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Why Ray Finkle's hometown hates him so much.
It was mentioned by Ace that Ray was the only professional athlete ever to come out of his hometown of Collier County. The word "only" in that sentence seems to imply that Ray was the first, and also the last. Perhaps THAT'S another reason the townsfolk made him a pariah. Ray was the first athlete out of that town. As such, he was also the standard by which all potential future athletes in that town would be judged. So, when he missed that field goal, he didn't just cost his team victory, and he didn't just cost himself his career as a football player. He also cost his town any more chances of getting anymore professional athletes out of it. It's likely that the NFL decided that, if Ray Finkle made such a blunder in such a crucial game, everyone ELSE they recruit from Collier County is likely to do the same. So, in short, Collier County is mad at Ray because, thanks to him, the NFL may never recruit anyone from their town again, ever.
  • How would they react knowing what Finkle tried to do?

The Dolphins lost the Super Bowl
Super Bowl teams that have serious distractions in the period between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl tend not to fare well in the game. The first trip for the Falcons was marred by Eugene Robinson’s arrest. The Falcons lost 34-19 and it wasn’t even that close. The Raiders in ‘02 had Barrett Robbins disappear the night before the game - the Raiders got crushed. Even the “should have handed it to Marshawn” Seahawks had their offensive coordinator take the Falcons job - and the infamous miscue by the offense sank the Seahawks.

Having your star quarterback, especially one as accomplished as Dan Marino, would be the mother of all distractions, and unless the Eagles (their opponents) were inferior competition, they no doubt won the game handily.

The raccoon at the start of When Nature Calls...
...survived falling off a cliff and grew to become an intergalactic bounty hunter.