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Film-specific Trivia:

Franchise-wide Trivia:

  • Billing Displacement:
    • The first movie is best known as a Vin Diesel flick. Paul Walker actually plays the main character. Downplayed example, as Vin Diesel's character is just as critical as Walker's. It's also worth noting that in the more recent films, especially 5 and 6, Dom actually does fit the main character role more than Brian by this point, and looks to be the case permanently considering Paul's untimely death and Brian's subsequent retirement as a character.
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    • The fourth movie prominently features Michelle Rodriguez on the poster and in the trailers, even though her character dies roughly fifteen minutes into the movie. Then subverted when she returns in the sixth film and is the only main character to not get featured on its poster.
  • California Doubling:
    • Han's garage and the chase scene in Tokyo Drift are filmed in Los Angeles.
    • The shooting for Fast Five took place in Puerto Rico. It's pretty easy to notice if you live in Puerto Rico too.
    • Scenes from Fast Five were also shot in Atlanta.
    • A lot of the London scenes in Fast Six were actually shot in Glasgow.
    • The Caucasus Mountains rescue scene in 7 was filmed in Colorado's Pikes Peak, and some of the scenes in Los Angeles were actually shot in Atlanta.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: Oh, so much, especially Furious 7; it grossed $1 billion worldwide by the end of its first weekend in domestic release.
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  • Cast the Runner-Up: Jason Statham was considered for Owen Shaw before being cast as his brother Deckard.
  • The Danza: Tego Leo played by Tego Calderon.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Tokyo Drift is the biggest offender, for obvious reasons: Lucas Black (Sean) was 22, Zachary Ty Brian (Clay) was 23, Nikki Griffin (Clay's girlfriend Cindy) was 28, Nathalie Kelley (Neela) was 21, Bow Wow (Twinkie) was 19, Leonardo Nam (Takeshi's friend Morimoto) was 25, and Brian Tee (Takeshi) was the worst at 29. Only Bow Wow was still technically a teenager out of the cast.
      • The trope is even more in effect in Furious 7, which finally gets to the timeline of Tokyo Drift. Lucas Black, now 32, returned to play his unaged character (Nathalie Kelley and Bow Wow appeared through archive footage only).
    • Both Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Vince (Matt Schulze) were said to be 24 when The Fast and The Furious has been made. Vin Diesel was 34, Matt Schulze was 29 by then. Well, Schulze was still in his twenties at least. Diesel, however, passed pretty well for 24-year old Toretto. (Many have jokingly attributed Diesel's younger appearance compared to his real age to his love for Dungeons & Dragons.)
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    • Sung Kang was 40, 38, 36 and 34 respectively when filming Fast & Furious 6, Fast Five, Fast and Furious and Tokyo Drift. Granted, we wouldn't be able to pinpoint Han's actual age in the films, but it's freaking amazing how Kang manages to pull off the role looking young.
  • Development Hell: The seventh movie was almost forced into this status due to the death of Paul Walker in November 2013, who portrayed Brian O'Connor, before being restarted in January 2014.
  • Doing It for the Art: Subverted. Supposedly, Vin Diesel's cameo in Tokyo Drift was done in lieu of payment, but in exchange for the rights to the Riddick series.
  • Dueling-Stars Movie: Fast Five is most notable for being Vin Diesel vs. Dwayne Johnson. Johnson's character was originally going to be an older guy, but awesomely enough the filmmakers took up a fan's suggestion on Facebook that it would be great to see Diesel and Johnson in a movie together. And The Stinger for #6 took it up a notch by adding Jason Statham.
  • Fake Nationality:
    • Cuban-American Dominic Toretto is played by Vin Diesel, who is mixed and may or may not be Cuban himself. His sister, Mia, is played by Jordana Brewster, who is a Panamanian-American of Brazilian and English descents.
    • Johnny Tran is possibly Vietnamese-American, judging by his name, but his actor is Rick Yune, an American of Korean descent. Meanwhile, his cousin, Lance Nguyen, is played by the Filipino-American Reggie Lee.
    • Another interchangeable Asian example: Morimoto, from Tokyo Drift, is Japanese, but is played by Leonardo Nam, an Argentine-Australian of, again, Korean descent.
    • Brazilian Officer Elena Neves is played by Elsa Pataky, a Spaniard of partial Romanian descent.
    • Fast & Furious 6 Big Bad Owen Shaw is Irish, but his actor, Luke Evans, is Welsh. Then there's his brother, Deckard, in Furious 7, played by Englishman Jason Statham and their mother played by Englishwoman Dame Helen Mirren with a Cockney accent.
  • Market-Based Title: Many foreign countries have regular Numbered Sequels instead of the word removal - only "Fast" or "Furious" - they got in English (at times with The Foreign Subtitle - for instance, Fast Five is known in many countries as Fast and Furious 5: Rio Heist). Likewise, Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious are known as just Fast and Furious 7 and Fast and Furious 8. However, all the films in the series so far has been released in Japan under the title Wild Speed instead.
  • Referenced by...: In Sonic the Hedgehog (2020), when Sonic takes the wheel of the pickup truck:
    Sonic: I feel just like Vin Diesel! It's all about family Tom!
  • Release Date Change: F9 was scheduled to be released May 22, 2020 but pushed to April 2, 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak. The new date was previously occupied by the tenth film in the franchise, which had yet to begin production when the change was made.
  • Stunt Casting: One of the franchise's first selling points was the inclusion of known rappers in the cast, from Ja Rule in the first to Ludacris in the second and Lil' Bow Wow in the third - but now it looks to be subverted as Ludacris' staying power easily beats out all the others. Fast Five also dabble in this, adding Dwayne Johnson as a supporting (but important) character that eventually became one of the protagonists in later films. Fast & Furious 9 will not feature Johnson due to him starring in his own spin-off; seemingly to make up for it, fellow wrestler-turned-actor John Cena will be appearing instead.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The early films were a loving revue of early-mid '00s extreme sports culture, especially tuner/car racing culture. Later films in the series (starting with the fourth) tend to be less obvious about it beyond the characters' choice of Cool Cars, and seem to be more of an homage to the era. It may seem a bit bizarre that the original film's main conflict is over the theft of DVD players, which mostly (but not completely) went out of style a decade later in the face of emerging next-gen media formats like Blu-Ray.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Fast and the Furious Wiki.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Fast 8 is the first American movie to film in Cuba.
  • Fast 8 is the first Fast and Furious movie to star an Oscar winner in the cast. It actually features two: Dame Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron.


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