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Literature / Tale of the Comet

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Tale of the Comet is a 1997 Science Fantasy novel by Roland Green.

In deep space, the Rael starship Faworta is under heavy attack by the forces of the Overseer, a collective of robotic warriors and cyborgs bent on galactic conquest. The ex-marine captain Jazra manages to escape; however, the ship bursts into eye-searing flame as the fuel begins to burn from contact with the dimensional portal the Overseer was using to ferry troops into the ship.


The burning ship is visible on a planet known simply as "the World"; where it is mistaken for a comet by much of the local population, and it has driven the local Prophet, Aston Tanak insane. People come from miles to listen to the prophets sermons; during one of them, the Faworta makes landfall...


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