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In Pet Detective, why are the Dolphins wearing their AFC Championship Ring?

Beyond just Rule of Funny Don Shula is wearing his while mailing letters, which is odd in and of itself. It's even more odd when you remember Don Shula has won 2 Super Bowls, and he probably wouldn't wear an AFC ring around at all. One of the players was also wearing his while *running.*
  • On a related note, given the lost stone which started the whole investigation, presumably Einhorn was wearing the ring while kidnapping Snowflake.
  • To answer both the above points: It may not be a Superbowl ring, but it’s still a marker of being the best team in the AFC for that season. Yeah, losing the Big Game sucks, so it may sour the attitude toward the AFC championship accomplishment a bit, but it’s still an accomplishment worthy of praise. As for previous SB winners wearing their rings: Odds are, they rotated what rings they wore and Ace snooped at their rings during those rotations. And for Finkle wearing his ring in the tank, it’s worth remembering that ring represents the greatest accomplishment of his pro career, especially because he never got a chance at redemption. The only other time we see him wearing it is when he confronts Dan at the start of the climax, so he probably wore it as a reminder of how the Dolphins screwed him(as well as Dan Marino, even if it was false), justifying his revenge. It’s worth remembering that Finkle was an elite kicker who could kick a perfect kickoff even in ‘’high heels’’ despite having been off the field for years, so that choke cut deeper than the movie lets on because he wasn’t signed after he was cut(honestly the biggest HS of the film).

In Pet Detective, would the way you hold a football really determine which way it flies when you kick it?

  • Actually, yes. Kicking off the laces of a football interferes with the direction in which the ball flies. Kicking off the back also ensures it goes farther and higher than if the kicker hit the other side.

In When Nature Calls, when did Ace do the Chief's daughter?

When she offers herself to him, he turns her down, and she gets dressed. Later, he's seen masturbating furiously, clearly frustrated. Yet at the end of the film, Ace pleads guilty to taking her virginity. What gives? Did they delete the scene to get the PG-13 rating or what?
  • It was left as implied, simply to allow the ending to hook-in. Just a gag.
    • But it wasn't implied. In fact, the opposite was implied.
  • Maybe he met up with her again after finding the raven feather in the bat cave.


In Pet Detective, how did nobody (Specifically the Police directly behind Einhorn) notice Einhorn's penis?

  • The Mass "Oh, Crap!" reaction from all the policemen (and the dolphin) implies that Einhorn Really Gets Around. And yet, did none of the cops get to third base with her to find out the truth?
    • She probably either only kissed them or got to third base with them, but didn't let them "return the favor". And when Roger Podacter found out, she killed him to keep him from outing her.
      • Adding to that, did Podacter ever learn that Einhorn is really Finkle? And was Einhorn gonna kill him anyway?
      • Podactor probably never realized it was Finkle and Einhorn killed him anyway. The only way that he'd know it was Finkle is if she said something that gave off a red flag in addition to him finding "Captain Winkie".
  • The cops might simply have not looked down there; after all, they were aiming at Ace, not Einhorn. Also, if memory serves, Ace bent Einhorn over slightly when showing them off to the assembled police, and the key parts might have been concealed beforehand but were emphasized as a result.

Why was Einhorn/Finkle dating Podactor?

  • Likely for intel, so she could kidnap Snowflake and Dan Marino.

How long has Einhorn/Finkle been working in the police?

From his/her interactions with Ace, it seems like they've already known each other for years.
  • One could probably infer that it's been nearly as long as the real Lois Einhorn went missing (I don't remember if it was established how long ago that was). Finkle assumed her identity, and may have even been the cause of her disappearance. Shortly thereafter, "Lois" applied for the MMPD and began working her way up the ranks. As Ace is essentially a highly specialized private detective, he's probably had a lot of dealings with the MMPD over the years. Aguado seems to know him pretty well too.
  • It's entirely possible that Einhorn was already with the police or in training, and after Finkle assumed her identity, they then transferred to a different detachment or some such.

Why did Mr. Camp have a championship NFL ring?

He looks a little too old and small to be in the Miami Dolphins in the mid-80s.
  • Camp owned the Dolphins’ stadium, making him at least somewhat part of their organization.
  • He may also have acquired it from someone on the team as a collectible.

Why didn't Marino say anything?

During the climatic final showdown, when the police bust in, why didn't Marino take the opportunity to say "Ace is telling the truth, the psycho red head 's the bad guy" or something?
  • He was probably scared to. He was tied to a tackling sled in an unfamiliar place, held prisoner by people with guns, and he couldn’t even bribe them when they knew he could pay. He probably thought that he would be shot if he spoke up, especially if the henchmen knew the jig was up and they had nothing to lose (bear in mind that their reason for working for Einhorn was that she kept them out of prison, and at the time, neither of them knew she was Ray Finkle.)

The entire 1984 team still being together after a decade

  • About the 1984 AFC Championship rings ... this film was made in 1994 and takes place in that year so it has been ten years since the infamous Laces Out game. Ten years is an eternity in the NFL. The vast majority of the players from that 1984 team would have either retired from football or be playing for different teams by 1994. Ace would have to travel all over the country(or maybe even abroad) to locate these players to check their rings ... yet it is implied in the film that the entire 1984 Miami Dolphins roster is still intact in 1994. This would be impossible even in the pre salary cap era.
    • It's possible that they weren't all still together, only some of them, and Ace simply crossed anyone off the list (or picture) if they were living too far away (whether within the country or abroad) to have committed the kidnapping in Miami a couple of days prior. This would also cut down his workload substantially. It's possible that the half-dozen or so people with rings who we see being investigated on-screen are the only players remaining with the Dolphins from their roster a decade prior, which is still a highly unlikely number though not impossible, or just those in general (active or retired) who are still living in and near Miami or the state of Florida.