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Ho Yay / Monty Python's Flying Circus

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  • This is the premise of the very short Come Back to My Place, which is really more of an exploration of the concept of Straight Gay rather than a sketch.
    Man: Do you want to come back to my place?
    Police officer: (Beat) Yeah, all right.
    (They exit together)
  • In episode one, we meet Sir Edward Ross, who is being interviewed. However, over the course of the sketch, the interviewer gradually becomes more and more informal with him, something Ross doesn't appreciate.
    Interviewer: Eddie-baby, when you first started in the...
    Ross: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I don't like being called 'Eddie-baby'.
    Interviewer: I didn't really call you Eddie-baby, did I, sweetie?
    Ross: Don't call me sweetie!
    Interviewer: Can I call you sugar plum?
    Ross: No!
    Interviewer: Pussy cat?
    Ross: No.
    Interviewer: Angel-drawers?
    Ross: No you may not! Now get on with it!
  • After poor Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson is kicked off of the set by his interviewer and the interviewer from the sketch mentioned above (establishing that he is, in fact, gay), the linkman is interrupted by this conversation from off screen:
    Third Interviewer: Never mind, Timmy.
    Second Interviewer: Oh, Michael, you're such a comfort.
  • During The Visitors, you have Mr Freight, the extremely Camp Gay man who has brought along Mr Cook, who he has 'picked up outside the Odeon'. He spends the rest of the sketch with his arm around Cook, and kisses his cheek twice. Cook repays the favour by stroking Freight's chest.
    Mr Freight: I've asked along a simply gorgeous little man I picked up outside the Odeon.
    Mr Equator: Is he sexy then?
  • This often happens whenever a Python in drag (usually Terry Jones) starts flirting with another Python who isn't in drag.
    • For example, the Poets sketch, wherein Terry, dressed as a woman, flirts openly with Michael Palin, makes comments about his torch and ends up lying on top of him, their faces inches apart. Also unsually for this sketch, Jones is speaking closer to his normal voice than the high-voiced shrill he has for a Pepperpot.
  • The Bruces seem to have shades of this, mostly because of their apparent hatred of 'pooftahs'.
    Fourth Bruce: Rule one - no pooftahs... Rule three - no pooftahs... Rule five - no pooftahs... Rule seven - no pooftahs.
  • The "Scotsman on a Horse" sketch features said Scotsman rushing on his horse to stop a wedding...and when he arrives, he carries off the groom.
  • When Eric Praline introduces his new chat show, thanks to his use of Suspiciously Specific Denial:
    Praline: Welcome to a new half-hour chat show in which me, viz the man what's talking to you now, and Brooky - to wit my flat mate - and nothing else, I'd like to emphasize that.
  • At the end of The British Showbiz Awards the host decides to call Arthur Briggs, the man who made the credits,and is asleep in his bed with another man. His reaction is priceless.
    Arthur Briggs(panicked): Oh my god!
    (Covers another man with a blanket)
  • One sketch features two judges (played by Idle and Palin) meeting at the end of a session of court, speaking in Camp Gay voices and removing their judicial robes to reveal frilly lingerie.
  • Between the surgeon and Mister Raymond Luxury Yacht (pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove) at the end of The Cosmetic Surgery sketch
    Mr Luxury Yacht: Please do an operation!
    The Surgeon: Well,alright, alright... But only if you go to a camping holiday with me.
    (Mr Luxury Yacht turns to the camera)
    Mr Luxury Yacht: He asked me! He asked me!
    (Cut to the two of them running through the forest in slow-motion with a serene song playing in the background)
  • A brief filmed segment of footballers celebrating in slow motion by embracing, jumping into one-another's arms, Graham Chapman kissing Terry Jones...
  • And then there's the time Che Guevara and Karl Marx were caught making out. Which led to Smoking Hot Sex in The Stinger.