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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

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    Season 1 
  • Headless Horseman + machine gun and shotgun = Fucking Awesome.
  • Ichabod managing to decapitate the Horseman in one swing. And while mortally wounded himself, to boot.
  • Abbie nearly biting off Brooks' thumb and forcing him to handcuff himself to a car door.
  • The Reverend's Defiant to the End moment, using his magic to futilely try and restrain the Horseman, and his last words being to say that he won't tell the Horseman where his skull is hidden.
  • Ichabod's fistfight with the Horseman in the graveyard.
  • Ichabod blowing up the freshly-resurrected Serilda with crates of gunpowder.
  • We are introduced to Abbie's sister Jenny as she steadily trains in her hospital room, tricks a nurse into thinking she'd taken her meds, and then starts doing pull-ups on the window. She barely flinches when the demonic spirit-thing interrupts her.
  • Abbie shattering the Sandman into sand with a chair during her dream in "For the Triumph of Evil".
    • Ichabod joining her in the dream and fighting as hard as he can, losing his hand.
  • The fight with the Hessians opening a Hell Gate in the church in Episode 4.
  • In the search for her sister, Abbie goes to question Jenny's old foster mother and discovers that she's forcing her latest charge to sleep on the floor and not feeding her properly, a violation of state law. Abbie has this to say:
    Abbie: You have one choice right now. You tell me something, anything that will help me find her, or so help me, I will rain legal brimstone on you so hard it'll make God jealous!
  • In "John Doe," we find out what the Horseman of Pestilence looks like: A samurai in black armor riding a red-eyed black horse who spreads plagues.
  • Abbie, Ichabod, and Captain Irving successfully tricking the Horseman into a paralyzing beam of UV light. Special mentions include Abbie's Wounded Gazelle Gambit and Ichabod's "Feeling mocked yet?"
  • Ichabod vs. The Horseman, Round 2.
  • Ichabod, freshly informed that Katrina gave birth to a son, giving Moloch's house-haunting minion a thorough beatdown.
    • "Give Moloch my regards." WHAM. Bye-bye, monster!
  • The Reveal in "Bad Blood". Henry Parish/Jeremy Crane/War rockets his way to Magnificent Bastard status, playing all the heroes like fools. He is responsible for Abbie being trapped in Purgatory, Katrina being turned over to The Horseman, and Ichabod being buried alive.
    • Abbie is confronted by Moloch while trapped in Purgatory. He grabs her and begins threatening her. Her response? Take the medallion Katrina gave to protect her form him and jam it into his shoulder, burning him and causing him to release her.

    Season 2 
  • "This Is War":
    • Abbie and Crane taking on Death with sub-machine guns and a crossbow, respectfully. Too bad it wasn't real.
    • Crane escaping from the coffin by igniting the sulfur content of the soil, and then crawling out.
    • Jenny, tied to a chair, knees her Hessian captor in the groin, cuts herself loose with a nearby scalpel, and then finishes off the recovering Hessian by throwing it in his chest. Then she steals his gun.
    • When the Horseman offers Katrina food, she responds by stabbing him in the hand and trying to escape. It doesn't work, but credit for trying.
    • Abbie cutting off the imposter Crane's head with sword.
  • The Kindred proving an equal match for the Headless Horseman and the Horseman of War.
  • Practically every scene with the Pied Piper has one of these:
    • The Piper taking out an entire unit of Redcoats with nothing but his ace swordsman skills.
    • The Piper taking on Ichabod, Abby, and Hawley, and driving them off with his bone-staff.
    • Ichabod fighting the Piper with the Lancaster family sword and cutting off his arm.
    • And, finally, Abby killing the Piper by impaling him with his own staff.
  • Ichabod exorcising Moloch from Katrina's womb using Franklin's aurora crystal.
  • The ghost of Lori, Abbie and Jenny's mother, going full Mama Bear to protect Abbie from the psychotic ghost nurse who killed her.
  • In the fall finale "The Akeda," Henry finally realizing that Moloch considers him disposable and killing Moloch to save Ichabod and company...and the world.
  • "Awakening":
    • Ichabod standing outside the abandoned city hall, firing off a gun, and calling out "HENRY PARRISH!"
    • Related to the above, Ichabod's "Reason You Suck" Speech to Henry (which is also one-half Tear Jerker, given the circumstances).
  • "Tempus Fugit"
    • Abbie is cornered by Colonel Sutton in the cell. He's on the warpath, looking to hurt her, for what he believes are her crimes. She curb-stomps him, choking him out in ten seconds flat, and noting that close combat has come a long way in two centuries.

    Season 3 
  • "Incident at Stone Manor":
    • Abbie finally getting out of the Catacombs and returning to the real world.
  • "Dark Mirror":
    • Ichabod standing his ground against Leeds in the past.
    • "Benjamin Franklin sends his regards." Cue Leeds getting his horned ass fried by a bolt of lightning.

    Season 4 
  • Pretty much everything Lara does in "The Way of the Gun."
    • Sneaking into the Vault and stealing a couple of tomes...while Team Witness is completely preoccupied discussing Horsemen lore.
    • Besting Jenny in their fight in the tunnels not long after.
    • Blasting Jobe away with a magical time crystal.
    • And, best of all, The Reveal of her true identity: She's an adult Molly from a Bad Future. Re-watch her scenes with that in mind.
  • "Tomorrow":
    • Ichabod's He's Back moment during the Battle in the Center of the Mind segment. He stops War from killing Lara and destroys the Horseman.
    • Ichabod coming to Jenny, Jake, and Alex's aid against the zombies, while controlling War.



  • Nicole Beharie shutting down an interviewer who was making sexist comments about her.

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