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Nightmare Fuel / Monty Python's Flying Circus

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Even the studio audience was shocked seeing this scene...

  • Even though Terry Gilliam's animations are usually very funny, a few of them can qualify as this. Those expressionless faces of the people on the photographs can be quite terrifying.
  • The "Déjà Vu" sketch is probably what insanity is actually like.
  • The final season sketch involving Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin features a brief bit at the beginning where his brother, Barry (Terry Jones), "the least talented of the fourteen Zeppelin brothers", tries unsuccessfully to blow up balloons. The final one, a huge balloon, ends up inflating him to the point where he floats away.note  This in itself is more humorous than scary, but the quick cuts used to simulate Barry being blown up are very good at making it seem like Jones is actually being blown up... in a rather startling manner...
  • "The Undertaker Sketch", where John Cleese is suggested to eat the corpse of his own mother. And he agrees!
  • Doug Piranha. Nobody wanted to see Doug. Everyone was terrified of Doug. Grown men would pull their own heads off rather than see Doug. Even Dinsdale was frightened of Doug.
  • There is an animated segment that starts with a man screaming so loudly his head shatters, then two cops pop out to chase a thief who is hiding in the man’s body. The man’s insides are a surreal and eerie mixture of flesh and castle, with different organs connecting to the stone around them via veins.
  • Tarquin Fim-Tim-Lim-Bim-Whim-Bim-Lim-Bus-Stop-F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel from the "Election Night" sketch is... pretty horrifying.
  • Conjuring Today, featuring a pop-eyed Michael Palin in full magician get-up and a bloody saw.
  • At the end of The "Crackpot Religions" sketch, an unctuous cartoon minister smiles so widely that the top of his head reveals a slavering demon. This is disturbing enough, but part of the scene was cut: a line of crucified saviors strung up on telephone poles, followed by Satan himself (voiced in a friendly manner by Eric Idle). The full clip has resurfaced on the Blu Ray. However, a few frames of the scene remained in the fast-forward "recap" of the episode. This made for a subliminal effect made worse when watching it on home video.
  • The Michael Ellis episode creates a real sense of paranoia (even the animation talks back to the main character), answering the question "What if you combined Monty Python with The Prisoner?
  • The sketch where a hospital forces their patients to work for them, despite being so fractured that they are all put in bandages and barely able to walk without crutches.
  • There is a sketch in the fourth season where a man visits the doctor and is stabbed by a nurse. Despite bleeding all over the place the doctor forces him to fill in a form first.
  • "The North Minehead Election": the idea that Adolf Hitler... sorry Mr. Hilter... is still alive and planning to be re-elected to start another war is rather disturbing.
    • Although it was a pretty obvious jab at all those who believed Hitler was actually still alive, because they Never Found the Body.
    • And "Hilter" was obviously getting nowhere in his plans.
  • The Visitors, which features Graham Chapman's character's quiet evening in with his girlfriend getting repeatedly gate-crashed by a group of annoying and even downright horrible people. For most of the sketch, he stands helplessly at the side, watching these people invade his living room, and when he finally stands up to them all, he gets shot dead.
  • Also counting as a Tear Jerker: The Timmy Williams Interview sketch. Imagine going to your friend in your hour of need, only for him to dismiss you and pay no attention to you, even when you start sobbing in front of him. And when poor Nigel finally breaks and shoots himself in the head, Timmy shows no compassion at all, and is more concerned about whether they got the shot on camera, and his own image.
  • The Funniest Joke in the World is a sketch about a joke that is so dangerous that reading or hearing just one word of it is enough to send you to a hospital, and if you see the entire joke you will die laughing almost immediately. It even killed its creator after he first wrote it down.