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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

  • For detectives, Ace takes one look at Cadby when asked how good he is and he picks up the following:
    Ace: You're an extreme workaholic. You recently returned from a short trip to Gotan in northern Africa. Upon your return, you more than likely took a nasty spill because of some... shoddy masonry work.
    Cadby: Very impressive. Might one ask how?
    Ace: Surely. (inhales) The abrasion on the palm of your left hand is from a sustained breaking a fall of three- to five-feet, the small plaster on the tip of your shoe pointed to a careless mason being the culprit, your new watch, a quality forgery of a Cartier was most likely purchased through the North African Black Market, known to reside in Gotan. (inhales)
    Cadby: And my work habits?
    Ace:Yes. A workaholic. The urine stain on your pants would signify that you're a single-shake man, far too busy for the follow-up jiggle.
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  • Here's one for all you animal lovers: The scene where Ace beats up a Monopoly Guy lookalike and uses him as a pelt because he hates the man's wife's fox pelt. Also a Funny Moment.
    Do not pass Go! Do not collect two hundred dollars!
  • Ace was shown the Trophy Room and has the appropriate reaction as an animal lover. He gets back at Cadby as he leaves the manor with the aid of the local elephant.
  • How Ace parks the car at the country club. "CHITTYYYYYY!!!"
    Ace: Liiiiiiiiiiiiike a gloooooooooooooove!
  • The monster truck. Every second of the glorious, glorious monster truck chase.
    • It's glory is capped off by the grin Ace gives the bad guy once he has him in his sights - he roars through his teeth.
  • Ace beats up an alligator. It's one thing to escape, but no, he teaches it who it messed with!
    Ace: (dragging the gator back into the water) Don't start what you can't finish!
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  • Ace stops the war between the two tribes just in time by running in between them with the white bat in his hands screaming at the top of his lungs:
  • He may have gotten his ass kicked doing so, but Ace was able to earn the respect of a tribe of savage headhunters.