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Tear Jerker / Sliders

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  • In "Applied Physics", Mallory struggles with Quinn's memories. Off-screen, a device on the given world (the Travel Agency) makes them real. The others walk in on a recreation of a Kromagg soldier.
    Mallory: I was using the Travel Agency and these visions started again. Nightmares. I saw some place, my home, being overrun by these things. My mother was taken away, they were torturing you, and this thing made it real. I saw a man, a friend, shot dead in front of me.
    Rembrandt: The Professor.
    Mallory: I don't know who he was, but he meant so much to me I can't stop hurting.
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  • The end of "Gillian of the Spirits", when it looks like the others will have to leave Quinn behind.
  • The second part of the pilot had the gang travel to a universe where San Francisco (and possibly all of Earth) was in the grips of a new ice age. Quinn finds a photo of his "family" in a drawer, but with the addition of a dog and his would-be sister. While the sister thing is sad, it's this comment from Quinn about the dog that always gets me:
    "That's Bopper. But he ran away when he was just a puppy. We never found him."
    • "The Guardian" would build on this moment and make it even sadder. It turns out Quinn lost Bopper the day of his father's funeral and took it out on his mother.
  • The end of "Into The Mystic": Quinn and he others find their way to a world very much like their own (though updated to match current events that had happened since they left) and for a moment, believe they've found home; only the next slide is in just one minute, leaving them with precious little time to make sure. Quinn opens the gate near his house (his standard check to see if they're in the right world or not, as that fence has been squeaking since he was twelve). When it doesn't squeak, the group concludes that it's just another parallel Earth and decides to go through with the next slide. After they're gone, a man comes out of Quinn's house and talks about the home repairs he just made... including fixing the squeaky gate. They made it home and never realized.
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  • Maggie in the final scene of the show. After all the losses she had suffered, it looked very much like losing Rembrandt was the final straw for her, especially the part where, already tearing up, she let out a hopeful "Remmy..." and, after Rembrandt jumped into the unstable vortex, followed that up with an anguished "NO!".
  • The end of "Requiem" sees Maggie completely breakdown when it looks like Rembrandt has died.
    "Everyone's gone now... the Professor, Wade, Quinn, Colin, Remmy. Here. [offers Mallory and Diana the timer] You guys go on without me. I'm through. I've come to the end."
  • In "Sole Survivors", Wade struggles with both losing Arturo and her problems with Maggie. Quinn being danger as a result of the given plot makes it even worse. Eventually, she cracks.
    "Everything's just so different, y'know? I just don't know if I can handle it."
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  • In "Dragonslide," Rembrandt bumps into a double of an old flame who doesn't take kindly to his overtures.
    Wade: What was that all about?
    Rembrandt: What it's always about: meeting people that we care for who don't even know who we are.

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