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SorcererDave, aka Jingles 1215, is a British Let's Player of some renown. He deals primarily with Bethesda games, particularly The Elder Scrolls, although he's been known to dabble in other games as well (mostly simulators). He typically makes heavy use of mods in his playthroughs, and often roleplays his characters. He is currently doing an ongoing Skyrim Let's Play, of an Imperial-soldier-turned-Dragonborn named Claudius, as well as a Morrowind playthrough (Fathis Ulven), a Fallout: New Vegas run (Sir David Crumpington XIV), and a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic run (Bryan).


Tropes found in Sorcererdave's works:

  • Anti-Hero: Claudius can be rather unpleasant at times, and is most definitely a product of his upbringing. Character Development has gone a long way towards mitigating this, but he is still as grumpy as ever.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Claudius and David Crumpington both have their moments.
  • Cut Short: His Morroblivion playthrough and both of his Oblivion runs were canceled due to technical issues.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Ruthless and heartless he may be, but Fathis Ulven draws the line at slavery.
  • Game Mod: Rarely does playthroughs without at least some mods involved- this often leads to the aforementioned technical issues.
  • Lovable Rogue: Sir David Crumpington is dashing, charming, has good dress sense, and is not above a few illicit activities here and there (forging money, for one thing). He is also at least partly driven by money. Averted with Bryan, who by his own admission is a complete scumbag, although Even Scumbags Have Standards.
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  • Only Sane Man: All of Dave's characters.
  • Pet the Dog: Fathis' sole redeeming feature is his occasional sympathy for those who have been dicked over as much as he has, including Ashlanders and slaves.
  • The Mean Brit: His main schtick. Dave's characters play this trope very straight, with Claudius in particular seeming to embody it.
  • Trade Snark: Plenty, although it's often the viewers who apply the TM.
    • Claudius: "Fortune pisses on me, to coin a phrase!"
  • Villain Protagonist: In the first Morrowind video, Dave outright called Fathis Ulven "a bit of a bastard". More recent descriptions include "a heartless, ruthless, ambitious s'wit". It is made repeatedly clear that he intends to take power by any means necessary. He also sells drugs and robs ancestral tombs (that last one, admittedly, is something of a given in any Elder Scrolls game, but the ones Fathis steals from are often still in use by the families who built them).
  • Weapon of Choice: Each of his characters has their own.
    • Claudius, being an Imperial legionnaire, used a sword and shield for much of his adventure. He's recently swapped out the sword for a really big hammer.
    • Sir David Crumpington carries around a large amount of various different guns, but the one he relies on the most is the Lee-Enfield he picked up early on.
    • Fathis Ulven fancies himself a mage, but he largely tends to fall back on one of the several different knives and short swords he carries around, as well as his many, MANY magical trinkets and gadgets.
    • Bryan hasn't really had time to settle on anything, but he largely favors his blaster pistol, occasionally busting out the vibrosword when backed into a corner.
  • You Say Tomato: Dave intentionally mispronounces chitin because that's how he's always said it.

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