torch] Here! Take this.
    Ace: Spank you, Helpy Helperton.
  • Ace's Cool and Unusual Punishment of one of his suspects, especially when he straddles the guy and starts poking his own eyeball. The way he screams "Oh God, no! My brother used to do that to me!" kind of humanizes him for a second.
  • The "rhinoceros birth" scene in the sequel is side-splittingly funny.
  • The duel scenes.
    • "ALRIGHT! This "White Devil" thing has gone far enough. NOBODY! MESSES! WITH THE 'DO!"
    • Even the Wachootoo finds Ace's whining hilarious, calling him a "sissy girl".
    • "Violence is no longer in my nature, but if you want it, you got it, sister!"
    • Ace theatrically screaming down at the spears stuck in both his legs, with a different pitch for each one.
    • Afterwards, the Wachootoo chief states that Ace is now a friend of the tribe. However, he says if Shikaka isn't found by noon, they'll kill the Wachati tribe, and then smash Ace's head with a rock.
  • Leading up to this, Ouda is absolutely worthless as a translator, including such moments as translating "War Is Hell" to "I want war, so go to Hell!"
  • A failed attempt to sneak into the bad guys' hideout leaves Ace knocked out, and him and his pet monkey Spike are strapped to a raft heading downstream. Ace bites through the Spike's ropes first, then tells it to undo his. Spike starts, but then takes a look at the Inevitable Waterfall and decides to get the hell out of dodge instead. Ace's reaction as he goes over the edge is hilarious.
  • "Three dartsh ish too much!"
    • "I thingk I losht 'em..." *four more darts hit him in the back* "...Heeeeeeeyyyyy!" *passes out*
  • "Ahhhhaaahhhaaahhhaaaahhhhhlrighty thennnn..."
    • In the trailers and promos, a clip of the Wachootoo backing away during intercepts between Ace's war cry.
  • "That's what you stepped in, that's what was on your shoe, and that explains the abrasion on your palm! Let me run that back for ya. Mlap ruoy no noisarba eht snialpxe taht dna eohs ruoy no saw tahw s'taht ni deppets uoy tahw s'taht... That's what you stepped in, that's what was on your shoe, and THAT EXPLAINS THE ABRASION! ON! YOUR! PALM! DAMN I'M GOOD! (pelvic thrusts) Can you feel that?! Can you feel it, Captain Compost?! THE DAY OF REDEMPTION IS AT HAND!! REPENT!!!...and thou shall be saaaaaved."
  • As Ace reluctantly goes to jail, he bites at Hitu.
    • Before that, the awkward realization that the authorities (at least, not Hitu) are not on his side right now.
      "Arrest him. A-REST HIM!! (Beat) Please arrest him? Simon Says arrest him."
  • The Reveal that Ace wasn't able to keep his vows of celibacy at the ending.
    Fulton: I believe he's saying she's not a virgin.
    Ace: They can tell that?! (Chased by Angry Natives ensues)

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