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The Fast and the Furious

  • How about that Charger flip over the Supra at the end? That was pretty damn cool. Especially Dom's line after he gets out of the car. Also doubles as a funny moment considering.
    Dom: That's not what I had in mind.
  • The truck driver who successfully fights off the gang with a shotgun during the climax. We never even see his face, but he's quite the memorable guy.
    • His awesomeness should be added in light of the recent movies where the actions are all amped Up to Eleven. This one truck driver managed to do what two drug lords (one even has an entire corrupt police force at his disposal), an elite DSS squad, an ex-SAS and his team and his even more dangerous ex-black ops brother AND a mercenary force with enough armaments to annihilate a small country can't do, stopping Dominic Toretto.

2 Fast 2 Furious

  • The prelude that was included on the DVD, which shows how Brian ended up in Miami and how he got the Skyline.
  • The bridge jump the Skyline does during the first race. Word of God says that after the Skyline made this jump, they simply had to replace the wheels and other minor parts and it was still in good running condition.
  • Brian showing his Nerves of Steel when he's racing for the American muscle cars by playing chicken with Korpi (Aka "Fonzie") so he can win the race due to Korpi having a massive headstart and Korpi ends up stalling his car in the dirt. By the time that he can get back on the road, Brian's easily caught up with no problem and wins.
  • The epic scramble towards the end - first the big pickups are sent out to plow the cop cars out of the way, then about a hundred or so cars shoot out of the garage, causing mass confusion.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

  • The chase between Takashi and Morimoto and Han and Sean through the streets of Tokyo, where all four drivers get to utilize their epic drifting skills to avoid the heavy traffic, culminating in an epic drift through thousands of people at the Shibuya Crossing. Sadly that soon after that, Han finally meets his fate.
  • The battle of East and West at the end — Sean's Mustang (with the engine of Han's Silvia) vs. DK's Fairlady on a mountain DK is apparently master of (it was said that he is the only person capable of going down in one piece.)


Fast & Furious (4)

  • The final chase scene with Braga's men through the caves.
  • Dom bursting out of the cave and plowing into Fenix, with Brian holding him so he can't escape.

Fast Five

  • The epic fight between Dom and Hobbs.
  • The vault car chase, simply mind-blowing.
  • Dom and Hobbs teaming up. When Dom is giving his big "You can do what you want, and I won't think less of you, but I have to do this" speech, and everyone is looking unsure and full of doubt, then Hobbs steps up with "I'll ride with you, Toretto."
  • Virtually every move the Torreto clan made being Chessmaster-level stuff. Even the Indy Ploys.

Fast & Furious 6
  • The Title Montage is one for the whole dang series.
  • Jah, the martial-artist of Shaw's crew, rips through a dozen of London's Finest at Waterloo Station like a lawnmower through grass, and then demolishes Han and Roman double-teaming him; all with his bare hands.
  • The evil Formula 1 cars.
  • The tank sequence:
    Tej: Uh, guys we got to come up with another plan... They got a tank!
    Roman: I'm sorry, did somebody just say a tank!?
    • Dom jumping and catching Letty in mid-air.
  • Letty and Riley's fight. Yes, Gina Carano vs. Michelle Rodriguez is awesome. But especially when it gets to round two:
    Letty: Wrong team, bitch! (harpoons Riley out the plane)
  • The entirety of the plane sequence, every time you think it can't get any more insane, Lin takes it Up to Eleven.
    • Hobbs and Dom double-teaming Shaw's Brute.
    • Han beating the crap out of one of Shaw's mooks and throwing him into one of the plane's turbines in retaliation for Gisele's death.
  • The Sequel Hook involving Jason Statham. The audience went wild.
  • Brian vs Braga in the prison, accompanied by his quartret of knife wielding goons. Brian delivers a Badass Boast that the prison door separating them is the only thing protecting Braga from the beating. Braga opens the door, and Brian keeps his word and beats the stuffing out of them and proceeds to wring out everything he needs to know from Braga via Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique.

Furious 7

  • The series' trademark crazy action is taken so far off the scale that it's basically impossible not to have your mind blown during every action scene at least once. Among the highlights:
    • The gang's rescue of Ramsey in the mountains of Azerbaijan, starting with them parachuting out of an airplane in their awesome cars, then moving onto a giant armored bus armed with several machineguns, Brian's fight with the martial arts expert on said bus while it's careening off the edge of the cliff and his subsequent Nathan Drake-esque escape, and Dom escaping the mountain by driving right off the edge
    • The mission to Abu Dhabi. It was going to be quite simple. Ramsey is going to talk with an associate of hers to get the God's Eye that everyone is looking for, but then he tells her that he had sold it to a billionaire who is hosting a party inside the one of the city's tallest skyscrapers. The crews then dressed sharply to infiltrate the party. Brian and Dom then finds that said equipment is hidden within a Lykan Hypersport, a very rare sports car with only 7 produced in the world. The plan goes awry when Letty's cover is blown and Deckard arrives. With nowhere to escape, Dom races the car outside the windows, jumping between two freakin' buildings, using Deckard's explosives to propel them forward. And seeing Brian still struggled to get the God's Eye out of the car, he does it again, launching the car to the third building as it runs out of control, then and only then do both Brian and Dom jump out of the car just before it plummets down into the streets below, finally getting the bloody thing they came for.
  • Hobbs during the climax. First, he declares, "Daddy's gotta go to work" before breaking off the cast on his armnote . Then he gears up and drives an ambulance right onto the drone that's chasing Letty and Ramsey. Then, he shoots a minigun at Jakande's chopper before destroying it and Jakande completely after Dom leaves a bag of grenades hooked onto the chopper.
  • Dom and Shaw's street fight.
    • Hobbs and Shaw's initial fight, with The Rock giving Jason Statham a Rock Bottom.
    • Prior to the street fight, Dom and Shaw engages in a game of chicken for the second time, this time Dom performed a wheelie with his Charger before he collides head-on with Shaw, and the Charger's chassis smashes into the front end of Shaw's DB9, destroying it.
  • Brian's rematch with Kiet, one of Jakande's minions (played by Tony Jaa). He hooks Kiet to a large weight and rolls it down an elevator shaft, taking Kiet with it.
    Brian: Too slow!
  • After Hobbs starts firing on his helicopter and kills Jakande's door gunner, instead of just hightailing it, Jakande gets behind the BFG himself and would have likely killed them if not for Dom tossing some grenades on the chopper.
  • Combined with Visual Effects of Awesome, the use of CGI and past footage to digitally recreate Paul Walker following his death his nothing short of stunning. While the iconic ending scene on the highway has been pointed out as fake-looking by some, there are dozens of smaller scenes and moments where Walker's face is completely CGI, and hardly anyone notices.

The Fate of the Furious

  • Dom reminds us why he is the most badass street-racer in cinema history by winning a race against a Sports-Car driving Cuban crime boss in a 1950's rust bucket. Not just any rust-bucket, mind you, but a 1950's rust-bucket stripped down essentially to the bare minimum of its engine-axel-wheels-windscreen-and-chassis, with said engine on fire from his jury-rigged nitrogen boost, with no brakes and driving backwards. Not to mention Dom diving off its burning wreckage as it flew past the finish-line into the sea at the last second, without a scratch on him afterwards.
  • When Eric AKA Little Nobody started using Hobbs daughter as a threat, the DSS agent effortlessly snaps his handcuffs in half, lifts the guy up, then slams him into the wall. It took Mr. Nobody calming Hobbs down for him to release Eric. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Hobbs and Deckard's escape from the prison during a riot, with both of them going into full on The Juggernaut mode while jumping down from one floor to the next - Deckard utilizing Le Parkour and Combat Pragmatist skills to the fullest, while Hobbs casually brushes off rubber bullets fired by the guards and throws people around like they're made of paper.
    Inmate: HOBBS!! I've been waiting a long time for this! (attempts to stab Hobbs with a knife)
    Hobbs: (catches the inmate's wrist and redirects the knife into his left chest) Keep waiting, bitch!
    • Hobbs rushes to the FREAKING BLOCKADE OF OFFICERS WITH POLICE SHIELDS and still passes through.
  • Cipher commands hundreds of remote-controlled cars to crash the streets of New York, flying out of parking garages and clogging the streets to smash up the Russian ambassador's limo.
  • Throughout the movie, Eric (aka Little Nobody) has been annoying the team with his by the book attitude and ignoring Nobody's "rules." When he realizes the team is ready to basically invade Russia to get at Cipher, he thinks it over before turning to his boss.
    Eric: I think I just figured out Rule #3.
    Nobody: Which is?
    Nobody: I knew you'd get there.
  • Ramsey get a small moment to shine when she engages in a brief hacker battle with Cipher over control of the nuclear submarine. Even though Cipher eventually manages to lock her out, Ramsey was still able to temporarily hold her own against someone she acknowledged as a cyber goddess, and for a moment Cipher even admits that Ramsey's counter-hacking skills were "pissing [her] off."
  • Roman Pearce reminds us why, despite his status as the team's resident Butt-Monkey, he still has the shooting skills to back up his position on the crew, by effortlessly taking out the drivers of multiple snowmobiles driving right at him.
    • The build-up is both pretty hilarious and awesome as well. Roman's Lamborghini sinks through the damaged ice, forcing Ten to pull him out via ripping off one of the door via a harpoon cable with Roman holding onto it but then the cable. At seeing the several mercenaries closing in on him on snowmobiles, Roman first goes Oh, Crap!, then goes through That Makes Me Angry, then Rage Breaking Point, at which he pulls off a Shield Bash on the incoming mercenary with the car door before taking up his gun and blowing away the rest in Tranquil Fury.
  • Deckard and Owen's assault on Cipher's stealth plane to rescue Dom's son. Special mention goes to Deckard for singlehandedly mowing down most of Cipher's mercenaries on his own while also playfully chatting with Dom's son.
  • After Dom destroys the submarine with a heat-seeking missile, the explosion nearly gets him too until his crew shields him with their cars.
  • Dom's first act right before he returns to his family's aid is to kill Rhodes, the murderer of Elena.
    • What make this even sweeter? This was right before Rhodes was about to snipe Letty. Once he got the all clear from Deckard that his son was safe and thus there was no longer any leverage on him, that Death Glare he gives Rhodes tells the audience things are about to go south for the villains very quickly. His first act is to move his car, throwing off Rhodes' shot before getting out of the car and kicking Rhodes ass with little trouble. When Cipher tries to radio Rhodes, Dom lets her know how much she screwed up.
    Cipher: Congratulations Dom, you just killed your son.
    Dom: Wrong, I just saved him and you just took your foot off the tiger's neck.
    Rhodes: You made me miss my shot. What do you think you're doing?!
    Dom: Looking at you dead in the eye.
  • Adding to the above is Cipher's defeat; Dom shuts down her smug gloating by pointing out how he's killed so many of her minions and completely wrecked her plans, causing her to snap and start screaming at her underlings to fire a heat-seeking missile at Dom and the others...which Dom ultimately redirects back at her stolen nuclear sub. Her look of utter disbelief just before the missile hits is a beautiful picture.
    Cipher: [smugly] You lose, Dom.
    Dom: I destroyed two of your teams. I killed your red-headed boyfriend and I put two killers on your untraceable plane. You lost the minute you interrupted my honeymoon. [Cipher's smug grin becomes a snarl] Now guess who I'm coming for.
    Cipher: Put a heatseeker on him! NOW!!!
  • Meta: with a total world-wide gross of $1.239 billion dollars, director F. Gary Gray is now the highest-grossing African-American director of all time.

Hobbs & Shaw


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