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Ho Yay / The Fast and the Furious

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The Ho Yay in The Fast and the Furious is so off the charts, even some mainstream critics picked up on it. Even the audiences shouted in theaters for Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner in the first film to get it over with and just kiss already.

  • Does Brian throwing away his career in The Fast and the Furious (2001), and willingly facing the possibility of criminal charges of aiding and abetting just to save Dom count? Or does it go without saying by this point?
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  • One of the more obvious examples is the relationship between Brian and Roman in 2 Fast 2 Furious. The way Roman always seems anxious about Brian whenever he's with Monica Fuentes, the slap and tickle fight between the two of them early on in the film and Roman's constant warnings for Brian to "stay away from dem females" just screams of Ho Yay.
  • At the end of Fast & Furious, it's Brian who has Dom's cross. You know, the cross Dom's had since the first movie. The cross Dom gave Letty when he left to keep her safe. Yet Brian feels comfortable hanging it from his mirror, and Mia, Dom's sister who knows the significance of the cross, lets him?
    • Even more so when Furious 7 reveals that the cross was what Dom used in place of a traditional WEDDING RING when he married Letty.
  • Dom appreciates a fine body, regardless of the make.
  • Han is 'into American muscle'. Ahem.
    • It's Dom's raised eyebrows and tone of infinite smugness that really make it.
  • The Foe Yay led to Bromance between Dom and Hobbs in the later movies. More than one reviewer has remarked on the intense, heavy-breathing-accompanied staredowns between them.
  • In Fast Five, Tej remarks that he always thought Han was more of a thong man.
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  • On the Les Yay side of things, take the way the race-starter in Furious 7 (played by model/Internet celebrity Levy Tran) is acting towards Letty.
  • In The Fate of the Furious, Deckard Shaw and Luke Hobbs are pretty accurately described as 'struggling not to give in to their raw, animal lust for each other'.


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