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  • In "The King is Back," Arturo gets mistaken for Luciano Pavarotti. He isn't very amused. Made even more funnny if one considers John Rhys-Davies is actually Welsh in real life.
    Arturo: I am not Mr. Pavarotti! Mr. Pavarotti is an Italian! He speak-a like-a this! Do I speak-a like-a this?! No! Why?! BECAUSE I AM AN ENGLISHMAN, YOU BLISTERING IDIOT!!
  • In "The Dream Masters," Arturo repeatedly blames Rembrandt for what happens to Wade, thinking he had fallen asleep on the job. When he is later informed that the Cryin' Man had been drugged into unconsciousness, Arturo tells Rembrandt this and apologizes. Naturally, Rembrandt takes the opportunity to drag it out to the point of frustration.
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  • In "The Guardian," Arturo has a new zest for life and is willing to try anything. This culminates with him bungee-jumping off a bridge.
    Arturo: Pull me up, Mr. Brown, and let me do it again!
    Rembrandt: How do we get him up?
    Wade: You don't know?
  • In "To Catch a Slider," the others discuss the possibility of robbing a jewelry store to get a jewel needed to repair the malfunctioning timer. Rembrandt proves to be the Only Sane Man:
    Rembrandt: What do any of you know about knockin' over a jewelry store?
    Rembrandt: I don't want to hear it.
  • In "Prophets and Loss," the Sliders join up with the latest La Résistance. The rebel leader learns that Quinn is a scientist and that Maggie has a military background. As for Rembrandt...
    Samson: And what's your job on the team?
    Rembrandt: I'm a singer.
    Samson: Interesting.
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  • From "Eggheads," The Library Rap by MC Poindexter & The Study Crew.
  • Mel Torme in his guest appearance, wearing a cowboy hat and singing country and western tunes.
  • In "Summer of Love," the group gets separated in a San Fransisco where the 60s effectively never ended. Quinn and Arturo see Bennish, who's a stoner in their universe, as a clean shaven Young Republican who's advocating for the current war in Australia. He leaves after giving them some leaflets, not noticing how the two are completely gobsmacked.


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