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Manga / Yuri Summer -Kagaya Inn-

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Yuri Summer -Kagaya Inn- (ゆりなつ -民宿かがや-), often called Yuri Natsu as well, is a 2017 yuri manga by Mochi Au Lait. The series chronicles the goings on at a Ryokan (inn) named the Kagaya Inn during the busy summer season. The Kagaya family, for whom the inn is named, are an eccentric bunch consisting of a middle-aged mother, Nene, and her five daughters: Yoh, Miki, Kuki, Tsubomi, and Hana (from oldest to youngest) who range from mid-20s to school age.

As fate would have it, all five sisters like girls, and more often than not, each other as well. Aside from that, the family actively nurtures guest pairs with yuri potential. The series is based on a serialization of one of the author's one-shot doujin titled Yuri Family that was released mid-June 2017.

Released beginning in September 2017, the chapters are being serialized online as a Webcomic as well as being published in print at some point, however that's a secret of the author and her publishing company. Currently one can find new Japanese chapters posted on the author's twitter or their publisher's comic reader.


This work contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Covert Pervert: All of the sisters, except Miki, qualify.note 
  • Family Business: The inn is named for and run by the Kagaya family. Currently two generations are running it.
  • Five-Man Band: The sisters form one. Yoh, the eldest, is The Leader. Miki, the second eldest, is The Lancer. Tsubomi, the second youngest, is The Smart Guy. Kuki, the middle child, is The Big Guynote . Hana, the youngest, is The Chick.
  • Hereditary Homosexuality: The sisters' behavior (in multiple ways) is probably not that far off, considering their mother, Nene, and their aunt, Yuu, have that kind of relationship too.
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  • Incest Subtext: It's often hard to tell when the subtext ends and incest begins. (See Sibling Incest below.)
  • Ryokan (inn): The main setting is one - Kagaya Inn.
  • Sibling Incest: It's full of it. It's often hard to determine where Incest Subtext ends and actual incest begins.
    • Ch. 5 reveals Yoh and Miki's flirty behavior.
    • Ch. 4 provides Incest Subtext between Kuki and Hana and then ratchets this way up in Chapter 15 that it's on the line between subtext and actual incest.
    • Ch. 16 reveals that Nene, the sisters' mom, is basically in a relationship with her sister (their aunt) Yuu.
    • Not to mention, in the original doujin, all four older sisters are down for a chance to make out with Hana. Though, it hints that the one who kissed Hana in her sleep was actually Kuki.
  • Queer Romance: It is Yuri Genre after all.
  • Quirky Household: The Kagaya family is one.
  • Stealth Prequel: The events of Chapter 37 firmly places it before Met My Sister On A Dating Site.
  • Yuri Genre: Not only is the work in this genre, but the characters In-Universe seem aware of a version of this genre in their world.

Alternative Title(s): Yuri Summer Kagaya Inn