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  • In "Paradise Lost", when asked if the Sliders have families, Arturo replies, "We four are all the kin we have."
  • In "Prince of Slides," Remy singing a beautiful lullaby to his unborn baby. Any time Rembrandt sings is wonderful, but this moment was particularly tender.
  • The scene where the three remaining Sliders eulogize Professor Arturo.
    Rembrandt: I was glad to know you, Professor. You were truly unique. You could be cantankerous at times, but I know it was because you cared about us. And when we get home, I'm gonna write a song for you. Something classy. Something righteous. So people will never forget you.
    Wade: I don't believe in good-byes, not really. I can't believe that everything we are, everything we've done, just disappears. I think our like a river. It has to go somewhere. I know in my heart, I'll see you again.
    Quinn: I never would have been the student I was without your guidance...and love. You taught me there are no limits to the imagination. You were a true adventurer, now you're the greatest adventurer of all time. Good-bye, Professor.
  • According to Arturo in "Slide Like An Egyptian," Quinn had a dream in which he was Arturo's son. Arturo then laments not having the courage to tell Quinn that he wished that were true.
    • The group believes Quinn has died, but they learn shortly before the slide that he might still be alive. Making sure, though, means staying on this world for 29 years.
      Arturo: You go. I'll stay. Go on! Go, go!
      Wade: I'm staying.
      Arturo: Mr. Brown, go!
      [Rembrandt looks at the vortex and watches it close]
  • "Season's Greedings" being a Christmas Episode naturally meant a lot of this. Notable is Arturo's storyline, in which he feverishly tries to reunite a mother and her baby (prompted by him knowing the pain of losing his own mother) and instilling some morals to children as Santa Claus.
  • In "The Dream Masters," when faced with the possibility Wade will be left comatose for the rest of her life, a guilty Rembrandt vows to stay behind and take care of her for the rest of his life.
  • In "Dragonslide," they are on a world where magic is real, and a magic spell accidentally causes Rembrandt to fall in love with Wade. Later after the spell is broken and he finds out what happens, he admits to Wade that he may really love her. He tells her all he wants is to go home and be with the people he loves, and being with her he gets part of his dream. At the end of the episode they jump through the vortex arm in arm.
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  • In "The Seer," Mallory has this talk with Mrs. Mallory:
    "There is a still a small part of your Quinn inside me. And I think he wants you to know that, to him, you aren't just a stepmother. You raised him, loved him. For that reason, you are more his mother than any blood relative could be. He loves you very much."
  • Towards the end of "Last Days," when Rembrandt rejoins the group after spending most of the episode on his own.
    "I couldn't face the end of the world without my friends."
    • Before the missile meant to destroy the asteroid is launched, Rembrandt tells Quinn there aren't any hard feelings. Commence Man Hug.
  • During "Slidecage," Rembrandt is captured by the Kromaggs and befriends the commander's masked son, Kaldeen. Rembrandt later learns that Kaldeen is an orphaned human originally named Jules and was taken in by Kolitar as a child after a deadly raid that claimed his own son. As the two are about to part ways at the end of the episode:
    Jules: Goodbye, Father.
    Kolitar: Goodbye, Jules. (smiles and hugs him) Son.
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  • During "In Dino Veritas," sometime after Quinn has gone missing:
    Wade: I used to have the biggest crush on him. Did you know that? Now, after everything we've been through, I just really love him, y'know? Without condition. I'd give my life for him.
    Arturo: You know, I think all of us would. The first time I met him, I was giving a... a rather brilliant but very technical lecture to a bunch of very distinguished scientists. Suddenly, this... this tall, gangling first-year student gets up and asks an impertinent question. I was annoyed at him. About a week later, it suddenly occurred to me that quite possibly he was right. And then I was exceedingly annoyed at him! You have no idea, Miss Welles, the joy of being a teacher when at last you come across that rare and unique thing—that first-class mind. That boy is well! I'm sure he is! I can feel it in my bones.
  • In "Rules of the Game," a blinded Arturo tells Quinn, "Every teacher goes through life hoping just once he'll have a student like you."
  • In the Pilot Movie, while in rebel custody, Quinn wakes up from a nightmare.
    Quinn: I was down in my basement. My mother came looking for me. No matter what I did, she couldn't see me. She's lost dad, now me.
    Arturo: You're not lost; you're just misplaced. Don't worry. You'll see your mother again.
  • The last line of "Requiem."
    Wade: I'll always be there for you, Remmy. Whenever you need me, I'll be there.
  • In "The Unstuck Man," when Quinn talks to Rembrandt through Mallory:
    "And you're Rembrandt, Rembrandt Brown. We've been together since the beginning. You're like a brother to me."
  • In "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome," Quinn and Wade are prepared to miss the slide because Rembrandt and Arturo aren't there with them. It turns out they only had a replica of the timer at the time, but Rembrandt (recapping the story) is nonetheless touched.
    Rembrandt: Man, that really woke me up. They were willing to miss the slide for me and the Professor.
    Dr. Whelan: Clearly these people care a great deal about you.
    Rembrandt: It made me take stock of things, that's for sure. I mean, about who my real friends are. Friendship's about the only thing you can count on in this crazy world.
  • The Teaser to "The Guardian" sees Arturo learn he has a terminal disease. Quinn finds out by accident and Arturo tells him he would rather stay behind than continue sliding.
    Quinn: Fine. Go then. Go on. We'll do fine without you. Walk out on me! Go! [Arturo turns around at that] Professor, we need you.
    Arturo: Damn you, boy. [hugs him]
    • Quinn tries to help his young double avert a life-scarring event but takes flack from the others because of his methods.
      Quinn: I never got over what happened on that playground.
      Arturo: And you've been angry all your life because you thought you went through it alone.
      Quinn: There's more to it than that.
      Arturo: You're angry now. You're angry at me because I'm going to die and I'm going to leave you all alone. That's all right. Just don't deny it the way you tried to deny the death of your father. Must've been very hard being that little boy. All that happening at school and then having to go home and try to be the big man of the house.
      Quinn: I know exactly how Quinn feels. I felt the same way. I never cried. I was pushing forward, stuffing my feelings down, trying to get through it any way I could.
      Arturo: You know, forget what I said about not intervening in the lives that we encounter. By teaching this boy to box, you teach him to heal. No matter what happens, you will have been a positive force for good in his life. Your dad would be very proud of you.
  • Part of "El Sid" sees Wade interacting with Sid's abused girlfriend, Michele, and discussing how to be treated.
    Michele: What is with you, huh? Who the hell gets to be happy? Why don't you look around yourself, for God's sake? Do you see any reason why you should be happy?
    Wade: Yeah, I do. I see people I care about who care about me, people I can count on. I think I'm pretty lucky.
  • "Dead Man Sliding" sees Quinn sent to death row for a crime his double allegedly committed. Arturo was tasked with defending him in court and his failure leads to some arguing between him and Wade.
    Arturo: Miss Welles, about what I said in the prison, I, um—
    Wade: It's okay. Look, we're both just worried. I know you did everything you could.
    Arturo: I shall spend the rest of my life wondering if I did.
    Wade: I'm scared, too, Professor, but you know what keeps me going? You guys. Knowing that you're here; knowing that if that was me in there, you'd do anything in the world to get me out. You know Quinn knows that, too, and he's countin' on us, so we can't lose faith now.
  • "State of the Art" sees the group split up for a good bit of time. Quinn and Rembrandt are captured by the Villain of the Week. While trying to escape their cell, Rembrandt apologizes for not carrying his weight sometimes.
    Quinn: What are you talking about? You always carry your weight. There have been so many times that if you hadn't been there, I don't know if I'd be here today.
    Rembrandt: Yeah, sure.
    Quinn: I'm serious, man. We've been in some pretty hairy situations, and I thought for sure we'd bought it and then bang—Remmy pops out. Maybe you don't realize how lucky we are to have you along for this ride, but I do, and I know the others do, too.
    Rembrandt: Thanks, man.
    • Meanwhile, Arturo tries to repair a damaged android and ends up arguing with Wade over whether the machines are like humans or not. It gets a little heated, and they later apologize.
      Wade: Look, I'm sorry if I came down on you like I did. It's just sometimes you say things; it just really pushes my buttons, y'know?
      Arturo: Miss Welles, the four of us have become an extended family and like all families, I'm afraid we know how to press each others' buttons.
      Wade: Well, in case you didn't realize it, our friendship is very important to me, and I would never let anybody or anything come between that.
      Arturo: It means a great deal to me, too. And I promise you, nothing shall ever come between us. And confidentially, I adore you.
  • Rembrandt and Arturo's final exchange in "The Last of Eden":
    Arturo: Mr. Brown, I want you to know that I count myself very fortunate having you as a friend.
    Rembrandt: Aw, man. See, now I'm gonna have to be nice to you. [smirks]
    Arturo: [laughs] Oh, we don't have to create a precedent.

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