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Tear Jerker / Monty Python's Flying Circus

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  • The scenes with John Cleese's incredibly awkward Linkman in Episode 18, presenting the show "live from the Grillomat Snack Bar, Paignton"; he tries all the way through the episode to be as funny as the sketches he's introducing, but fails because his links are so terrible, until by the end of the show he's been literally Put on a Bus:
    Linkman: Oh, er, there you are. Hello. You got the note, jolly good. Well, um, that's all the items that we have for you this week and er, what a jolly nice lot of items too, eh? Um...well, the same team will be back with you again next week with another menu full of items. Um...I don't know if I shall be introducing the show next week as I understand my bits in this show have not been received quite as well as they might. [The credits start to roll.] But er, never mind, the damage is done - no use in crying over spilt milk. [miserably] I've had my chance and I've muffed it. Anyway, there we are. I'm not really awfully good with words. You see, I'm more of a visual performer. I have a very funny - though I say so myself - very funny funny walk. I wish I'd been in that show. I'd have done rather well. But anyway, there we are - the show's over. And...we'll all be - they'll all be back with you again next week... [starting to cry] Sorry. I do beg your pardon. I don't like these...displays of emotion...I wish it would say the end. [Caption: "The End"]
  • "The Timmy Williams Show" is centered around a pastiche of David Frost, who the Pythons had worked with before, and if this is any semblance of their true feelings for him, they did not have the best of working relationships.note  Nigel, an old friend, is asking for his financial help after the death of his wife; not only does Timmy arrive an hour late, but he is continually being interrupted by autograph seekers, documentary filmmakers, and more. When Nigel finally draws up the courage to ask him for help, Timmy misses the whole thing (he was on the phone with someone in America the whole time) and promptly leaves. Nigel - unable to bear the pressure - shoots himself in the head. Timmy stops dead in his tracks...and asks if the sound crew recorded the shot before shrugging and saying, "I think it shows I'm human, don't you?"
  • "The Man Who Makes People Laugh Uncontrollably" focuses on the unfortunate Mr. Horton, a man who makes people laugh no matter what he says. This is so prevalent that he's being fired from his job for distracting his co-workers. He begs and pleads tearfully with his boss to keep his job, implying that he'll kill himself if he doesn't...and the boss keeps laughing hysterically.
    Mr Horton: (tearfully)I don't know where the money's coming from as it is. And now I don't see any future ... I'd been hoping I'd be able to hang on here just for the last couple of years but... now ... I just want to go out and end it all.
  • You just have to feel bad for the Knight in one of his last appearances of the first season, he's all primed and ready to whack someone with his chicken. But then someone tells him that they don't need him for that particular episode. He then hangs his head dejectedly, and walks off.
  • The poor Mr. Anchovy, a bored out of his mind accountant who dreams of being a lion-tamer, but lacks the flexibility, self-confidence or even common knowledge (such as, what a lion really is) to pursue his dream.
  • The final episode's end credits, with "Liberty Bell March" being played haltingly on an acoustic guitar as if by a beginner. It has a very End of an Age feel.