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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • When asked if she is still transferring to Quantico, Abbie replies, "Not anymore. This is where I'm supposed to be," and Ichabod practically beams at her.
  • Abbie explains to Ichabod how she met Sheriff Corbin: After seeing Moloch in the forest, her sister was institutionalized and she got into trouble with drugs. One night, she and a boyfriend were going to rob a pharmacy until the police showed up. Her boyfriend ditched her, and she was sure she was going to jail. But instead of arresting her, Corbin took her to a diner and offered her a chance to change her life. She took it, and they've been close ever since.
    Abbie: I got more fathering in those five minutes than I got my whole life.
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  • Ichabod joining Abbie in the dreamworld to fight with Ro'kenrhontreys without any hesitation whatsoever.
  • The revelation that Corbin was as much a father figure to Jenny as he was to Abbie.
  • The Mills sisters reconcile at the end of episode four after not speaking since they were separated as teenagers and Abbie abandoned Jenny to a mental institution. Jenny finally found it in her heart to forgive her sister and Abbie is now helping Jenny get out.
  • Ichabod's genuine concern for Thomas throughout "John Doe."
    • Also from "John Doe," when Ichabod gets the plague and enters the dreamworld, what's the first thing he does? Runs to Katrina to hold her. Given how little he angsts about it, it's a small but incredibly sweet moment that shows just how much he misses her.
    • Abbie shouting "Don't take him!" to the hospital staff when Ichabod gets infected, she only knew him for a couple of days and showed genuine concern for him, counts as well.
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  • Ichabod's ridiculously formal voicemail inviting Abbie to join him at the Freemasons' lodge. He treats it like a normal letter, and opens it with "My Dear Miss Mills"...
  • A little Tear Jerker as well: Ichabod is curtly lamenting the lost of everything he's known and Abbie realizes that even though she's in her own time, she wouldn't be able to have a true relationship due to her Witness duties. While admitting It Sucks to Be the Chosen One because of all of the sacrifices in their lives, Ichabod points out at least they have each other as a fellow Witness.
  • Ichabod and Abbie find a family tree for Grace Dixon, the woman who helped Katrina give birth to her and Ichabod's son. Ichabod checks it out for a second and then hands it to Abbie. Abbie's scrolling the pages and suddenly stops when she gets to the end of the tree. The last name on the tree belongs to Abbie's mother, which means Abbie is a descendant of Grace. Ichabod and Abbie realize that their fates have been connected since before Abbie was even born.
    • Abbie trying to cheer Ichabod up with alcohol, specifically his favorite rum.
      "To family." "To finding family."
  • Also a really cool change, track Ichabod's reactions to Abbie (and consequently also track Abbie's manner) giving him new things. Starting with the donut holes which she gruffly hands him, he reacts in distaste even though he ends up loving them. End with the Christmas present (a stocking she gives to him early because he's had a rough holiday), Ichabod still doesn't know what the hell she handed him, but he's delighted to receive it. It's a nice simple way to see their relationship progress since the beginning of the series. It also makes the incoming Mood Whiplash all the more worse.
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  • In "The Vessel," we find out that Jenny wasn't committing a sluice of crimes because she was a delinquent, but because she was repeatedly possessed by Ancitif, who made it clear he meant to kill Abbie in her body. Jenny was scared he would, so she kept on getting herself locked up to protect her sister.
  • From "The Sin Eater," after The Big Damn Hug:
    Ichabod: You were right. There's always another way.
    Abbie: Next time, listen to me, okay? I can't go through that again.
    Abbie: I don't know what the hell that means. Just say "yes!"
    Ichabod: Yes.
  • Ichabod does a lot of hugging in the Season 2 premiere:
    • Before heading back into Purgatory to get Abbie, Jenny surprises him by hugging him. Shows how far they've come from their first meeting.
    • When Abbie manages to contact Ichabod, he appears in Purgatory with her. Even though they've only been separated for a brief time, they launch themselves into each other's arms and hold on for a long moment without even saying anything.
  • Abbie's 251st-birthday-party for Ichabod. Sure, it turns out to be part of a false universe created to manipulate them into telling Henry/War what he needs, but for the moment, it was sweet.
  • When Katrina is about to give birth to Moloch, she asks Abbie to kill her so that doesn't come to pass. Abbie reminds her that when her coven asked Katrina to do the same to Ichabod, she refused despite what was at stake because she had faith in him, and that they could find another way. Then Abbie tells Katrina to hold on to that faith now.
  • Abbie and Ichabod's duet is both funny and ridiculously adorable.
  • Jenny and Hawley's blossoming relationship, following the reveal of his backstory and some serious Character Development, was really adorable to watch. Diminished slightly when you remember he had set his sights on her sister first, but still.
  • In 2x17, in a dark and twisted way, Henry trying to reunite with his mother.
    • His death scene, which is also a Tear Jerker.
    • Ichabod immediately trying to comfort Katrina after Henry dies. Diminished by Katrina's reaction.
    • Despite all the events of that episode, Katrina hugging her pregnant belly and promising an unborn Jeremy "I'll never leave you ever, ever."
  • In "Tempus Fugit", Benjamin Franklin's description of Abbie as embodying the American Dream.
    • In the same episode, it turns out the password to Abbie's phone is Ichabod's birthday.
  • In "The Sisters Mills," Ichabod trying to get Saffron to open up about the Tooth Fairy by using the "quarter in your ear" trick and then by reciting a poem of sorts. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • In a very, very strange way, Ichabod stopping the rampaging Kindred by resurrecting a Kindress to be his bride in "Kindred Spirits". The two monsters are so instantly smitten with the other, they just leave the fight hand-in-hand like a gentleman and lady at a costume ball. Too bad the Hidden One killed them out of spite.
  • Ichabod and Abbie's farewell in the third season finale.
  • In "The Way of the Gun," The Reveal that Lara, aka Future!Molly, was raised and trained by Ichabod after Diana was murdered and turned into the Horseman of War by Dreyfuss.
    • Also the fact that Future!Molly traveled back through time to avert the Bad Future by trying to talk Dreyfuss down, appealing to his better nature and telling him that he can be a good person. Sadly, it doesn't work.
  • In "Freedom," Jake and Alex's Big Damn Kiss.
    • Ichabod being named an official citizen of the United States by the President.


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