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The Tale of the Five is a fantasy series by American author Diane Duane. It is also referred to as "The Door Into ..." series, because of the volumes' Theme Naming.

It is set in the Middle Kingdoms, particularly Darthen and Arlen. It concerns the protagonists' fight to keep the Shadow from taking over the Middle Kingdoms. The main characters are Herewiss, the first man in a very long time to wield the power of blue Fire; his lover, Freelorn, the rightful heir to the throne of Arlen; Herewiss's other lover, Sunspark, a fire elemental; and Freelorn's other lover Segnbora, sorcerer/bard/swordswoman. The three books in the series are The Door into Fire (1979), The Door into Shadow (1984), and The Door into Sunset (1992). In 2018, Diane Duane revived the series with a series of novelettes, which will lead up to the fourth book and long-awaited conclusion, The Door into Starlight.


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