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Heartwarming / Monty Python's Flying Circus

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  • The opening, titular sketch to episode "Mr. and Mrs. Brian Norris' Ford Popular" has an unusually genuine happy ending when compared to others. The journey he took may not make a lot of sense to anyone in our world, but when he finds the route between Surbiton and Hounslow you can't help but feel happy for the guy.
    Narrator: Happy and contented, Mr. Norris returned to the calmer waters of chartered accountancy, for - in his way - 'Wrong Way' Norris was right!
  • During one of many BBC interruptions, the announcer explains he's doing this job for his ailing wife and child, and finds himself so choked up he cannot continue. His wife and a friend then come on the air and help him, step-by-step, through the rest of the announcement, and when he finally completes it their jubilation for him is so strong it drowns out the actual news announcement.
  • Mr Pewtey's reaction to being offered a research fellowship with the Anglo-French Silly Walk.
  • In a weird way, the "Stolen Wallet" sketch. Being noted as less of a joke and more examination of Straight Gay, it's surprisingly heartwarming that the joke isn't that the two characters are gay but the Mood Whiplash that the question causes.